Volunteers Needed to Fly Without Papers

Somehow, I missed the news on the resolution of the John Gilmore case — where he lost his challenge to the law about having to have “proper” identification when flying. To the best of my knowledge, Gilmore is still trying to decide whether to take the case before the Supreme Court. It’s funny how the MSM seemed to miss this one.

In the meantime, PapersPlease.org is reporting that one can fly without papers, so long as he or she submits to a secondary screening.

What they need are a few volunteers to see if the TSA will do what the 9th Circuit directed. If you wish to be a freedom fighter flyer, here are the instructions.


Stephen Gordon

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  1. Well, in the original case, Gilmore was offered the opportunity to fly after submitting to an extra search, an opportunity he declined.

    During the 9th Circuit appeal, the government asserted that this alternate method of flying was available, and that availability was part of why the 9th Circuit upheld the government’s position.

    The current effort is to gather data points to determine whether the government is acting consistently or if this exception only exists at certain times and for certain people.

  2. i’m kind of curious… what is gained by flying without “papers” if you have to go through more intense screening?

  3. I would never volunteer for a project like that.

    I have a sneaking feeling that you would be “tagged” and would suddenly be on several “Watch Lists.”

  4. I would absolutely do that. In fact, I probably will this summer (next time I expect to be flying).

    The question is, how far will you go to oppose the kind of abuse that the government puts us all through?