USA PATRIOT Act extended one month

In the latest attempt to dodge a thorny issue, the House of Representatives has extended the USA PATRIOT Act by another month. The last time they did this was in December, when under the cover of recess Senator John Warner voted, by himself, to renew it.

The good news here is that this is only the House, which by all means is far more under neocon control than the Senate, which has enough Democrats and libertarian-leaning Republicans to block a renewal, which they well should.

The last time a renewal was passed, it was to give more time to deliberate on the matter. Well, the month’s up, buckos, you had your chance to deliberate. Don’t come crawling back to us with the same tired excuse because you don’t want to lose political points with “hawks.”

Oh yeah, and this little bit of Democratic cumguzzlery is ticking me off as well.

Added Rep. Jane Harmon, top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee: “We must extend it, mend it, but not end it. “

The Democrats are actually afraid of Republicans on this issue, this issue that they own, this issue where the bulk of the American people are behind them. What’s the matter? Corporate money speaking too loudly? Just goes to show that the jackyderms are in this together; it’s both of them screwing us.

Well, we can hold out hope that the Democrats in the Senate will renew it for another few months, probably until after the 2006 races are over. Then, to give the appearance of difference from the Republicans, they will sell out the libertarian wing of the GOP and strike a deal with the neocons that renews most of the bullshit and scuttles maybe two or three of the sixteen most contentious points.

Stuart Richards

Stuart Richards is a 26-year-old land surveyor based out of Portland, OR. He is a left-leaning geolibertarian and (theologically) liberal Christian, and has been blogging on and other libertarian sites since 2004.

  1. I am sure some sort of “booga booga” scare tactics are in the works so that they have a compelling reason to pass this police state legislation – permanently. They are just buying time.

    Has anyone else noticed the sudden increase of “terrorism” booga booga in the MSM news lately?

  2. Jackyderm cumguzzlery is rampant and devoid of any semblance of principle. Once again, there ain’t a dimes worth of difference…

  3. Mike N,

    I was just about to say the same thing. With this upcoming Iran switch to the Euro (come on people, the issue with Iran is not nuclear weapons) and the need to extend the patriot act. We certainly need some kick to make us run back to congress and beg for it.

    But it’s ok, we only have small events like the super bowl coming up :)

  4. Actually, if any terrorist wanted to send a serious message all they would have to have done is blow up the Capital during the STOU address. The entire US government was in that building.

    We can’t have terrorist “events” that would actually hurt the people that orchestrate them though… nevermind.

  5. So it should be obvious what the mafia, I mean Government, is doing here. They’re going to keep extending it temporarily so us “whiny” people can keep pointing out how next time we have a shot at getting it shot down, but in reality, everybody is too afraid to vote against it.

    I stopped following the law before I was even old enough to be prosecuted for it. I would equally skip court and stick a subpoena in the trash at the post office if it was for a motor vehicle violation, zoning violation or because I checked out too many michael moore videos and echelon caught me.

  6. I’m hoping the Patriot Act will die forever in the near future. I am not holding my breath though. We have wars to fight overseas and wars to fight at home.