Wisconsin: Youngest Elections Board Member Vows to Fight Hard-line Partisans

Here’s a cool release from the Wisconsin LP:

21-year-old Libertarian Jacob Burns became the youngest member of the Wisconsin State Elections Board on May 17, 2006.

In his very first meeting, Burns fought for all Wisconsin citizens. Some actions performed included:

* voted in favor of the rule allowing the interchangeability of identification for voters registering on election day, which passed 6-3, preventing disenfranchisement of any eligible Wisconsin voter.

* explained to senior board members who were unaware how Wisconsin already has protections against voter fraud, with the voter challenge ability.

* questioned and simulated discussion in regards to why the Voting Technologies International VOTWARE DRE Voting System
presented, was not currently acceptable for Wisconsin; in response to this discussion, Voting Technologies International withdrew their proposal.

When asked whom he represents, Jacob Burns replied; “I am a voice for the independent voters, the third party voters, and even the discouraged voters young and old alike. I am a representative for all independent, and third party candidates for public office. I aim to make the political process easier for those whom the public desperately needs; honest statesmen, not career politicians.”

“Throughout the past several years, Libertarians have proved to Wisconsin why the State Elections Board needs alternative voices besides the usual one-way thinking of Republican and Democratic partisan board members; this is why Wisconsin needs the 10% Rule for a S.E.B. seat rule corrected. It cannot be feasible for Wisconsin elections to be clean, omitting alternative parties whom even have ballot access, from this significant board.”

Jacob Burns is a 21-year-old student at UW-Oshkosh, set to graduate next spring with a B.S. in Economics.

In 2004, Burns made waves defending the right of free speech. Burns held a sign over highway 41 near Oshkosh which stated; “No Bush, No Kerry, Vote Badnarik”. For Burns efforts, he was issued a bogus citation. But with assistance from the ACLU, the bogus citation was dismissed.

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