Wisconsin LP State Convention Might Be Interesting

I’m frequently invited to speak at state Libertarian Party conventions, and Wisconsin is no exception. Unfortunately, I had a scheduling conflict and was unable to accept their invitation. It’s probably a good thing, as they’ve managed to drum up a most interesting speaker line-up. I’ll shut up, and let the e-mail I received tell the story:


will come clean on secrets of American Government

from the www.LPWI.org website:


Hal Greenwood, a former advisory director to the Federal Reserve Board during the Reagan administration, will be speaking at lunch. Mr. Greenwood has been involved with politics since the 1960s, and will be sharing a great deal of his political insight with us. The main topic of his talk will be the erosion of our liberties in recent years. Mr. Greenwood is well known by the media and will likely attract media attention from several areas around the state with this, his first speaking engagement in a number of years. Greenwood has been president, CEO and director of a number of banks and bank associations since the 1960s, and also worked under Hubert Humphrey’s and President Carter’s administrations.

Greenwood will be introduced at the convention by LPWI Vice-Chair Rolf Lindgren. According to Rolf Lindgren, former Federal Reserve Banker Harold “Hal” Greenwood was appointed to the Federal Reserve Advisory Board by presidents Ford, Carter, and Reagan.

Greenwood was name in a 1974 Time magazine article which listed the brightest Leaders of America’s future. The list included Bill Clinton and Hal Greenwood. [I’ve seen the magazine]

Greenwood made Nixon’s ENEMIES LIST.

He was also a speech writer for Hubert Humphrey.

According to Lindgren, Greenwood believes he knows who killed JFK and once had a confrontation with international bankers named Rothschild and Rockerfeller in a small New York business office. This occurred shortly after Humphrey, in 1968, announced that Greenwood would be named Secretary of the Treasury if Humphrey were elected.

After Greenwood’s LPWI convention speech, he will be taking questions from the audience.

Some good questions might be:

Is Bush’s illegal wiretapping legal?

Is the Federal Reserve privately owned?

Is there and international banking conspiracy?

What really happened on December 23, 1913?

Was the 16th amendment ratified?

Do you really have to pay federal income taxes?

What is the truth about the Trilateral Commission?
The Council on Foreign Relations?
The Bilderburgers?
Bohemian Grove?
Henry Kissinger?

The Mason, the Freemasons, and the Masonic Lodge?

What about the Shriner’s?

What is the link between Carl Rove’s girlfriend and the Valerie Plame CIA leak?

Attend the April 8, 2006 LPWI State convention and find out!



Also speaking at the convention will be LPTN Tax Resistor Vernie Kuglin

Following the afternoon session there will be a cocktail hour followed by a banquet and a keynote speaker. Vernie Kuglin of the Libertarian Party of Tennessee will speak on her 2003 IRS tax case, and her thoughts on the current status of tax honesty.

[and more…]

I’ll report, you decide…

  1. Wow, I think I’ll actually be able to make it to this event. If anything interesting does happen, I’ll have my laptop with me. And maybe I’ll see if I can get a SPOT THE FED contest going.

  2. Whoever did the job on JFK must have had both the means and the motive. Of course anybody can shoot a guy with a rifle; but the elaborate setting up of L.H. Oswald as the perfect “patsy” indicates a sophisticated conspiracy, of which there aren’t too many in the world. Is there any history of “international bankers” practicing assassination as a means; and what would be their motive in taking out JFK?
    I ask this question because there are other entities out there who openly boast of their use of assassination to achieve their ends, and have acquired a great deal of skill in this morbid practice over the decades. The state of Israel is one such entity, and this state also had a motive to take out JFK, as they were trying to build a nuclear bomb in 1962 and JFK had told them “no.”

  3. Certainly, this would be interesting. I guess my only concern is that the only thing we could do to look more “fringe” would be to actually pass out tinfoil hats at the convention. But, I still am interested in hearing what he has to say, and being that he’s no small figure in politics and actually has plenty of firsthand information, whatever he has to say will probably appear at least somewhat credible.

  4. Stu,

    That’s why I wrote “I’ll report, you decide…”

  5. All right, I’ll reserve a spot at the state convention. I’m not bringing any tinfoil hats, though.

  6. “Is Bush’s illegal wiretapping legal?”

    Ha! What a great question, and what a great way to ask it!

    The Democrats and Republicans are such squares that the FBI would never think of sending undercover agents to hear what “dangerous” stuff is said in their conventions.

    If that is not another good reason to like the LP, I don’t know what is.


    80% of all federal drug prosecutions are for conspiracies.

    JFK was killed by a conspiracy. I have seen the Zapruder film, and it shows that Kennedy was shot at least once in the back and at least once in the front.

    There is a huge conspiracy trial going on right now in Wisconsin. http://www.lpdanecounty.org/meetings.htm
    The former leader of the republican party was operating a huge conspiracy involving dozens of people over a several year period. The leaders of the Wisconsin democratic party were operating a similar conspiracy and have recently been convicted.

    The term “liberal media” is a form of a conspiracy theory.


  8. Conspiracy of facts?

    Obviously, the Federal Reserve owns every inch of American soil, and every pocket of every consumer. It’s not the government, it’s a private organization.


    Simply put, I wish I could hear what this guy has to say, but I have a feeling he isn’t going to say much I haven’t already heard.

    What I want to hear, is how to reverse the process he was such a key contributor in enacting.

    Anybody familiar with Woodrow Wilson’s parting statement, and just how he was elected despite very little public favor? Anyone care to illustrate the difference in tactics now?

    Thanks for the update Stephen!

  9. Actually, I really like the foil hat idea. In a tongue-in-cheek kind of way. Maybe we should really have some made up and give them out. Bad publicity is better than none at all.

  10. This may be redundand, but what about the Robert wood Johnson Foudation, Big Pharma, and Western Government conspiracy with the Environmental Tobacco Smoke Fraud?