Unity08: An Illusion of Choice

Joel S. Hirschhorn wrote an interesting article about Unity08 over at The Baltimore Chronicle. In searching for an article which supported his view on the Unity08 concept, he stumbled upon one I wrote in May. Here’s his general take on the project:

There are inherent inconsistencies in the ideas of Unity08. It says that “neither of today’s major parties reflects the aspirations, fears or will of the majority of Americans.” Moreover, “both are dominated by money.” Nevertheless, Unity08 wants a ticket based on a Republican and a Democrat for president and vice-president, or vice-versa””politicians who have been loyal to their party but who presumably are too moderate to win the nomination from their own party and are willing to abandon their party (though Unity08 maintains that its candidates would not be asked to leave their party) and run against its candidate. Does this bipartisan ticket offer a real alternative?

Here’s why he feels that way:

Bipartisanship creates the illusion of choice. At a deep level of reality the two major parties are not all that different. In 2004, Nader called the two presidential candidates “corporate politicians with the choice being between heart disease and cancer” and that we have “one corporate party with two heads.” Those two heads lie to each other and citizens; in secret conversations they work together to keep out third-party competition and split the riches. The system offers the choice of which party gets which corporate dollars.

He was kind enough to quote a member of the HoT community:

Devious David said “This thing is probably financed by the majors in order to get the people to chase their tails and think that they are doing something. Nothing worthwhile would come from this. And that’s what the powers that be want!”

I’m in agreement. After attending their initial teleconference and thinking about it for a few weeks, I’ll continue to stand by my earlier quote: “What America needs is not watered down tyranny, but extremism in defense of liberty.”

Stephen Gordon

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  1. Joe Lieberman is considering running as an independent. I could see Unity 08 supporting him since he a a pretty middle of the road guy.

  2. He will run that way if he loses the Democratic primary. He’s not exactly choosing to be independent.