Worst political sites reviewed

Cnet has the down-low on seventeen of the most crappily designed campaign sites worth clicking and laughing at. For everyone who’s ever thought that Libertarians are the fringe lunatics of politics, this is a must read to see some of the major party nutjobs running (or major party nutjob incumbents, yikes!). [via Political Wire]

My favorite has to be incumbent Democrat Stephen Lynch, who represents a district in Massachusetts. Too bad Lynch can’t even be bothered to have a website not under construction in the last few weeks before an election, I’m sure his constituents feel mighty represented knowing he won’t pony up a few bucks for even a crappy website. Good thing there’s people working to kick his lazy ass out of office.

Oh, and the lone Libertarian — Michael Idrogo running for U.S. Congress from Nevada — was picked on because of a bunch of extraneous meta tags (e.g. mp3, credit card, astrology, music download, britney spears, etc.) designed to fool search engines. I’m sure you’re thinking: WTF? META tags! I guess they felt bad about making fun of the ear-crunching MIDI music, the massive scrolling, the 1990s web clip art or the broken images. So yeah… META tags.

Stephen VanDyke

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  1. Speaking of which… with all of the attention on Nall recently, it is too bad her site(s) is in the shape that it is in.

  2. But you have to love the fresh material in her blog. Before I found the LP, I voted for anyone who told the truth as they saw it, even if I didn’t agree with their platform. When you read her blog, you get to know her, and that makes up for all the low-budget campaign flaws.

    She’s earned enough support, I’m betting the next campaign will be even better.

  3. I didn’t think Bob Inglis’ site was all that bad. It looked like some pretty smooth ad copy. I’m just surprised that he’s running on the Republican ticket as liberal as his platform sounds…..

  4. Speaking of which”¦ with all of the attention on Nall recently, it is too bad her site(s) is in the shape that it is in.

    She’s doing it herself, and she’s pretty busy.

  5. I’d just like to point out that one of the metatags on Idrogo’s website is “DOGPILE.” That made my day.

    Oh, and his website spends a disconcerting amount of time casting aspersions about his opponent’s sexual orientation. Good to see that the LP knows how to pick ’em.

  6. My favorite has got to be Republican Kay Granger running for re-election for Congress and her recipe for “Easy, Killer Margaritas” which includes the ingredient ??????beer under the campaign slogan “Celebrating Our Nations Values”.

  7. Kay Granger will steamroll her opponents, though. She represents the far western portions of the Metroplex, and she’s an ex-mayor of Ft. Worth.