Would Libertarians Impeach Bush?

If you were in Congress, would you vote to impeach Bush? One person has been trying to find out how various Libertarian Party congressional candidates feel about this idea. He seems to have promised anonymity to the candidates, which some have chosen while others have not. Below is an unbalanced sampling of the responses published so far:

From the Hell, Yes! Department:

  • “I’ve been calling for Bush’s impeachment for quite some time. Below is the first page of a google search of “Zeese impeachment.” I organized an impeachment forum that was played four times on C-SPAN — my favorite time was right before the most recent state of the union. So for 2 1/2 hours before Bush spoke to the nation C-SPAN had a forum on how Bush has lied to the American people, sent us into war on false information and violated federal law.” — Kevin Zeese
  • “I would not only work to impeach George W. Bush, I would also do everything in my power to bring him up on charges for treason. Actually, could you leave my identifying information in too?” — Paul T. Ireland
  • “No need to strip my ID Paul! YES, infaticly!!! Bush should be impeached! without question! For for multiple unconstitutional acts against the American people for whom he claims to serve!” –Timothy Wade
  • “For the record, I would vigorously support impeachment proceedings against not only George Bush, but Dick Cheney as well.” — unidentified candidate
  • “I would support impeaching Bush and anyone else who has violated their oath to the Constitution.” — unidentified candidate”
  • “Not only would I vote to impeach Bush, if elected and given the opportunity, I would love to get rid of his Vice-President, who has a lower approval rating than O.J. Simpson.” — unidentified candidate
  • Maybe, maybe not:

  • “My answer depends entirely on the particular motion. But in general, I’m on the side of impeachment. In fact, impeachment of Bush alone does not go far enough.” — Kevin Craig
  • “That depends on the grounds. Impeaching somebody because you disagree with him is lame. Even lamer is announcing support for impeachment just to brag about how much you disagree with him.” — Brian Holtz
  • We impeach only under the Constitutional provision that the President knowingly committed a crime. Conflicting but reasonable interpretations of the laws in question need to be resolved first through the courts, or through clarification by Congress.
  • “I’ve gone on record stating that I support a full investigation of the Bush administration and that if that investigation shows any evidence of wrongdoing, then I would fully support impeachment.” — unidentified
  • Hell no, we won’t go (there):

  • “No I would not. This is a waste of time. Whether you agree with the President or not, this is a failed strategy of the Democrats. It’s purely designed to distract from the real business at hand, not to mention an attempt to get Democrats elected. This is a ‘losing issue’.” — Bruce Cohen
  • “If elected, I doubt I would help impeach President George W. Bush. I¹ve seen no rational accusations of treason, bribery and other high crimes and misdemeanors in calls for his impeachment. All I¹ve seen were gross distortions of his leadership in America¹s defense against foreign aggression.” — unidentified candidate
  • “No one asked me. But if they had, I would have pointed out what a colossal waste of time this is. We need to grow the LP, not yell at walls. We need to market good candidates during elections so people know us and like us. If elected, I would focus on making things happen, not banging my head against the wall. — unidentified candidate”
  • “There are more important things to get done[,] not the least of which is the reduction of government spending! Right, wrong or indifferent the people elected Bush.” — unidentified candidate
  • “We have more problems pressing us to take on a fight of that nature at this time. He is a Lame Duck and this election is the last one he will have any play in (to speak of). I really think time and [energy] would and should be better spent doing something that means something.” — unidentified candidate
  • I found the range of answers pretty interesting.

    Stephen Gordon

    I like tasteful cigars, private property, American whiskey, fast cars, hot women, pre-bailout Jeeps, fine dining, worthwhile literature, low taxes, original music, personal privacy and self-defense rights -- but not necessarily in this order.

    1. I wouldn’t only impeach him, I’d also charge him with treason for violation of the the Constitution and for violating the torture treaty the United States is party to. He has seriously abused the power of the office of the President and has directly contradicted the UN Convention Against Torture; as much as I hate the UN I don’t disagree with the torture treaty and I think we need to take an active part in punishing him for violating it. On top of that, he has possibly violated the Fourth Geneva Convention as well (as it applies to civilians in conflicts, rather than POWs like the third does). These are all serious acts that need to be addressed – the lack of any action in this regard makes the United States look extremely bad.

    2. I would impeach Bush if I were in Congress.

      But the problem is that Bush is not the only one who violates the Constitution. The whole government would in essence have to be impeached.

    3. I find it rather telling that the the majority of folks who are dead against impeachment opted not to include their names.

    4. The point of impeachment is not merely to get Bush out of office. The point is to demonstrate that the illegal acts Bush has committed are, in fact, illegal, unconstitutional, and will not be tolerated by the people of the United States.

      I’m not running for the US House, only the Texas state house; but if I were in Congress, I would vote to impeach on at least one count- unwarranted search and seizure.

    5. I got this yesterday. Here’s my response:

      The principle of open government and supporting any investigation into wrongdoing by the executive is sound enough.

      As a practical matter ‘impeachment’ at this stage would only come off as sour grapes, especially after a dramatic electoral shift.

      In other words, in spirit ‘yes’, in the trenches ? – ‘shrug’ (what’s the point, as a Libertarian? ).

      Calling for immediate withdrawal and demanding Declarations of War from Congress should have greater resonance amongst LP candidates.

      My race is getting interesting. http://blogs.timesunion.com/capitol/?p=746

      I’d appreciate any HoT’ers who could enter the foray in this district. See above blog.


      Eric Sundwall
      Libertarian in NY’s 20th CD

    6. I can’t believe the number of so-called Libertarians that would not impeach Bush.

    7. It’s true, but just because holding someone accountable for their actions isn’t going to produce an especially productive result is no reason not to do so. Those “Libertarians” that disagree are just Republican sycophants who are willing to try and woo the angry conservative vote, which is simply not going to happen. I say we find out who those candidates are and throw them in the meat grinder. Bush is an abomination, and just because he will be replaced with Hillary (if there is an election) doesn’t mean we should go after impeaching him on principle. What happened to the party of principle? Oh it got overrun with conservatives. Kiss any remote semblance of principle goodbye, then.

    8. Hell yes. I can’t see how any libertarian could vote any other way on this. Bush has violated his oath of office and shown total disregard for the US Constitution. Impeachment is what the Constitution demands in cases like his.

    9. Of course Bush should be impeached, convicted, removed from office, and put on trial for treason. Bush IS a criminal and should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

      I totally agree with Paul Ireland’s response on the list of Libertarians for Congress on whether or not Bush should be impeached. I’m not suprised to see that Bruce Cohen is opposed to impeaching Bush. My response to Bruce is that anyone who is offended by impeaching Bush should not be in the Libertarian Party anyway. Bruce should just quit the LP and join the Republicans.

    10. I find it rather telling that the the majority of folks who are dead against impeachment opted not to include their names.

      What’s telling about it? A quick read of the comments on this blog on a typical day makes the reason pretty clear. The majority of the Libertarian Party has sold out to the hard left in an anti-war, pro-dope, impeach Bush alliance that ignores issues that are much more important.

    11. does bush deserve impeachment? hell, yeah. should we do it at this juncture? hell, no. can we hope that the democrats do it? oh, HELL yeah. the ultimate scenario here would be the democrats impeach bush and the libs walk in and say “see, both parties wouldn’t know an impeachable offence if it bit them on the ass, vote libertarian, at least we know what a crime really is”

    12. Imagine my surprise having just found out that I have sold out to the “hard left” because I am against the wars on Iraq and on drugs and because I favor the impeachment of Bush. Not only that, apparently I am ignoring much more important issues. I guess I’d better start worrying about Bush’s tax cuts (no need to worry about his spending), Hillary Clinton, and McKinney’s hairdo.

      How foolish of us Libertarians to think that the lives lost and billions spent as a result of lies rise to the level of lying about sex in a civil lawsuit. Of course, any mistakes Bush has made are more than offset by all the wonderful things he has done that the evil liberal media hasn’t told me about yet.

      Just look at what Bruce Cohen says: impeachment is a failed strategy of the Democrats. According to his article in the LP News, the Iraq war is another losing issue for LP Congressional candidates. He says, “The other major parties have all the ground covered here.”

      Right – they are for the war.

    13. Bush has committed numerous violations of the Constitution. Just one violation should be grounds for impeachment. How is advocating that a president who violates the Constitution should be impeached selling out to the left? That is completely absurd.

    14. Of course, I Would impeach this president, because bush truly represents everything wrong with the america and society in general, why people voted him in 2000 saddens me.

      A Lot of people attack clinton for this ridiculous sex scandal, What a lot of people should be doing is attacking & impeaching bush for crimes that worse than a blouse.

      Bush should be in prison for christ sakes.

    15. Why are we building permanent bases in a country we invaded.This whole thing was pre-planned.The govt. version of 9/11 is a farce.to get this war going.Wake up people,we need another Boston tea party.Impeachment is not enough for these bastards.They have to tried by the world community for genocide.

    16. All I know is that this person from the Hell No Category should stop calling him/herself a libertarian:

      “All I¹ve seen were gross distortions of his leadership in America¹s defense against foreign aggression.”

      Where is s/he hiding his/her Republican registration card at?

      My guess would be up Bush’s ass.

    17. PS Tom Hanna is nothing but a partisan Republican who can’t see the forrest for the trees or smell his own shit on his knees.

      Your party has become a pseudo-fascist one, Tom. Accept it already.

    18. Not only is impeachment a winning strategy for Libertarians, it is a source of serious shame that the LP has not passed a resolution for impeachment as they were proud to have claimed to be the first party to do with Bill Clinton.

      Help us write a Libertarian impeachment resolution and then pass it at local, state and national levels.

      Get your city councils to pass resolutions against the war, against the “patriot act” and for inpeachment.

      Bush is a war criminal!


      Issues suggested for candidates


      Bruce Cohen and warmongers like him should NOT be the public face of the LP. They oppose us on the most important issues of the day.

    19. from:

      Many in the Democratic leadership are gun-shy, fearing that censure or impeachment may “rally the right” in support of Bush and Cheney in a hotly contested election year. “But we know, in fact, that the impeachment movement is mobilizing people all across the country to speak out and hold elected officials accountable,” Carpenter said.

    20. My wife and I voted for Bush. We are very sorry we did, having witnessed one of the most egomaniacal executive branches we have ever seen our entire lives. Congress is weak morally, and the Suprene Court evinces an indifference to anything except the weightier decisions pertaining to their own obvious agendas (which they are, like the rest of us, entitled to). There’s a hypocrisy about the executive branch which doesn’t set quite right with me, as if we’re being sold out – especially when our nation is being outright invaded on its’ southern border with the endorsement of George Bush. Rumsfield is a joke. I’d have voted for Colin Powell if he’d ever run in the past, but no such luck – I don’t blame him from distancing himself from an administration which, if not corrupt, sure acts like it. So yes, we would certainly be all for Bush’s impeachment if it meant getting rid of him and his cronies out of the White House. By comparison, Kerry is not quite as scary as he once was to us.

    21. Thanks for your support Andy. I hope others feel like you and will try to help me win my seat. I’m in a unique position because there is no Republican running against me, and I’m running against one of the most hated people in Congress. I might stand a chance of actually winning if I can get some yard signs, highway signs, radio time, etc. so people will remember who I am.

      This is where you come in. Please visit my website, click on the “Donate” button, and give all you can to help me reduce the size, scope, cost, and intrusiveness of government. Help me to replace Maxine Waters and to be the first libertarian ever to win a partisan Congressional seat.

      Take time to visit the “photo” section or the “downloads” section too so you can see my bumper sticker designs, or just shoot me an email. It’s always nice to hear from real libertarians. Thank you.

      Your Friend in Liberty,

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