Bill Weld Dissed by New York GOP

Bill Weld at the 2006 New York GOP ConventionFormer Massachusetts Gov. William Weld (R) said he would stay in the New York governor’s race after suffering a stunning rebuke from his own Republican party, whose delegates chose former State Assemblyman John Faso, the New York Times reports (via Political Wire):

In a roll call of the delegates, however, Mr. Faso won 61.2 percent to Mr. Weld’s 38.8 percent, with 25 percent required for a place on the primary ballot. Mr. Weld said that despite the outcome, he would stay in the race.

Being the party designee is usually a nominal honor, but Republicans say it is sure to be consequential in this race. It elevates Mr. Faso against a former star of the national party, Mr. Weld, and Faso aides believe it will improve their fund-raising, media attention and endorsements, all of which Mr. Weld has had to a greater degree.

Note they are already painting him as the spoiler, even though he may triumph in a primary vote outside of the Republican convention:

Even if Mr. Weld does not drop out, as Mr. Faso hopes, his loss here will raise questions in the days ahead: Does Mr. Weld risk becoming a spoiler, forcing Mr. Faso to spend time and money on a primary instead of on a challenge to Mr. Spitzer?

I say bravo for him staying in and I hope he takes it to a primary race. Hopefully the more moderate conservatives will swing things back in Bill Weld’s favor and his Libertarian Party endorsement won’t be for naught.

Stephen VanDyke

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