U. Florida Student: Guilty Until Proven Innocent

Suspect teeCops in Florida want the fingerprints and DNA of Philip Sandifer, a graduate student in U. Fla’s English program. His crime? Writing fiction murders on his blog. Dostoyevsky must be laughing in his grave right about now:

The university police at Gainesville’s University of Florida have targeted a graduate student in the English program over his publication of a piece of horror fiction on his LiveJournal. The police have repeatedly visited the student and demanded that he submit his fingerprints and DNA to them so that they can compare the fictional murder he described in his story to evidence from any similar unsolved murders.
Philip Sandifer is a graduate student in U. Fla’s English program, and keeps a personal creative writing journal called “Pulp Decameron,” where he posts very short stories in the styles of various pulp genres. The stories are released under a Creative Commons license. One story, I am Ready to Serve My Country, is a first-person account of a murderer who executes two victims before applying to the military.
On May 12, detective Sanders of the University of Florida police left him a voicemail asking him to contact her. This began a series of meetings and calls with the University Police in which detectives repeatedly pressured him to allow them to fingerprint him, so that they could compare his prints to evidence from unsolved murders. They cited his publication of the horror fiction as the reason.

Some people will rush to defend this type of intrusiveness by the police state we’re building, but to them I say: get naked. if you want to walk around without any clothes or semblance of privacy (a.k.a. essential liberties), then strip to your birthday suit and welcome our 5th amendment burning overlords. These scum of the earth are the same brain-dead morons who would eventually let thought-criminals (or fictional murder writers) be locked away for the protection of society.
As for Philip, I wish him luck and hope he gives the police just one fingerprint… his middle finger.
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