TSA Trying to Kill the Homeless?

Big ups to No Treason blog, which found out what the TSA is doing with all the crap they’re making people toss in the garbage cans (you know, because it might be a bomb?):

Liquids are banned from aircraft because they supposedly might be disguised explosives. Yet, rather than the bomb squad trucking the confiscated hair gel, toothpaste, and Preparation H off to an abandoned quarry and detonating it, Homeland Security is dumping the items en masse into trash cans and allowing the local homeless shelter to harvest what they want.

One explanation for this apparent contradiction is that this is a secret plot to get rid of poor people being perpetrated by the TSA, charity organizations, and the airlines:

TSA Killing the homeless
“Go ahead and take that “˜toothpaste’, homeless guy. Heh, heh, heh!”

TSA screeners are so dedicated to this plot that they willingly risk their lives by handling potentially explosive liquids as roughly as if they were nothing more than harmless toiletries. Or maybe they’ve all been brainwashed by the KGB. Or aliens! It might be true, you know.

After all, what other explanation could there be? That all those things really are harmless, that the government’s just trying to put on a big show? That’s crazy talk.

Yeah, that’s pretty stupid… glad someone else noticed it too.

Stephen VanDyke

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  1. Well right. If there was a legitimate threat of MIXING chemicals on board to make bombs… wouldn’t pouring them all in one trash can all willy nilly be pretty fucking retarded?


  2. LOL

    Land of the Free.. Home of the Brave.. BOOM!

    This TSA stuff cracks me up.. the government is assuming the people are terrorists first… People 2nd.. Where do I get off this bus?

  3. This is exactly as intelligent as everything else done by the Bush administration. As Joe Scarborough aptly expressed it, “Is Bush an idiot?”

  4. Pragmatists. Gotta love ’em.

    If this were a real threat, you’d make people apply the lotion and brush their teeth, then have their hygiene inspected by a bomb-sniffing canine.

    They’re living in the real world. In reality, you do what you can to make your bosses happy, and since the reality is that there are no explosives, you throw them out for what they are–somebody else’s toothpaste.

    Travelers give up the potions for the same reason–in order to please the bosses of air travel so they can fly.

    The emperor is naked as a jaybird. Everyboy knows it, the pragmatists accept it as a fact of life.

  5. Suggestion to TSA screeners: please request hazardous duty pay. If I were you, I’d refuse to throw out dangerous toiletries without it.

    I know we don’t like to pay taxes, but I’d be willing to contribute toward whatever it costs us to sort that one out.

  6. To play devel’s advocate… if terrorists KNOW that all liquids are confiscated, they would theoretically not try to smuggle a bomb via that manner and so all the confiscated liquids would be safe. However, until word gets around, you never know..

  7. By that logic dave, what airline security should be is everyone has to fly completely naked including transparent tubes shoved in their orafices so everyone can look inside and see there are no bombs.

    If terrorists KNOW that they have absolutely no personal dignity to use to hide it, they would theoretically not try to smuggle a bomb.

  8. If acetone and hydrogen peroxide were dumped into a trash can instead of smuggling into a plane would most likely be in a sealed container. Even if they mix they would be in a small quantity, in a large area, and on the Earth’s floor. A small explosion 30,000 feet in the air is very serious. A small explosion in a trash can on the floor are fireworks.

    If the TSA was a private security organization for the airlines that required its passangers go through security screening before boarding would Libertarians still be critical of these security measures?

  9. Kevin,

    If the TSA was a private security organization, Libertarian’s probably wouldn’t be so critical. You see, a private organization run like the TSA would be so expensive and inefficient that airlines would dump them for someone competent. The TSA would go under, and Libertarians would remark that the market is doing its duty.

    That’s the biggest problem with government agencies. They are a monopoly and they cannot ever go out of business regardless of how crappy they perform. Just look at public schools!

  10. Not to mention Kevin, if private security was hired by whoever owned the airport and I didn’t like the service I could go to another airport accross town that has no security and take my own risks. That gives me freedom of choice to determine how much liberty I am willing to give up for security.

    Not to mention that the Bill of Rights is a limit on government, not individuals.

  11. They’re simply training everyone to respond to orders. It’s exactly no different than domesticating animals and training them to obey.

    Kevin, about if TSA were private and what-not, understand that virtually all of these security functions are in fact leased out to private firms. Even the secretary of the Treasury is literally an employee of the IMF. All the passport office’s websites and personnel when you chat with them – private firm. Sure they seem “gov” but just like the Federal Reserve, when you scratch the surface they’re not.

    I don’t think Libertarians, or at least my way of thinking, finds that tyranny is acceptable, just so long as it’s done using privately owned corporations.

    The TSA isn’t supposed to be competent. It’s supposed to be large, dumb, and an instrument of fascism.