Vote for Bill Peirce in this Online Poll

Columbus, Ohio’s has a news piece up today on the sham debates (it was actually a forum where Ted Strickland and Ken Blackwell refused to be on stage at the same time and Bill Peirce was uninvited, but showed up anyways and had his own press conference in the same hotel). He’s included in the video link in the same article, though it’s only a blurb that honestly doesn’t do him much good.

Included at the bottom of the article is a poll that currently has Bill Peirce with 7% of the online vote. I figure HoT readers can change that easily considering there’s only been 89 votes cast at the time of this posting.

Update: Only an hour after posting this to our MySpace supporters and here, we’ve blown by Blackwell and are gaining on Strickland. Here’s the current poll results:

Kenneth Blackwell (Rep.) 26%
Ted Strickland (Dem.) 40%
Bill Peirce (Lib.) 33%

As I wrote in the comments, we are using polls like this to showcase our support strength and that we are building momentum to create an upset this fall. It’s not scientific in the slightest, but when we bum rush the media like this, it does make major waves in future campaign coverage.

Another update: As of 6:47pm ET, Bill has taken a commanding lead:

Kenneth Blackwell (Rep.) 21%
Ted Strickland (Dem.) 35%
Bill Peirce (Lib.) 45%

Next Day Update: I’ve posted the results over at the Peirce for Ohio main site along with an explanation of why we chose to flood the poll in the first place. Here’s a screenshot of the results as of this morning:

NBC4i poll
Stephen VanDyke

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  1. I have full faith we’ll be blowing by Strickland soon enough, I also posted it to our MySpace campaign friends (3100+ of them), so we’re rocking this poll when the masses log on this evening.

    I’m not going to spin this as proof that we have more votes right now, but it is proof that we have the necessary supporter base to stomp the campaign trail door-to-door handing out flyers and actually win the election in the fall.

  2. I e-mailed them a while ago to ask what order the candidates are listed in. If random, they should say so. I suggested they should be careful not to appear biased by listing the Libertarian last.

  3. Ummm…how is this doing us any good? To anyone reading the polls it will be more than obvious that some libertarian group thought this poll was so important that they staged a campaign to rig it by getting people who don’t live in Ohio to vote in their poll. It just strikes me as a bit desperate. Isn’t it more important to focus on turning into a party that people want to vote for, so we can win in actual scientific polls? Won’t we continue to look pathetic if we continue to get 1% of the vote despite the ability to organize a great online poll rigging and get a MAJORITY? As I am from Texas and the poll is not intended for me, I will not vote in it. Sorry.

  4. By the way, “voting a few times” is just as bad. I thought we were supposedly critical of the other parties for cheating in the electoral races? Or maybe we’re just hypocritical.

  5. I see the point that “our” turnout really shows what we can do when we all get behind something and take action, however; there is no excuse for VOTING MULTIPLE TIMES! Principle, common sense & integrity.

  6. Nick’s got it right. Aren’t we just fooling ourselves when we try to fool others? This reminds me of some of the over-blown fund raising letters that Perry Willis used to put out extolling some minor victory as justification for pouring money into a breakthrough project. Now if Ohio LP could get 200 people outside some auditorium where Pierce has been excluded from a debate or interview, then that would be significant.

  7. I don’t think you can vote more than once, I tried. Unless you can change your IP address…

  8. If the site includes the Libertarian candidate, shouldn’t we reward them with traffic? They admit it isn’t scientific, but maybe if they host a debate they’ll take traffic into consideration.

    I voted once from California. It said “who WOULD you vote for” so that seemed like an invitation to others besides Ohio registered voters. I’ve been back several times to check results (boredom surfing).

    Yes, it can spark curiosity by readers who notice the high number. They might remember the candidate’s name and party better.

    The main thing is not to fool yourself you’ve filled your quota of work for liberty. It’s not enough.

  9. This poll is of course not scientific. However, the fact that so many people (440 as of now) are willing to vote for Bill should hopefully show the media that they should be spending more time covering the man. We must do everything we can to make sure that Libertarian candidates get the coverage they deserve because they have been very unfairly harmed by the political process since the party’s inception. I see nothing wrong with going to flood this poll to show our support for a great candidate in hopes of more coverage.

  10. Go ahead and take this a step farther and email NBC4 and tell them to cover more of Peirce’s campaign. I did, just click on the contact us page and its really easy.

  11. Haha, that’s awesome! That’s going to make for some confused people at “nbc 4”. Let’s find some more online polls where we can do the same thing.