Will DeLay Run? Predictions Abound on TX-22

Texas District 22I’ve been watching it closely since Democrats got DeLay kicked back on the ballot, and even theorised that Libertarian candidate Bob Smither could see some action out of the deal. But it seems stark cold reality has to set in at some point, as there’s traction that Tom DeLay is now very likely to run for reelection for his seat and is awaiting the appeal verdict.

Some are predicting that he will bite the bullet and run… but then resign — forcing a special election.

Others think that the GOP could mount a write-in campaign (monkeys would probably fly out of their butt before they tried that though).

I’m still holding out for a non-existent olive branch from the GOP to Libertarian candidate Bob Smither. I’m sure a deal could be struck where he hangs out in the Republican locker room on Capitol Hill if elected and be the junior Congressman that helps them to fight off any Democrat hopes for their universal health care utopia should they gain a majority.

One thing is for sure, it’s been keeping the spotlight on DeLay, something the Texas GOP would probably prefers otherwise given his scandal-ridden tenure.

Stephen VanDyke

I've published HoT along with about 300+ friends since 2002. We're all Americans who are snarky and love our country. I'm a libertarian that registered Republican because I like to win elections. That's pretty much it.

  1. You continue to smoke GOP supplied crack and drink GOP flavored kool-aid. The GOP is the LP’s mortal enemies. Not even remotely friends. The GOP does not want limited government even in the slightest. When will you understand this???? I’m frankly beginning to question both your sanity and your intelligence. Ignorance must be bliss in la-la land.

    I also think DeLay isn’t a liability for the GOP in the least. He is a big hero to them, which tells you a lot about them of course. Not to mention why affiliating with them is a bad idea.

  2. Not all in the Republican party are pleased to see Delay running again, DD. In fact most people I’ve talked to would prefer he just disappear, even if it means losing that seat.

    The problem with the LP candidate is… well… the LP candidate. You can’t expect the GOP organization in this district to rally behind Smither. He doesn’t appear to have raised more than a few dollars, his campaign materials seem pretty unprofessional, and he’s generated zero buzz in the district.

    Now maybe… MAYBE… the Reps would have backed the LP’s candidate if he was someone like Ed Thompson or even Michael Badnarik and had a decent warchest and organization in place.

  3. Maybe is a big word. Maybe it will literally rain cats and dogs in Phoenix tommorow.

  4. Being a resident of TX-22, I would say that there are a lot of reflexively Republican-voting constituents who, if queried, do claim to support less government and a host of other things that the Republicans *claim* to be about. Smither is trying to portray himself as a “Ron Paul Republican”, something that he can potentially get a lot of mileage from, particularly if it turns out that Tom DeLay’s name is not on the ballot. Many of these voters sooner gouge their eyeballs out than vote for a Democrat.

  5. DeLay lives in mortal fear of losing to Nick Lampson. But old Tom is pretty much out of money — most of his campaign funds ($1.4M) are committed to lawyers for his legal defense. As long as DeLay is around, Lampson’s war chest grows rapidly….and he’s been knocking on 10K doors a month, not to mention his phone banks. Can Tom actually mount an effective campaign??
    The Sparks’ruling was very strong, and it doubtful that the fifth circuit will overturn it. The GOP tortures itself with scenarios of a DeLay win, then resignation or failure to take the oath and a subsequent special election called to replace him.
    It’s delightful to see DeLay simmering in the stew pot that his own manipulations concocted. All the ego-maniac’s bravado is a false front.
    The LP’s Bob Smither had a very successful campaign kick-off last Sat, collected some much needed $$ and is on the trail.

  6. Austin Cassidy: “He doesn’t appear to have raised more than a few dollars, his campaign materials seem pretty unprofessional, and he’s generated zero buzz in the district.”

    Please do not speculate on something that you know nothing about.

  7. I have sent Bob Smither a contribution and will continue to do so. Lets rally to his support.

  8. I used to vote GOP, but have been voting Libertarian ever since I was introduced to the Libertarian message. I think a lot of GOPers will vote for Bob Smither when they hear his message.