Willie Nelson on Gay Cowboys

If “Brokeback Mountain” wasn’t enough, this should get a few more ‘phobes scurrying out from under the baseboards. From the AP:

“Cowboys Are Frequently, Secretly (Fond of Each Other)” may be the first gay cowboy song by a major recording artist. But it was written long before this year’s Oscar-nominated “Brokeback Mountain” made gay cowboys a hot topic.

Available exclusively through iTunes, the song features choppy Tex-Mex style guitar runs and Nelson’s deadpan delivery of lines like, “What did you think all them saddles and boots was about?” and “Inside every cowboy there’s a lady who’d love to slip out.”

The song, which debuted Tuesday on Howard Stern’s satellite radio show, was written by Texas-born singer-songwriter Ned Sublette in 1981. Sublette said he wrote it during the “Urban Cowboy” craze and always imagined Nelson singing it.

Come to think of it, I seem to recall having seen both Bush and Cheney wearing cockroach killers.

Stephen Gordon

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  1. Folks over at several of the Leon Russell fan groups on Yahoo got an inside tip on this song’s upcoming release about two months ago and not surprisingly some of them thought for sure that this whole thing was a
    total hose job but most of them knew that Willie’s sly sense of humor and real world views made it entirely possible that the country music legend was going to release it, even if only as a poke in the eye toward some of the more uptight segments of today’s society….and that has always been this outlaw’s trademark, and one of the underlying
    reasons for his popularity.

    Just like Leon, Willie is the real deal, and the song is a hoot.


  2. You don’t hafta be ‘phobic to be sick and damned tired of the “Brokeback Mountain” hype. Hell, South Park was way ahead of the curve, with their “gay cowboys eating pudding” slap. That was damn funny.

    Meanwhile, the movie about Johnny Cash… I predict, will not win award one, because everyone’s cooing over the gay cowboy movie. Whoop-dee-freakin’-shit.

    Wonder what Clint Eastwood thinks?

  3. I like riding horses and cowboys and if I had a limp wrist I wouldn’t be able to lassoo cattle.

    It really chaps my hide, when I hear straight city slicker complain about all the “Brokeback Mountain” hype. Don’t you think those of us who sashay on the gay side of the street are sick silly of Paris Hilton?

    I just love that Willie Nelson Gay Cowboy song, it sends shivers up my spine. Willie, you go girl! Love, kisses and pats on the bootie to all y’all out there.

  4. Brokeback mountain? Can “bareback mountin’ ” be far behind?
    Hell, I’m surprised if it’s not already out. Give it another year or two, and it will be playing in your dentist’s office and on commercials sent to your cell. Which is implanted in your tooth.

    Will more people get their perfectly good teeth knocked out just so they can try to avoid it, in vain, for three or four more months until TV screens are installed in public restroom stalls and urinals everywhere? The future’s so bright, I gotta wear shades. Oh, wait, it’s playing on a TV screen in the corner inside the sunglasses…aaaaaaaarrrrrggggghhhhhhh….

  5. it has done for Gays what To Kill a Mockingbird dick for Men of Colour

    Best. Freudian slip. Ever.