Wonkette Covers CEI Awards

Wonkette at CEI awardsWonkette sheds light on the most celebrated libertarian/conservative buddy-boy circles in D.C. as their operative inflitrated got VIP status at this year’s Competitive Enterprise Institute’s Awards Dinner:

The night is dedicated celebrating the media folk who’ve done the most to fight creeping socialism, which even now, decades after the collapse of the Soviet Union, grows ever more pervasive. So, naturally, P.J. O’Rourke was the recipient of the night’s highest honor.

Who says corporate America (read: Kraft/RJ Reynolds) doesn’t love free market ideologues:

We make a lot of fun of liberatrians/conservatives/free-market types/whatever the hell you call CEI’s ideology, but their party had a cigarette girl giving out free packs of cigarettes. Seriously, fuck mass transit and health care, we’re totally on board with you guys.

Read the full encounter chock with loads of photos. There’s promise of a part two, so keep your eyes peeled at Wonkette’s libertarians tag.

Update: Part two is up. On a relevant tangent, does anyone know of an actual libertarian blogger who got press credentials to this thing?

Another Update: Bureaucrasher Ja$on was also there, where he presented this funny spoof video of the nonchalant interview from Office Space, but with government employees (hint: there’s not much dialogue difference but it’s more believable) — Official Pace.

Stephen VanDyke

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  1. Odd — the “full encounter” link doesn’t work, but the “libertarians tag” link does. Parts one and two are both already up.

  2. Reason Hit & Run was there (Sanchez, Howley, Gillespie , Sullum, etc.). I was there and a bunch of other libertarian bloggers. It was a kick ass event.

  3. Hm, well, since I’m not in D.C., it doesn’t matter whether I have press credentials or not. (I could probably scrounge some up.)