Trans-Fats or Torture?

fat kidsAlderman Edward M. Burke wants to ban trans-fats from all Chicago restaurants, having already succeeded in banning smoking indoors (though he would like to ban it in cars and at the beach, too) and foie gras.

“If it were just about adults, I would say, “O.K., we should butt out,'” Mr. Burke said in an interview. “But youngsters are assuming diets that are unhealthy.”
And if the City Council had agreed to simply steer clear of peoples’ bad habits, said Mr. Burke, an influential alderman who long pushed to ban smoking in indoor public spaces, Chicago might never have passed the smoking ban that went into effect this year (it gives taverns and restaurants with bars until 2008 to comply). “We may be the last civilized city in the world to ban it,” he said.

Ah yes, it’s for the children. Of course, that makes everything okay.
Also in the news, investigators have confirmed that Chicago cops tortured and abused suspects in custody, but they can’t be held criminally liable because the statute of limitations has run out.

Prosecutors Robert D. Boyle and Edward J. Egan said they found evidence that police abused at least half of the 148 suspects whose cases were reviewed. Nearly all of the suspects were black.
The suspects said that police beat them, played mock Russian roulette, administered electric shocks with a cattle prod-like device and a crank-operated “black box.”

I think we can salvage this lack of clear priorities. Maybe the officers that did the torturing can do some community service by visiting a certain busybody alderman and asking him to stop meddling in Chicagoans personal lives.
Nicely, of course, and without any beatings or electric shocks.
If you feel the need to ask Alderman Edward Burke to stay the hell out of Chicagoans personal affairs, his contact information is here