Gun Toting Liberal had a pretty good post on the GOP and morality. It concerns allegations that Randy “Duke” Cunningham had a California defense contractor arrange for full service limousine rides. In this case, full service included prostitutes.

Every damned day it seems I look at the latest news, and somebody from the GOP; “God’s party of morality”, is either being indicted, investigated by the FED’s, or hauled off in cuffs to prison. But you know, there is NEVER a shortage of stupid bastards who will point to the neocons who are being hauled to prison and tie it in somehow with Jesus being hung on the Cross. These are the same kooks who believe that dinosaur bones were laid out upon the Earth to test us of our Faith”¦ these clowns never ceases to amaze me.

He’s generally correct, but seems to forget that former Governor (and currently gubernatorial candidate) Don Siegelman is a Democrat. This is most easily forgivable, as GTL’s seems to be supporting Loretta Nall for governor in the very same race. For those of you outside of Alabama, here’s an overview of the allegations on this new trial:

HealthSouth Corp. founder Richard Scrushy paid Alabama Gov. Don Siegelman to gain a political post that would help his company, a prosecutor said in opening arguments in the bribery case against the two men.
“Scrushy had to scramble” to win favor with Mr. Siegelman, the newly elected governor, after backing his opponent in 1998, Assistant U.S. Attorney Louis Franklin told jurors yesterday. “He had to bribe our governor.”

Back to GTL:

On this great day of Faith, let us all please bow our heads, and pray to the Good Lord that these people will someday find out What Jesus Would (actually) DO. And somehow, I just cannot picture Jesus bombing the hell out of Iran just because their leader seems to be a little STRESSED OUT right now”¦
“¦ but that’s just ME.
I propose we start a new “catch phrase”. How about WWJAD? Translation: “What Would Jesus ACTUALLY do”? I like it. And y’all?

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that Jesus had no problem hanging out with prostitutes, though.