Who Says We Shouldn’t Talk about the Drug War?

Loretta NallWOW. I’m still reeling from reading this exhilirating post on the blog of Loretta Nall, the Libertarian candidate for governor in Alabama. I had already thought she was an awesome candidate, but now this.

She was at a candidate’s forum where her anti-drug-war comments resulted in two of the candidates for Sheriff doing 180 degree turnarounds on their anti-drug stances during the same forum!!


  1. Getting a political opponent to agree with your position after he makes a statement like that in public is more than that. In my opinion, the american people are starved for the the simple truth from their leaders and candidates. The promotion of this truth will do wonders.

    I’ll be giving a little dough to her soon.

  2. I just spoke with Loretta on the phone. She and her crew are in Montgomery gathering petition signatures at a large weekend festival there (really great bands, too). They need all the financial support they can get to pull off a ballot access success.

  3. I just contributed to Nall’s efforts. I’m not sorry, but I gotta say that I am offended by the attitude around sex in this campaign.

    As an old hippie from Haight Street 1967, I think I am entitled to offer my opinion of the Great Libertarian Macho Flash, having been around the LP since the beginning and seen that it does more harm than good. Need proof? How many of you turned your minds away from my own guy Michael when you heard he’d made certain statements?

    My point is, you didn’t verify word and context in those cases, and the public won’t in Nall’s case. So that’s why I clicked the offended button on the donation ack page. And got then, not offended but insulted by being dumped to Roy Moore’s page.

    What is this shallow brain-dead either-or thinking?! That’s what I expect from Moore, actually, but not from a libertarian candidate. Or are we really still in the 70’s when being clever was more important than winning the voters?

    Win on the merits, not silliness.

  4. Allen — what link took you to Roy Moore’s site? The one I can think of had a G verion (which goes to ballot access fundraiser) or PG13 version (which goes to flash for cash).

  5. First off, I’m shocked. I have difficulty beleiving this at all, but I’m incredibly excited! That is incredibly good news. With ballot access, it’s not inconceivable that Nall could be a dark horse.

    Secondly, notice that Nall went for the truth… not some watered down, sell-out, palatable B.S. In time, truth really can win out. It’s going to take a while. Stick to your guns, folks. This was highly revelatory.

    Nall has shown that she can really hang with the big boys. With that 527 and some extra preparation, I suggest she try again for the same office in 4 more years if she’s up to it… and assuming that she doesn’t win.

  6. Steven,

    There was a survey after completing the transaction. There was only one choice that allowed expressing dissatisfaction, and it was too extreme, but I clicked it anyway because it was the only unhappy choice. Upon clicking the radio button, I was immediately dumped to Roy Moore’s site.

    What I thought was a reasonable request for feedback turned out to be a dirty trick that implied I am some sort of blue-nose.


  7. Literally unbelievable. Video (or even audio) is needed. Avowed drug warriors would sooner sell their kids into prostitution than change their stance in the course of a speaking engagement. I’d like some independent confirmation before I do a little victory jig for her.

  8. This is actually a really good thing. It shows that if we can put our opponents on the spot, they really have no choice but to come to our side or look like idiots.

    Good sign for the future.


  9. I am from the north florida area, and up until now, was unaware of Lorettas campaign. I am a little shocked at teh bluntness I saw displayed in some video clips I saw on her site, including her assertation that her first action as governor would be to de-criminalize cannabis and free all non-violent offenders. I admit, these issues are ones that originally brought me to the party, but it so so far from teh mainstreem viewpoint.

    Perhaps it would be better to concentrate on our immigration policies, which with hispanic populations increasing faster than any other will become the mainstream within the next few years. I mean, I love cannabis, i love prostitution, i love gambling, but these are issues which the general public considers us to be radicals on, and in my campaign, I try not to talk about them.

  10. Gabe: After taking a look at your website, I’m left wondering what kind of campaign you are running. Are you making a poor attempt at selling mutual funds or running for political office. Maybe in Florida it is common practice to not offend anyone with radical ideas, but you really ought to have at least one issue on your website.

    I’m also wondering whether you support immigration since “hispanic populations” are increasing and the LP should nab their votes, or are you against immigration because it upsets the delusional uninformed crackers who fear ideas that aren’t endorsed by talk radio entertainers?

    At least get your blog up, Gabe.

  11. Here’s a piece from Audubon magazine which mentions Vernon
    McElroy who apparently is in prison in ‘Bama for having “Ditchweed” in his possession. For a lifetime no less. Hell of a use of tax dollars if true.

    “For example, Congress gives the DEA half a
    billion dollars a year to eradicate marijuana. But
    according to the DEA’s own figures, 98 percent of
    the “marijuana” eradicated by its agents or the
    police departments and National Guard units it
    hires is hemp-the harmless, feral stuff that
    escaped during Hemp for Victory days. “Ditchweed,”
    it’s called. That’s the “marijuana” you see
    getting burned in all the photos. If you’re caught
    with ditchweed, you’re in big trouble, as Vernon
    McElroy, 50, discovered in 1991 when he got
    convicted for possessing 10.9 pounds that he says
    a friend had picked and given him as a joke. Now
    he’s doing life without parole at the overcrowded
    maximum-security penitentiary in Springville,


  12. Quite honestly I think Ms. Nall may be our best candidate running for office. For one if she gets ballot access she very well could win. She seems to be very well spoken and once and if she gets into debates with the other candidates she could wipe them up. If she does she very well could win. The other thing that is so big about this campaign is that she is running for governor. If elected she will be the head person of the state. This would be much bigger than getting one person elected to the House of Representatives. That would be just one small voice amongst many others. I don’t want to downplay getting someone elected to Congress but getting someone elected as governor who seems to have a real good head on her shoulders would be even bigger.

  13. Loretta, you’re amazing! Your article reads like some libertarian Mr. Smith Goes to Washington fantasy, but I believe you!

    “So, yeah, maybe I do live in a trailer and I possess nothing more than a GED ….”

    Nothing wrong with that! Better to save your money than put on airs.

    From what I’ve seen, you come across as honest, intelligent, and dedicated to improving peoples’ lives, and you can’t buy that!

    Living life your own way has educated you far beyond a GED. Your results speak louder than any diploma. Students need freedom, encouragement, and good examples far more than tax dollars!

    I’ve already given to your campaign, but I want to make real sure you get on the ballot! How close are you?

  14. There ARE recordings of Loretta speaking at various events, forums, and interviews — on her site and on hammeroftruth.com.

    Seeing how well she came across helps me believe her story of this candidates’ forum.

  15. she is being honest and she is completely right!!

    this woman gives me hope!!! tell your friends to read about her too~~ send emails,blog about her, call friends, donate to her campaign, or volunteer to help her campaign if you live there…
    ~~tell people, you never know who might have friends in her state who would love to support her.~!!