Vincente Fox Denied Use of Cojones by U.S.

mexicomarijuanatshirt.jpgWhat could have been a bold move towards freedom has been squashed by neoprohibitionists in the United States. Both houses of the Mexican Congress had passed a bill to legalize small quantities of most recreational drugs, and Mexican President Fox was expected to sign the bill. However, the Republicans have stepped to the plate to ensure freedom is squashed in yet another country. San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders virtually declared war on Mexico with this one:

“I view this as a hostile action by a longtime ally of the U.S.,” Sanders said at a City Hall news conference.

They also accused Mexican officials of trying to turn Tijuana into a tourist mecca for druggies — one which would cause millions of marijuana junkies to turn into pickpockets and whores on the San Diego streets:

“Legalizing these drugs is certainly going to have a spillover effect in San Diego,” said Damon Mosler, head of narcotics at the San Diego County District Attorney’s Office.

“It means they’ll be importing people who want to do drugs, and exporting those who need the financial wherewithal to continue to do those drugs they’ve become addicted to,” he said.

As one might expect, the weasel-like DEA Administrator Karen Tandy popped her head out of her hole, as well:

President Vicente Fox’s government has been bombarded with questions over the past five days from U.S. and Mexican officials who worry that Mexico is backing away from drug enforcement.

Karen Tandy, the head of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, met yesterday in Mexico City with Public Security Minister Eduardo Medina-Mora.

The MSM has been reporting that Fox was expected to sign the bill. So here’s the latest from CNN:

Mexican President Vicente Fox refused to sign a drug decriminalization bill Wednesday, hours after U.S. officials warned the plan could encourage “drug tourism.”

Fox sent the measure back to Congress for changes, but his office did not mention the U.S. criticism.

“Without underestimating the progress made on the issue, and with sensitivity toward the opinions expressed by various sectors of society, the administration has decided to suggest changes,” according to a statement from his office.

Fox said he will ask “Congress to make the needed corrections to make it absolutely clear in our country, the possession of drugs and their consumption are, and will continue to be, a criminal offense.”

It was bad enough when Bill Clinton had to ask Hillary if he could use his own balls. Now it seems that George Bush has that same power over Fox’s manhood.

Stephen Gordon

I like tasteful cigars, private property, American whiskey, fast cars, hot women, pre-bailout Jeeps, fine dining, worthwhile literature, low taxes, original music, personal privacy and self-defense rights -- but not necessarily in this order.

  1. What the heck could they have threatened Mexico with to cause Fox’s change of mind? An embargo? Higher tariffs? Or maybe Bushy’s favorite course of action, W…A…R.

  2. Sending inoffensive immigrants to Gitmo, or to undisclosed locations in third countries for “we don’t torture”?

  3. Who the fuck thinks that they have problem with this come forth bitches youre the people that aren’t men!

  4. No, It’s not WAR that changed Fox’s mind. It’s Bush’s other favorite past time, giving billions of dollars of taxpayers’ money (which is now all borrowed since we have a $8 TRILLION national debt) to keep people in “his back pocket”, exactly the same strategy lobbyists use to get their desired result from Bush.

  5. Today it was announced on the news that high-tech Honeywell Aerospace Lab is investing $50 million in Mexicali and relocating even more of its operations there. And a month back it was in the news where a new seaport is being built in Colonet, Baja Sur Mexico. And from this new seaport, a super-train will deliver imports to the United States.
    Until both operations are up and functioning, Fox will toe-the-line and do what Bush wants.

  6. Maybe they threatened him personally. That would be typical of the drug warriors.

  7. Rick, we are not men…we are devo! Have a look how Australia handles druggies at this link, strangely, we have not fallen into apostate anarchy:
    One would have to do a HUGE deal to get sent to gaol (sorry, jail to you) and the problem with that is you can only get smack in gaol, pot smells too much! Isn’t it marvellous that the USA finances terrorism and dictatorship around the world via this so called War on Drugs? It works for me, if pot was legalised there wouldn’t be enough profit margin in it for me to get my home delivery.

  8. Meanwhile, cheap prescription drugs are still easily available at any mexican pharmacy without a doctor’s writ.

    Begs the question: Why aren’t raving masses of Rush Limbaugh wanna-bes turning San Diego into a den of iniquity? Oh wait… that’s because people don’t start acting completely retarded when you stop treating them like criminals just for buying pot.

  9. This is so, so, so sad. I mean, damn. Did we secretly threaten to assassinate him? I can hardly believe this minor BS political posturing really caused him to change his mind. He had to know that such an uproar was coming unless he’s a world class dumb-ass. They must have secretly threatened him. Either that or he’s a serious dumb fuck.

  10. One word: “Immigration”. Fox may have been living up to his namesake, and threw a red herring past Georgie’s handlers, and got their attention in a big way. Now Fox can divert that attention to what he really wants to talk about. With this Administration, it’s always ‘slap the dummie’; you whap the idjit upside the head to wake him up, and then distract him by getting him to do your bidding.

    But one thing’s not going to disappear: this legislation that Fox was about to sign was a matter of popular support, and his going back on that can’t be seen as anything but Fox becoming just another ‘poodle’ in Georgie’s kennel.

  11. Oh no, if drugs are legal in Mexico then some of them may make their way into the U.S. We cant have that, especially in this drug free nation we live in.

  12. One problem with the proposed legislation, if I hear it correctly is that it would not legalize selling it. People can have a little bit of drugs but they cannot legally buy it. They will still be getting it from thugs, gangs, etc. instead of legal businesses.

  13. um… was only a matter of time…the freaking Drug Cartel owns the Mexican Goverment! They own every penny in their pockets, are we really that surprised?

  14. Indeed this is too bad. As you all trotted over the border for a bender, we could just confiscate your passports, give your jobs to law abiding illeagal immigrants. Everyone wins… until you sober up and find out why the Mexican ‘government’ wants it’s peasants perpetually sedated.

  15. I guess this bill could help cause they would still arrest addicts and sentence rehab but this allows you to just get some easy drugs if you happen to be in Mexico of course they already can. but with this they can wave it around in public lol hopefully it will help in cracking down on the drug gangs taking over the country

  16. More likely, Fox realized that the majority of his country’s exports go to the USA and the majority of Mexico’s tourists come from the USA. Upsetting your biggest trading partner, after signing contracts agreeing to fight the transportation of drugs, is not the smartest thing to do for an already strugling economy and country. If you idiots want to fry your brains and watch others do the same, go to Europe and join your French buddies on the streets of Amsterdam. When you and our French buddies are out of money, don’t worry, Holland has great homeless shelters, and the Police (spelled “Polite” in Holland), will gladly drive you back to France where you can hang out with Johnny Depp, drink the most polluted water in the world, and bitch about how George Bush caused AIDS because he was pandering to the drug companies.


    Mexico is only legalizing drugs because they are loosing their drug trafficking tax from the American anti-immigration laws being passed. Look beyond your joint.
    People are willing to make money off of others misfortune and it seems you do to. You care more about this mysterious freedom then health. Health is freedom not ‘doing whatever you want.’
    Quit making excuses for stupid behavior. I gheard the Liberatarien argument about taxing it. So you care about money more then health?

    Freedom is: Laws, restriction, limitations and boundaries. When you know these things then you are truly free to be able to roam unrestricted. You can’t just depend on regular folks in the street to enforce and make laws. You need to have a legal system. Sorry.
    I am tired of libertarians acting like they care because they are ‘looking out for people freedom.’ You don’t give a crap and you darn well know it. You are like that because you yourself want to act stupid too. Bah!
    The Liberatarien argument is just to let them be stupid and do drugs but the problem is we have to live, drive, and work next to those very same people. We live in a community in case the insulated Liberatariens didn’t notice outside their isolated cabins in New Hampshire. We are all not like that.

    Also this article acts like:
    You hide behind government so you can do whatever you want.
    Whatever law doesn’t work well with you means the government doesn’t have any balls to you. But when you like the law then government is great. It’s 2-faced.
    Either become an anarchist or don’t. At least we know where you stand.

    Typical rationalizations from an insulated stoner.
    I will show this website to my niece so she doesn’t do drugs.

  18. Drug-using politicians and their kids better stay on this side of the border.

  19. Mang that sucks,I was gonna catch the trolley to Tijuana today, buy some lines of Coke, smoke some herb and fuck some t.j. whores , now fox has ruined it all for me. fuck.

  20. Bob, the fact is if we focused on drug rehabilitation instead of punishment, the cost of lowering drug use would be incredibly lower. The Rand corporation has proved it through scientific studies. If drugs were legal and we spent all the money we currently spend on “the drug war” instead on rehabilitation, drug use in the country would be tremendously lower and people who know how to use drugs responsibly could do so without fear of punishment.

  21. Bob, thanks for the laugh! This is one “Liberatarien” whose morning you brightened! :)

  22. This issue never fails to bring the inchoate, the mentally confused and the hopelessly clueless to temporarily stand erect (raising themselves off their knuckles to do so), take a deep breath, and bellow their incoherencies and rote propaganda at full volume. But they never seem able to answer fundanetal questions, except with more non sequiters.

    One question I ask every prohib who makes the tactical error of debating drug law reform with someone who knows his facts: Under which President was the first Fed war on drugs started? Was it 1)Ronnie Reagan? 2)Richard Nixon? 3) FDR? 4) Woodrow Wilson? 5) Ulysses S. Grant? The answer they can never come up with is 4) Woodrow Wilson. I then ask them when they expect to win this drug war when we’ve been at it for 92 years? How much more time could they possibly need? When does the line get drawn?

  23. How is it that the folks in Europe can cope with Amsterdam and the “drug tourism” that takes place there… but a country as great as America is unable to deal with such?

  24. China once allowed a ‘small amount’ of drugs to be used, until the doctors, lawyers and other pillars of civilization started to fall. Anarchy was becoming a real problem. They solved the problem by spraying machinegun fire into opium dens.

    But hey, let’s learn that fun lesson again. After all, we need to be totally free! Even at the cost of other’s lives, right?

  25. Oh, NO! POT JUNKIES! This clearly proves that the administration is on the right path with their plans to build a wall surrounded by land mines and automated gun turrets between the two countries. If those pot-heads get into OUR country, then no bag of cheetos will be safe! Our grocery store snack aisles will look like war zones! It’ll be CHAOS!!!

    A big pile of dead Mexicans is always preferable to the presence of small amounts of weed. Good for Bush!

  26. It’s hardly surprising for Mr. Fox not have asserted any independence at all… it’s obvious that his wife did not allow him to and he was also chastised by the Catholic Church under threat of excomunnion… Under the guise of the good old man this guys has made the Mexican masses life more misserable and the true owners of Mexico richer… of course this has allowed the man the acquisition of his own dream property by the beach… check it out “El Tamarindillo” as well as a corrupt family of inlaws who took stole all the goods impounded by the Mexican customs in an year’s time… check that out too.. sigh! only in Mexico

  27. It’s hardly surprising for Mr. Fox not have asserted any independence at all… it’s obvious that his wife did not allow him to.. and he was also chastised by the Catholic Church under threat of excomunnion… Under the guise of the good old man this guy has made the Mexican masses life more misserable and the true owners of Mexico richer… of course this has allowed the man the acquisition of his own dream property by the beach… check it out “El Tamarindillo”… as well as a corrupt family of inlaws who stole all the goods impounded by the Mexican customs in an year’s time… check that out too.. sigh! only in Mexico

  28. Brian:

    I am basically saying that don’t feel that it’s your high moral ground to use the government as an ARM on me when you don’t want me to use it on you. The ‘Don’t Tread On Me’ idea.

    To Paul Pace:

    I am not sure about the test your referring to but, genrally people don’t want to live and work near a crack addict.

    I agree with you to to a point as letting people act like assholes exposes them more and it’s easier to deal with but there is still the element of radical incidents that need to be controlled. This is proven in open source software. An open system that still needs general governance to a smaller degree then a broad federal government.

    We’re moving into a quasi-federalist society all around the world which I’m more for, as Liberatarians are, but I want a true direct freedom instead. It’s still illogical as a U.S. citizen to ignore federal law. I am for non-profits like World Trade Organazation and Once we remove the tax incentive of government there gone.

  29. Came over from Google News. Like the site. I think Fox shouldn’t do it. It wouldn’t make things easier.