Windows Live: Initially Dead on Firefox, Working Now

We started getting a few hits tonight from a domain with which I’m not familiar: After searching the news, this account explained things a bit:

Microsoft is releasing a series of new products at ETech. They include Windows Live Search Beta, Windows Live Toolbar Beta (including announcing the acquisition of Onfolio), and the next version of

While it worked pretty quickly on IE, it took an hour to upload on Firefox on my first try. It seems to work fine on both browsers, now.

I’ll play with it a bit and give it some time (it is day one of a beta test), but I’m pretty familiar with searches and feeds on my websites, content, and articles. It missed a good chunk of hits that I’m used to, but they may have some new plan on relevancy. The output was rather interesting (as it does not rank similarly to Google, Google News, Technorati, Topix, etc.) at least. The topline results certainly looked a bit different from what I usually see.

For the technophiles out there, this may be one to watch.

Stephen Gordon

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  1. It’s an ongoing problem with Internet Explorer, as well. In fact, it’s been going on for about 11 years.

    By the way, I do not normally trust sites which use private registrations to contain accurate, unbiased, truthful information. In any case, I find it goes to some idiotic Comcast personal homepage, which happens to be full of, well, myths masquerading as reality.

    Sure, some of them are true. Others are quite untrue. But most are simply misleading.

  2. There, now that I’m done chewing out the first spammer of the day, I can get back to Windows Live suckage.

    The top search results you’re seeing on Windows Live are useless, for the most part. I did a couple of searches, and found the top entries were things like made-for-AdSense sites heavy on ads and light on content (like MT’s site above).

    This means Windows Live has a long way to go, at least in search. I haven’t tried anything else on the site yet.

  3. The firefoxmyths page has been proven to be false by many people but the most detailed and accurate rebutal is located here:

    Also if MT stands for MasterTech then you should kick him off the forums because all he is doing is spamming for his website in order to get ad money. has banned him from their forums. He may have something to contribute politically, but with anything regarding technology, especially firefox, his opinion should not be trusted to be anything other than a misrepresentation of facts. If you could give people a credit rating regarding their accuracy dealing with technology his rating would be in 200-300 range or lower.

  4. Ahhhh, the familiar and comforting “Let’s get started!” tag.

    After visiting the site and reading the ZDNet “blogs are so cool” Blog , I still don’t know what is or does. My best guess is a clone of Or a game. You choose.

    The “Safety Center” works! It’s got me worried about terrorism again. Firefox, or no Firefox – I don’t dare click on anything out of fear; particularly anything with “toolbar” in the name.

    The search feature is completely unusable. Scrolling is bizarre. The results are horrible. Adverts magically end up under your mouse pointer at just the right moment. Surprise – You’re buying a new car! Right?

    Well, I can say MS has Ajax figured out. But leave it to them to make us all run away screaming.

  5. Live does not suggest correction for spelling errors; Google does. Thus this is not an improvement.