Turn On, Tune In, Self Medicate?

What is it that makes us normal? Is it the ability to accept things at face value? Or is it the ability to change our perception? I will tell you that I had the opportunity to do both last weekend. I had the opportunity to eat some shrooms in Amsterdam last weekend, and I took it. My anti-drug (read husband) freaked. He wanted to know if it was because I was reading Tim Leary’s bio that I needed to do it. Truthfully, the bio made me nostalgic. I had not eaten a mushroom in so long, that it was necessary for me to call on a friend to help me with dosage. He suggested a couple of shrooms at a time. I was never worried because I was in a tolerant place, but coming home, I see that perhaps the tables are turning. The WSJ reports that Johns Hopkins is picking up where Leary left off. I will let you draw your own conclusions from the article, but I will say something about what I learned from the book.

1) Tim Leary was made a criminal (25 years) over a couple of joints.
2) Tim Leary said in the early eighties that Americans were enslaved by a media driven race for our minds.
3) Our government has admitted to using our application of personal freedom against us.
4) The media, in reporting Linkletter’s daughter’s death, originally blamed it on LSD. The autopsy indicated no drugs. There was a purposeful failure to correct the earlier broadcast, thus creating undo controversy.

So, Johns Hopkins now sees positive reactions to Leary’s original exercises. That’s funny. He said it would be that way. He laughed and said that the persecution over his studies would be compared to the civil rights era. Too bad he is not alive to see it. As for me, I am glad that I was able to eat some Florida produced shrooms while I was in Amsterdam. (Go chew on the idea that we grow and export that which is illegal for us to consume.) I am glad that I saw colors. I am glad that I saw truth. And I am glad that I read, just in time for the revival, Tim Leary’s work.

  1. Fixed the link. I gave Michelle the heads up since she had just been in Amsterdam tripping on some of these.

    /wondering if they’re still having an effect

  2. Timothy Leary was happy to call himself a libertarian, but not all libertarians were happy to hear it.

    Dr. Leary was a speaker at a breakout session of the LP National Convention in Chicago in 1991.

  3. My friend Justin’s started experimenting with shrooms, salvia and acid. He says it’s completely changing his perspective on things. Good for him, and good for you, but I’ll stick to my occasional Jack Daniels.

  4. He says it’s completely changing his perspective on things.

    One of the reasons it is illegal perhaps? We can’t have anyone thinking for themselves… that would be dangerous.

  5. Is it illegal in the US to have drug residue in your body?

    Would it be legal if you consumed the drug in a country where consumption of that drug was not illegal?

    I’ve always wondered.

  6. Is it illegal in the US to have drug residue in your body?

    That depends on the circumstances. If many states, if you’re pulled over by a cop and forced to take a drug test and they find any metabolites of any drug in your system, you’re nailed under “zero tolerance” Driving While Drugged laws, regardless of whether you’re high or not.

    You can see the implications this has for marijuana smokers, as cocaine, psilocybin, MDMA, and heroin all leave one’s system in a far shorter time than marijuana (between 2-7 days as opposed to weeks and potentially over a month for weed smokers). The lesson here? Play harder and you probably won’t get caught.

  7. Tommy Jefferson — in order:

    Yes. No. Precedent: Michigan DUI laws dictate the *presence* of *any level* of a schedule I drug in the system. No explanations possible.

    This therefore makes all those prescribed the drug Marinol by their doctors, de facto criminals despite having committed no criminal act.

    The same goes for Mrs. Shinghal — Michelle! Don’t visit Michigan!!! :)

  8. I’ve heard good things about shrooms, though there’s a good chance of throwing up before the effects set in.

    Plus, they taste nasty, and the comeup of LSD is smoother.

    Anyway, I look forward to the day when it’s all legal in the Free State:


  9. Salvia is legal in my state :) However if it wasnt, i would understand why. I’ve done it a few times and wow, that is some strong stuff. Ive done my share of experimenting with drugs but that was a whole different level. It comes on before you even finish exhaling and the next 5-10 minutes are intense. I have also done shrooms in the past. However neither left me with a life changing experience, feeling better about myself or anything like that.

    I think tolerance has a lot to do with it too. I remember the first time i smoked pot, i was dumb for the next two days. I could smoke now and not even feel high an hour later. So if this is being tested on people who dont do drugs they may feel the effects longer than someone of regular use. Similiar to drinking, an alcoholic can drink like crazy with no threat of a hangover. Someone who doesnt drink could have two beers and wake up with a headache. Its still the same alcohol, just different test cases.

  10. Nothing in Michigan except my ex husband- there is no chance that I will be visiting there.

  11. I would not have missed LSD for anything in the world.

    If I could still find the real thing, I wouldn’t burn like I did when I was young, but I would certainly nibble the corner off a good blotter a couple of times a year.

    I vastly preferred it to mushrooms.

  12. Sherm, clearly you’ve never done any psychedelics. They are very good at shifting your perspective.

  13. I occassionally use salvia–it gets the creative juices going and has the added effect of easing my occassional symptoms of psychosis.

    Public Service Announcement–salvia is the latest thing the DEA thinks should be illegal. Try it next. ;)

  14. A bunch of states — including, I believe, my own — have already started cracking down on salvia. I plan to try to find some soon and give it a whirl.

    I agree with Billy about acid (I’ve never tried shrooms) — a couple of times a year just to clean out the attic would do a lot of people (me included) good.

  15. http://www.salvialight.com/

    You will need:
    A bong
    A “torch” lighter
    5x Salvia Extract (to start)
    Dried Salvia leaves

    Pack the dried leaves in first, followed by extract on top. The leaves serve to prevent the extract from flying down the pipe into the water. Apply the torch and inhale. Salvinorin A is released at very high temperatures, which is why you must apply the torch throughout the hit.

    If you can, take another hit. Hand off the bong to your sitter, and sit back. (Note, depending on a variety of factors you may already be too high to take the 2nd hit or hand off the bong… this is one reason to have a sitter, so they can take it from you, thereby preventing you from dropping it.)

    I recommend doing a bit more research: http://erowid.org

  16. If the government is trying to ban something, it is obviously for our own good (snark), therefore I must consume as much as possible before the supply gets limited and the price goes up. Because only criminals deal in things that the government says are bad for us.

  17. Leary was a freak and a sideshow, not even good at it. He even looked like a psychedelic with the clothes he wore. I remember him well and his followers. What laughs they were in their time.

    I really don’t care what you do and believe drugs should be legalized but for me I won’t touch them. I like a clear mind at all times. I never know when I may have to invoke my Second Amendment rights without notice and want to stay alert and aim very carefully.