Why is the LP Turning Down Free Airtime?

FTLIs the national LP really saying no to free national airtime? If so, why? The reason is so petty, you’ll find it hard to believe. Jump to 42:20 to hear this specific discussion.

Update: Here’s the archive.

Update by Stephen VanDyke: Ian’s follow-up post is here, as well as my own take in the comments.

-FTL Ian

  1. Ooh, you big tease.

    Be sure to link to an MP3 of that segment and add some more info or a little bit of transcription so search engines and bloggers will pick this up later.

  2. Well, duh. Libertarians (the true believers) are ideological to a point where pragmatism evaporates. To change the system one must use the system. It’s the same with campaign contribution rebates in Minnesota. All they have to do is provide a certain receipt, and contributors get back 50 bucks of any donation to Libertarian candidates, but on principal, Libertarians oppose such subsidies. So, the major parties enjoy yet another advantage. Libertarians are their own worst enemy.

  3. For those who don’t have the bandwidth or the time to wait a couple of DAYS for an hour-long program to download, a transcript or some other explanation would be helpful…