Top Libertarian Songs

Libertarian iPod

The New York Times is covering National Review‘s list of the top 50 conservative rock songs. I’d love to get a long list of top libertarian songs so we can set up an online poll to determine the best libertarian songs out there. Please make your nominations in the comments section below. Be sure to include the song title and artist. I’ll commit to running the poll as long as we get a few hundred initial entries — so please make sure other libertarians know about this little online project.
Update by Stephen VanDyke: The LP actually did an article a few years back on their top 25 liberty songs. And I also posed this question at HoT last year (the response is much better now, duh). I’m curious why hip-hop and rap (and punk/indie for that matter) music isn’t better represented in libertarian circles.
Another update by SV: Reader Keith points us to similar debates in three other forum discussions: Free State Project, Anti-State and Free Talk Live . There’s bound to be overlap, but there most likey libertarian-ish tunes we haven’t heard of here.