Two Free Staters Arrested!

Yesterday morning, a few Free Staters were protesting eminent domain on “public property” outside a hotel in Manchester, NH. Turns out King George was coming to this hotel that same morning.

Two of the protestors, Russell Kanning and Kat Dillon, were standing with signs nearby a bus stop where people were waiting around. It wasn’t long before a Secret Service agent came along and asked them to move across the street to the “agreed upon” protest area. They asked the SS agent if he was a fascist, told him they had not “agreed” to anything like that, and stayed right where they were.

Shortly thereafter, Manchester police arrived and arrested two of the protestors, charging them with disorderly conduct. When asked, the police mentioned they were “just following orders”. Stop for a moment, and remember where they were at the time of the arrest. They were near a public bus stop. Were the people waiting for the bus ordered across the street? No. Were they arrested for being disorderly? No. Only the two people with signs (One said “Bush, Feds=Fascists”) were arrested. This is all about control.

My favorite part of the story comes from when they were at the police station:

Officer Murby was talking to Russell. He told Russell he would buy him a plane ticket to Iran or Iraq if Russell wanted to renounce his citizenship…Another officer told us if we didn’t like America, we could leave.

Fascist Feds backed up by automaton cops.

The protestors, Kat Dillon and Russell Kanning are two of the best Liberty activists we’ve seen in recent times. (Last year, Russell was arrested after refusing to show ID at Manchester airport. Plus, they are the only Free Staters who have had the courage to refuse to pay property tax.) We need more people like them in the Free State, ASAP. That’s why I’ve become one of the Free State Project’s First 1000.

You can read Kat and Russell’s full account of the arrest in the Keene Free Press. You can listen to Free Talk Live interview Russell in the middle of last night’s show. Don’t forget to visit the forums to keep up with what’s going on in the Free State, it’s exciting!

The Second American Revolution is upon us. Refuse to pay taxes. Resist tyranny. Dissent openly. We must make a stand sooner rather than later, my Liberty loving friends. The longer we wait, the more difficult the fight.


  1. Part of the problem with group blogs…I was about to ask how you squared this with the position taken a few days ago regarding the Lost Liberty Hotel that it wasn’t time for such action since voting was still a viable option…Nevermind, it’s a different author.

  2. Damned pigs and facist government. I’m glad I don’t place myself in situations like this, I’d probably get too violent – to live free, and FIGHT for that freedom, or die.

  3. “Stop Paying Taxes”…hmm Sounds like a great idea. Been a “no-payer” for 10 years now,’cause I work for myself.The 16th amendement was NEVER ratified by the Senate,no matter what they say.
    But try getting that point across to the IRS. Or your employer for that matter. Or try expressing your point on “Fox & Friends”
    So in short, in order to screw the IRS, you must either start working for yourselves,move to Mexico/Canada for 9 months out of the year,or try and explain all this to your masters.

  4. all i can say is God bless you for your courage and the relentless pursuit of that which must be! it’s amazing how these jokers always pick a place like iraq. why not ecuador, which is indisputably better than the u.s.? the only reason i’ve not packed up and bolted is because the choice is one of fight or flight… and i prefer the former. moreover, they seek to justify the horrible state of affairs by a lame comparison and the suggestion that it could be worse. further, of course iraq is no better, it’s just a lousy exportation of our own mess resulting from this nation’s most recent imperialistic endeavor. the real issue is one that contemplates the condition of this country relative to the idea that america was founded on… an idea grounded in the constitution. under such contemplation, we are in deep doo-doo. thanks for telling the truth!


  5. I am a conservative freestater and generally believe that law should be obeyed so we can all live in a orderly society. That being said, civil disobedience has a long and honerable history in the resistance of tyranny. We all need to do what we can to resist the advance of the police state that is overwhelming our country, using all means available short of violence (that day may be in the future). Perhaps this is where the progressives and the neocons can work together for the betterment of all (except the tyrants of course).