WaPo discussion/interview with Bob Barr

Bob BarrA great Q&A session with Barr yesterday, with some rather pointed questions on a possible impeachment of Bush:

Princeton, N.J.: Mr. Barr, as one of the leaders in the impeachment of President Clinton, you should know he was impeached for a crime, lying in a civil case, that is routinely ignored every day in courts across the country. (One of my lawyer friends said that if we start arresting just those who lie in Family Court, NJ would not be big enough to hold them, we’d need to make Montana into a prison.) Yet George Bush clearly has violated FISA, a serious felony. Why have you not called for his impeachment?
Bob Barr: All of us may have the opportunity to address that question as more than a hypothetical in the next Congress.
[…] Atlanta, Ga.: Congressman Barr, I’ve been an admirer of you for many years, including your years in Congress and as US Attorney under President Reagan. Your views seem to be consistent no matter what your talking/writing about or who your going after (Pat Swindel, Bill Clinton). Do you think the Republican Party has changed? If so, what can they do to rebound? Will you ever get back into politics. We really need more Bob Barr’s in Washington.
Bob Barr: The Party has changed, and not for the better. We need to get away from blind loyalty to party, and turn up the constitutional heat on incumbents and challengers.

Anyone watching this election can no longer deny there’s a huge schism growing within the GOP. I think the small-government libertarians/conservatives are looking to break from the large-government social nannies. the DNC obviously isn’t a good home for them, but the Libertarian Party would be smart to adopt a marketing strategy similar to Apple’s switch campaign from a few years ago.