Which Political Party Wears the Tin Foil Hats?

Joe Copeland - free vasectomyEven in libertarian circles, a lot of people view the Libertarian Party as being filled with candidates who don tin foil hats. Take a look at this WSFA Channel 12 Montgomery interview (currently the top link – 20 min) of Alabama Libertarian Party gubernatorial candidate Loretta Nall and Democratic hopeful Joe Copeland.

Copeland (D) on education:

I would, uh, I would try’in stop the uh… the… …the (long pauses, not a stutter) efforts to consolidate schools and close small community schools and consolidate ’em into big wirehouses, educational wirehouses, because I believe you lose parental and teacher involvement when you do that.

More Copeland on education:

I think we need a comprehensive reproductive, reproductive, uh, uh program course in ars in our schools where each student that comes out of that school has a knowledge of how their plumbin’ works and how to control their fertility.

Copeland on racial issues health care reform:

Now we do a good job of providing contraception for those uh who receive Medicaid, they they receive everythang from vigh-sectomies, tubal ligation and ah birth control pills free. Morning after pills. We just need to extend that to the entire state to where everyone can control their fertility.

Nall (L) on education:

The very first things I would do would be to opt out of No Child Left Behind and refuse to uh enforce any other unfunded federal mandates. The federal government only gives us six percent of our education budget. They have no business telling us how to teach our kids and what to teach our kids. They’ve never met our kids. And I know, (clears throat) excuse me, we’ve lost a large number of really good teachers because of some obscure Washington, DC number that they didn’t meet, and, uh, I think that we need to decide who are good teachers and who are not, not the Bush administration or anybody else.

More Nall on education:

I also believe that, um, religion and government should be kept seperate and I don’t see any of the other candidates drawing the line. Religion is a private family matter and it shouldn’t be inserted into everybody’s politics.

Nall on prison reform:

If we invest in education instead of incarceration we can only move forward.

Note that in most of her media appearances, the media brings up the drug policy reform issues, not the candidate. In this recent television footage, the anchor keeps bringing up the issue, while the callers are asking other questions which are important in their daily lives. While the media keeps trying to tie Loretta Nall to candidates out on the lunatic fringe, it’s important to note that the racist, Holocaust denying, and eugenics promoting candidates for Governor and Attorney General are members of mainstream parties and not Libertarians.

Copeland is not an isolated case in the Alabama Democratic Party. His key competitiors in the primary are Lt. Governor Lucy Baxley, who is under fire for not running on any issues, and former Governor Don Siegelman, who is currently in court for allegations of trading $500,000 of Richard Scrushy’s money for an appointment to a state hospital regulatory board and other allegations of fraud and graft.

The important question I’d like to ask is why Nall requires 43,000 signatures to get on the ballot when buffoons like Joe Copeland, Roy Moore and Larry Darby don’t.

  1. Great video. She has done so much good and I am very impressed. However, the LP does not oppose taxes and certainly not state taxes. The United States Constitution has nothing to do with a sales tax in AL.

    Anyway, back to Nall. Wow, she is not even on the ballot and she has TV interviews!

  2. Of course the media is going to focus on a candidate’s out-of-the-mainstream views. It makes for shocking news (and good ratings).

    You did something similar when you chose quotes from the Democrat that are, shall we call them, less than stellar?

  3. TMA,

    I certainly understand (and am not critical — merely pointing out) the MSM’s coverage of Nall’s drug war activist history. It is what has given her a national name and audience.

  4. Stephen — just be heartened by this; regardless of her “Flash for cash” campaign tool and her stance on marijuana legalization, not one of the callers-in were hostile, it seemed, and that was major channel news show.

    Unless that was staged, that’s a good thing to focus on in terms of the small accomplishments. :)

  5. SVD or whomever fixed the photoshop — thanks. I ended up having to install a brand new hard drive (lost all data). I just reloaded my photo editor, but don’t have any decent fonts yet.

  6. OT — for those whom recall the SB1003 (the one supporting Peabody Coal with legislature permitting relocation of Hopi & Navajo peoples, or at least advertised that way): Just took a quick hop over to ALIS (online bill tracking for AZ) and found that no mention of it currently exists. It got quashed.

    Funny what roughly a month can do (and potential bad publicity for a presidential hopeful?)

  7. I get near instant approval from everyone I meet regarding Nalls stance on ed, expressed in the same manner I would. lmost anyone cna understand hat they dont want elected school boards being nothing more than lackeys and stooges for the Feds.

    Damn I need to make a new vid on this. I need to get a cam. I’d love to recruit some actual elected school board people who would get on cam and denounce No Chile Left Behind. They are out there.

  8. Loretta does a very good job and is very well spoken. She seems to have a handle on what her plans are on the issues. Mr. Copeland, well Um… I guess we will just leave it at that.

  9. Timothy — this is going to be a waste of digital space, but I feel emphatic enough about it to at least get hot-air on the subject. (Don’t worry, it’s in agreement.)

    To call No Child Left Behind pandering to the lowest common denominator is an insult to the lowest common denominator.

    Keep in mind that the NCLB system works on a theory of punishment. Its concept: If a school does poorly, punish said school by cutting its funding.

    What areas get hit the hardest by this? Why those that are already vastly underfunded and cannot raise the funds themselves. Primarily these are, of course, “ethnic” centers. (Barrios, gettoes; urban centers.) So what happens? The poor get poorer, and the rich get richer.

    Sounds awfully… familiar… doesn’t it? NCLB functions EXACTLY in opposition to its title. It is *DESIGNED* to force into the uneducated, illiterate, unwashed masses precisely those groups that have the hardest time escaping said status.

  10. Tim, you would have absolutely NO trouble finding school board members, teachers, administrators, and supervisors who would be happy to tell you exactly how stupid NCLB really is.

    I was teaching when it was first implemented. Its mostly why I’m no longer teaching (masters degree in physics didn’t qualify me as a “qualified teacher” of physics. Doesn’t matter that I was nominated for new teacher of the year.)

    And what IanC said.

  11. I’d be teaching right now if it weren’t for all the fucking stupid regulations that they throw at teachers these days.

    If Nall keeps getting this kind of coverage… she could very well have a chance at winning.

  12. My issue (http://www.doctoriq.com/) is Initiative and Referendum (I&R) for Alabamians. I know not where the LPA stands on that issue, but when Loretta made her appearance at the Wetumpka VFW candidate’s forum it was the first issue she spoke about. I firmly believe that I&R is a critical issue if we want to have real reform and accountability in our state government,and that it is also an issue that would set her apart from other candidates, some of whom have told me that they are for it (http://www.doctoriq.com/report.htm) but who never bring the issue up in their campaigns. It is an issue that resonates with voters who understand it, but few do because it’s never discussed. She could certainly draw a contrast between herself and Roy Moore and his campaign based on returning our government to the people, because I&R is the most viable avenue for doing so, yet he doesn’t mention it. I’m puzzled as to why Loretta doesn’t avail herself of this issue.

  13. Don,

    Loretta (and I) support I&R in Alabama. Libertarians are generally split on the issue. Constitutionalist libertarians understandably tend to fear it (worry about the majority imposing its view on the mimority), but the current system is so bad in our state that even most constitutionalists I know support I&R locally.

    I’d expect that 75% or more Alabama libertarians support I&R for state issues. If you’d like, I can make a motion at the next LPA EC meeting to see if we can obtain official party support.

  14. Keith, of course the LP opposes taxes! While we respect the Constitution, it is not our platform.

    See the LP platform at http://www.lp.org/issues/platform_all.shtml.

    For example:

    The Principle: All persons are entitled to keep the fruits of their labor. Government activity should not include the forcible collection of money or goods from individuals in violation of their individual rights. No tax can ever be fair, simple or neutral to the free market.

    Solutions: Specifically, we: a.) support the right of any individual to challenge the payment of taxes on moral, religious, legal or constitutional grounds….

  15. Keith,

    If it wasn’t for the Libertarian Party of Alabama, the greatest tax increase in state histroy would have occurred.

  16. OK, maybe yall and Nall are right, but the way she said it, it still made it look like she had a tin foil hat on for at least a few seconds. Then she passed it to the Democrat and he would not give it back :)

    BTW, I know about the LP preventing the largest tax increase in AL history. We had more than just the LP trying to stop the great TN tax increase and it still passed :(

  17. Nall is the best Libertarian candidate since Harry Browne.

    She’s well spoken, intelligent, and embraces ending the War on Drugs.

    I’m proud to have had her on Free Talk Live twice.

    Go Loretta!

  18. Chris, I’m proudly ignorant about Taylor Hicks, but willing to keep an open mind.

    Could you provide an executive summary for those of us unwilling to tune in to American Idol?

  19. I’m not quite sure what Mr. Hicks’s positions on the War on Drugs, Social Security, and Taxes are, but nobody really knows what Lucy Baxley’s positions are either.

    All I know is that he’ll probably get more votes than the president.

  20. Copeland looks and sounds like he is inbred. I wonder how hard he humps his bible. Can’t have people reproducing, especially when a sister (his mom), and a brother (his dad), lay in sin. You yanks sure know how to pick them, no wonder the stereotypes live on. I hope Loretta beats the shit out of everyone.

  21. Give ’em VIagra with th’ VIsectomy ‘n slip in a VIdeo camra so th’ VIce squad c’n monitor their actiVIties, such as th’ pr’VInshen of additional VIviperousness VItal st’tist’cs.

  22. “Flash” Gordon replied to me saying, “Loretta (and I) support I&R in Alabama. Libertarians are generally split on the issue. Constitutionalist libertarians understandably tend to fear it (worry about the majority imposing its view on the mimority), but the current system is so bad in our state that even most constitutionalists I know support I&R locally.
    I’d expect that 75% or more Alabama libertarians support I&R for state issues. If you’d like, I can make a motion at the next LPA EC meeting to see if we can obtain official party support.”

    What you do in this regard is strictly your choice, but if you make that motion it will make my day. Thank you for making the offer, Stephen.

  23. The Libertarian Party of Alabama is a disgrace! Stephen Gordon is a bitter loser trying to make people think all Libertarians are as stupid as he is for promoting anti-USA “open borders” policy. Gordon & Company might as well admit that they are supporters of the Zionist-Occupied Government in Washington, DC.

  24. Zionist-Occupied Government in Washington, DC

    …and just who is wearing the tin foil hat now?