What TotalFarkers are Saying about Libertarians

I sometimes lurk at TotalFark (Fark’s paid service) to see what people are saying about HoT postings which get submitted on their site. They generally pick up a few pieces a week, the latest being “Top Libertarian Songs.” Some of these are somewhat interesting:

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2006-05-25 07:53:37 PM MorningBreath [TotalFark]

“Suck my love pump”

2006-05-25 07:56:59 PM CtrlAltDelete [TotalFark]

“Baby Elephant Walk”

2006-05-25 07:58:35 PM SilentStrider [TotalFark]


wtf is with all the libertarian nonsense thats being submitted lately?

2006-05-25 07:59:30 PM CtrlAltDelete [TotalFark]

SilentStrider: wtf is with all the libertarian nonsense thats being submitted lately?

No idea.

2006-05-25 07:59:49 PM Nabb1 [TotalFark]

“Put the Lime in the Coconut”

2006-05-25 08:01:18 PM EnoMan [TotalFark]

“I’m not a Republican, Dammit (I just hate LIEbruhls)”

2006-05-25 08:06:54 PM Kyosuke [TotalFark]

Cyndi Lauper’s acoustic version of “Money Changes Everything.”

\wow, maybe that is Libertarian.
\\wow, I just don’t care.

2006-05-25 08:10:20 PM Jeff Jorgensen [TotalFark]

“You say tomato I say tomahto”…

(Let’s call the whole thing off)

/Libertarians to Republican party

2006-05-25 08:13:29 PM shivashakti [TotalFark]

“Mr. Roboto” by Styx.

/psst..don’t tell anyone, but I think his secret is that he’s Kilroy.

2006-05-25 08:14:26 PM 2wolves [TotalFark]

“I’m really a Reagan-ite who loves his Bong.”

2006-05-25 08:14:53 PM Godzilla [TotalFark]

“Free Radicals” by the Flaming Lips.

2006-05-25 08:36:34 PM Action Replay Nick [TotalFark]

“My house is on fire and I’d call for help but I can’t remember the number to Roy’s Fire Puttin’-Out Service and Deli”

2006-05-25 08:38:40 PM gundamtsubasa [TotalFark]

I just don’t get what is so hard to understand about libertarians. They’re against any excessive government regulation. That’s all there is to it. This makes them against both major parties. They’re against Democrats because of their stances on things like gun control and socialized medicine. They’re against the Republicans because of their stances on things like privacy rights, the combination of church and state, and gay rights.

2006-05-25 08:47:13 PM dameron [TotalFark]

“Another Brick in the Wall (part 2)”

“We don’t need no (department of) education…” and

“Takin’ it to the (privately owned and maintained) streets”

2006-05-25 08:56:02 PM glenlivid [TotalFark]

Head Like a Hole by N.I.N.

“Head like a hole
dark as your soul
I’d rather die
than give you control”

  1. “we dont need no (department of) education…”


    Stephen, you’re a TF’er? blech! nah, jk. I kill time between classes on Fark everyday. After I read all the new postings here first of course. Although I have grown fond of digg.com lately.