Watching David Schlosser in Arizona CD1

Anne_David.jpgOne of the Libertarian Party campaigns I’ve been noticing lately is David Schlosser‘s race for U.S. Congress in Arizona’s 1st Congressional District. Like Dick Clark, he just received the Third Party Watch candidate of the day citation.

I was also impressed with this piece (RealPlayer required) he did (which was passed to me by a non-libertarian friend from Austin) about big box stores. Here’s Schlosser’s credible bio:

David Schlosser and his wife, Anne, live in Flagstaff, where he works for a computer processor maker. Growing up in Topeka, Kansas, he was a state-champion competitive speaker and manager for the state-champion basketball team during high school; he earned his extraordinary appreciation for the American Constitution as part of Mrs. Kinney’s government class project to rewrite the document in contemporary language.

At Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas, Schlosser was a mentor for undergraduate students, a residence hall assistant, and active on several student government and university committees. After earning the university’s student service award in 1990, he graduated with a major in political science and a minor in history.

Schlosser extended his interest in public service by earning a master’s degree from the LBJ School of Public Affairs at the University of Texas at Austin in 1992, where his studies focused on technology and education issues and he completed a master’s report on economic development.

David Schlosser at Enchanted Rock State Park TXAfter school, he returned to Kansas, which shares Arizona’s heritage of pioneering independence, wide open spaces, and cultural diversity. He spent two and a half years campaigning to elect successful two-term governor Bill Graves. After serving Governor Graves as the director of public affairs and consumer protection at Kansas’ utility regulatory commission, Schlosser spent the next four years advocating on behalf of telecommunications, natural resources, and energy industries, and working on banking, law enforcement, and energy efficiency issues, in Kansas, Arkansas, and Washington, DC. He also worked on political campaigns as diverse as city council, state and national legislatures, citizen’s ballot initiatives, and Senator Bob Dole’s presidential announcement.

Outside of work, Schlosser was active with Boy Scouts of America, Rotary International, and cultural organizations including the nationally recognized Topeka Civic Theater, community concerts, and The Smithsonian Institution. He graduated from Leadership Greater Topeka in 1997.

David Schlosser at MI ReceptionSince the emergence of America’s high technology industry in the late 1990s, Schlosser has represented computer and technology companies to the media. He is currently a public relations manager for a global microprocessor company. He has been invited to join the 2006-2007 class of the Flagstaff Leadership Program, was a part-time faculty member at Northern Arizona University’s School of Communication, and serves as a member of Trinity University’s National Alumni Board.

Schlosser met his wife in Austin, Texas; they married there in the spring of 2002 and honeymooned in Sedona. Anne is an organizational development associate at W.L. Gore. Their families span the continent from Alaska to Maine. Schlosser is an avid reader and writer, studies the intersection of leadership and creativity, and enjoys Arizona’s outdoors while hiking with Anne.

Schlosser got great credentials for the race. I’ll be watching to see what he can do with it. Good luck, David!

Stephen Gordon

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  1. Damn good candidate. we could use another 5,000 like him acoss the country.

  2. He does look pretty good. He doesn’t get very specific about what he will do on the issues but that may be a good thing. sometimes the more specific you get the more ammo your enemies have against you. The Republicrats have gotten very good at this. They never put out any specifics about anything until they absolutely have to.

  3. > He is currently a public relations manager for a global microprocessor company…

    Excellent! This guy’s as solid a candidate as they come.

  4. Many thanks for the excellent promotion. I appreciate TerryP’s comments about specifics on issues, and continually add new content – the blog has been heavy on immigration topics, and I will begin beefing up the issues section now that I have post-announcement time. So, check back regularly and let me know of the issues you think I should address first.