Various Local Takes on TABC Arrests

The letters section of the Dallas Morning News covered a wide range of views on the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission’s operation to preemptively arrest drunk drivers. Here are some local responses to the issue:

The common sense view:

Backwater Barney Fifes turn Texas into a joke

What am I missing here? Operation Last Call is supposed to eliminate or reduce drunken drivers by issuing citations before they leave the bar, if, in the “opinion” of the agent, the perpetrator “seems” drunk?

By that logic, we can remove all, or most, murderers from our streets by perusing the gun registry, since murderers usually use such weapons.

I’m not certain how such citations are even constitutional, but I’m willing to bet most people just pay the fine and get the hell out of Texas, making our state the butt of more jokes.

I think a more appropriate term for this recent activity would be “revenue enhancement by swaggering, tin-horn, backwater Barney Fifes.”

Mike Nielson, Dallas

The MADD view:

My family’s experience tells me TABC is right

Re: “TABC stakes out bars in intoxication sting — Effort goes too far, say 2 jailed for drinking and sitting in Irving; officials stand by law,” Friday news story.

I am a nondrinker who has never patronized a bar and who is fully aware of the association between alcohol and crime.

In addition, my aunt and cousin are dead and my uncle is quadriplegic as a result of a drunken driver. Therefore, I find it very difficult not to applaud any effort to reduce public intoxication.

Kathy Ortiz, Richardson

The liberal view:

Here’s a state agency that could use funding …

Re: “Woman opened the door to her son’s killer,” by Jacquielynn Floyd, Tuesday Metro, on the tragic death of 2-year-old Chase Chamberlain.

There was a story in the previous Saturday’s Dallas Morning News about how horribly underfunded Child Protective Services is. On the page opposite this appeared coverage about Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission agents run amok and proud of it.

Maybe funding being squandered by TABC would be better spent with CPS.

David Newell, Euless

The conservative view:

… and here’s another real problem to fix

Re: “Bar arrests elicit outrage — Public floods TABC with e-mails; legislators to review program,” Saturday news story.

How ironic and frustrating that we can come up with 100 additional officers to enforce public intoxication laws, yet we can’t find any additional agents to enforce our immigration laws, especially here in Texas.

Don Pinkos, Plano

While it’s a repeat, it’s still my favorite:

I’ll be fucked by a rabid wombat! Youse cunts won’t even let a guy get drunk anymore? Christ on a shaslick stick, what the fuck was The Alamo about? Guess who will NEVER spend tourism dollars in your (police) State? Me, ya fuckin’ wankers. GreginOz. And P fuckin’ S, since I am in Australia – get a bristly Brahman bull up yer arse, bristles backwards, you sanctimonius butt fuckers.


Stephen Gordon

I like tasteful cigars, private property, American whiskey, fast cars, hot women, pre-bailout Jeeps, fine dining, worthwhile literature, low taxes, original music, personal privacy and self-defense rights -- but not necessarily in this order.

  1. GreginOz’s got it down. The “liberals” (hah!) and con-servitudes can only fantasize about what other oppressive agencies they can fund with the stolen moolah.

    Lew Rockwell has a good article today about how the “liberals” and con-servitudes (especially the con-servitudes) are a bunch of nutters.

    The MADD people are, well, madd. How about DAMM – Drunks against Mad Mothers?

    And also this morning, I was pointed to a link about how we got that way.

    America: From Freedom TO Fascism, Trailer Now Available Online

  2. The MADD people are no different than the conservatives and liberals. They want to force their lifestyles on everyone else and to hell with you if you disagree.

    I love how the conservatives and liberals are proven to be morally and logically identical.

    Common sense is increasingly uncommon.

  3. After reading some of these statements from the average voter, you might wonder why we bother with democracy at all. It seems that people and common sense have taken different paths. This is an aside, but just wanted people to know why it’s so hard to break the two party system here; people are absolute idiots. Here’s the proof:

  4. Zach,

    Because democracies always lead to socialism and then to fascism. That is what they want.

    It is a Republic that we should “bother with”.

  5. Mike — sometimes I think the best result for a government would be to have an immortal dictator-for-life. The same guy, after a few hundred years, would inevitably at some point get bored with rulership and mostly let his people do what they wanted. And so long as there were some force ensuring that it was impossible for him to give up the throne, so to speak, that would be a good thing.

    Of course, that’s just the bubblings of a plot for a background to a sci-fi/fantasy novel, and not worth one jot more. :)

  6. As the TABC and MADD shriek “It’s for the children!” just remember that your gubberment masters “love” each and everyone of you.

  7. Paulie, you are a dead set hoot! Ever corresponded with Gary North? So, Old Luke (zee force, zee force) didn’t go to Hell, he fell, like David Bowie, to Earth? Or rather “…this is hell, nor are we out of it…”. As an aside, it is puzzling to me that there is such a Christian input into Libo discussion, don’t we believe in the COMPLETE seperation of Church & State? Nope, just ask Gary. Regards.

  8. “Ever corresponded with Gary North?”

    Not that I recall. In a different life, I corresponded with Ollie North, in his official capacity.

    “As an aside, it is puzzling to me that there is such a Christian input into Libo discussion, don’t we believe in the COMPLETE seperation of Church & State?”

    I believe those who seek dominion of forcible government
    in the name of God are seeking to rule in his place, which is the sin Lucifer was kicked out of heaven for, and that
    Jesus IS An Anarchist. Before you criticize, read the link.

    There is nothing wrong with people beinf informed by their faith and idea of morality, so long as it does not cause them to initiate coercion against others. It can well be a bulwark against coercion.