UN Considers T-Shirts A Threat

Three Canadian youths were dragged out of a Vancouver convention center for having anti-war t-shirts in their backpacks.

Canada’s government news agency had this to say:

A weeping Nathalie Lozano, 19, told CBC News the incident began when the three women lined up at a security checkpoint in the building, on their way to the washroom.

Lozano says officials searched their bags and confiscated T-shirts with a political slogan on them.

“We had the shirts that say, ‘Don’t be a war toy.’ We had them in our bags, we didn’t have them on. When they saw us in the backpacks with them, they took it from us and they say we couldn’t get them.”

But she says she decided to back one of her friends who refused to leave without the T-shirts.

“I was a little bit hesitant, I didn’t know what to do, ’cause I got a little bit scared, but she said she wasn’t going to move at all, and so I decided to stay with them.”

Lozano says she was then dragged out of the convention centre by her hair. “They started pulling us, they pulled my hair, they pulled a lot of hair of me.”

Now, how they could get away with this? Because it does, after all, look like they’re getting away with this:

The conference is being run by the UN, which means the convention centre in downtown Vancouver is not part of Canada during the session and comes under UN control, says spokesman Sharad Shankardass.

He said it is being policed by security forces from New York and Nairobi.

Shankardass says the T-shirts are considered “objectionable material” by the UN because they directly attack a UN member state. However, he didn’t clarify which one.

Nevertheless, he says the UN is taking the incident seriously and will prepare a report.

So apparently you have to allow a tiny part of your nation to be turned into a police state whenever you host a United Nations shindig. But they’ll “file a report,” so I feel better already.

This is twice now within a year that Canadian national sovereignty was given a great big fuckyou-both times, incidentally, it happened in British Columbia. Now, I knew that Canada’s testicles were in a guarded room somewhere in New York… but now I have to ask whether that guarded room is in the UN building.

Yes, in case anyone was wondering what I thought about it, I fully agree that the UN is evil. We just need to figure out some practical way to take it down a few pegs until we can drown it in a bathtub… and just talking about it isn’t enough.

  1. “We just need to figure out some practical way to take it down a few pegs until we can drown it in a bathtub”¦ and just talking about it isn’t enough.”

    “…being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

    ‘Nuff said.

  2. Among other things, handy little blue-helmet rifle targets could be distributed at the flag burning.

  3. The Free Staters are in the area… so I’m sure quite a huge protest could be organized.

  4. This is exactly the sort of thing that happens when you have a UN that receives the majority of it’s funding form one country (USA) and the majority of it’s military might from one country (USA). Eventually, you end up in a situation such as this, where even the UN is concerned about offending said country, and potentially losing some of it’s authority in the process.

    might I suggest that we include at this UN Protest an effigy of ‘ol Georgie ass-reaming Bolton while dollar bills rain down on them?

  5. Don’t miss Michael Badnarik’s blog on the UN’s true powerlessness at law.

    They only have the authority over you that you create in your mind.


  6. We just need a system of defending Manhattan skyscrapers that will channel any threat toward the Secretariat…


  7. Here’s an alternate headline. “Canadian youths were thrown out of a private space for violating the renter’s rules.” (And probably at the behest of the USA.)

  8. Odd, but the comments I seem to hear most often come from whiners complaining that the US is not contributing it’s “fair share” to the UN. I personally would be all for other countries providing all the funding for that useless orgnanization and letting me keep some moreof my tax dollars.

  9. Get ready, folks! It’s only a matter of days before Mexico and Canad are part of the United States of North America. Stop being so naive.

  10. I live in the US and something like that wouldn’t fly here. Its bullshit that something like that would be allowed to happen there.

  11. I’ve got a plan for you: House the UN in Toronto. Pay 25% of their budget. Then see if you can get the corrupt bastards to do your bidding.