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The New York Times is covering National Review‘s list of the top 50 conservative rock songs. I’d love to get a long list of top libertarian songs so we can set up an online poll to determine the best libertarian songs out there. Please make your nominations in the comments section below. Be sure to include the song title and artist. I’ll commit to running the poll as long as we get a few hundred initial entries — so please make sure other libertarians know about this little online project.

Update by Stephen VanDyke: The LP actually did an article a few years back on their top 25 liberty songs. And I also posed this question at HoT last year (the response is much better now, duh). I’m curious why hip-hop and rap (and punk/indie for that matter) music isn’t better represented in libertarian circles.

Another update by SV: Reader Keith points us to similar debates in three other forum discussions: Free State Project, Anti-State and Free Talk Live . There’s bound to be overlap, but there most likey libertarian-ish tunes we haven’t heard of here.

Stephen Gordon

I like tasteful cigars, private property, American whiskey, fast cars, hot women, pre-bailout Jeeps, fine dining, worthwhile literature, low taxes, original music, personal privacy and self-defense rights -- but not necessarily in this order.

  1. Johnny Paycheck——–Me and The IRS

    To commemorate the 10 year anniversary of Brad Nowell’s death today, I would have to say

    Sublime——–Get Ready

  2. “It’s my Life”, Jon Bon Jovi

    “We Shall be Free”, Garth Brooks

    are two off the top of my head

  3. To begin the list of several libertarian Rush songs:

    Rush – The Trees
    Rush – Freewill
    Rush – A Farewell to Kings
    Rush – 2112

  4. – Almost anything by Rush
    – Quite a few songs by Live! (e.g. The beauty of gray)
    – And finally Lucky Dube’s, Mr. Taxman: lyrics:

    I pay my gardener
    To clean up my garden
    I pay my doctor
    To check out da other ting
    I pay my lawyer
    To fight for my rights
    And I pay my bodyguard
    To guard my body
    There’ s only one man I pay
    But I don’ t know what I’ m paying for
    I’ m talking about the taxman x3
    Chorus: (x4)
    What have you done for me lately
    Mr taxman
    You take from the rich
    Take from the poor
    You even take from me
    Can’ t understand it now
    I pay for the police
    To err..I don’ t know why
    ‘Cause if my dollar was good enough
    There wouldn’ t be so much crime
    In the streets
    They tell me you’ re a fat man
    And you always take and
    Never give
    Chorus till fade

  5. The last few years and all the recent election talk has definitely had me thinking about this old Corrosion Of Conformity song, “Vote With A Bullet”.

    Corrosion Of Conformity – Vote With A Bullet LYRICS

    If only…I remember listening to them as a teenager (and I think they are still a somewhat popular band now), but a friend of mine had a poster of them that had a statement on it which read:

    “It’s better to die on your feet than to live on your knees.”

  6. A few I can think of right now

    Metallica – Eye of the Beholder
    Metallica – Don’t Tread on Me
    Iron Maiden – The Clansman
    Iron Maiden – The Prisoner
    Megadeth – Foreclosure of a Dream
    Megadeth – Hook in Mouth

  7. Just a few from my iTunes collection:

    Sharon Jones & Lee Fields – What If We All Stopped Paying Taxes?

    Corporate Avenger – FBI File (FBI got a file on you)
    Corporate Avenger – Taxes are Stealing

    Paris – Freedom [the Last Cell Remix] – Dead Prez

  8. This one’s more techno/industrial “noise” — but it’s worth looking into. The whole album, really, but also the title track:

    Band: C/A/T (“The Rogue Pair”)
    Album: The Prisoner
    Track: The Prisoner
    (Also: Track: “Unmutual”)

    That’s not quite “most popular ever” but… it’s got a good ring to it.

  9. “Everybody’s got Nice Stuff but Me” by The Dead Milkmen

    (More about making fun of the envy-mongers than about the virtues of liberty, but…)

    “Everybody Must Get Stoned” The Beatles

  10. John Mellancamp – Authority Song
    Stan Rogers – The Idiot
    Mike & the Mechanics – Silent Running

  11. The Beatles didn’t do “Everybody must get stoned”. The song is “Rainy Day Women #13 & 45” by Bob Dylan.

  12. I think the theme song of the freedom movement ought to be “Volunteers” by Jefferson Airplane. The revolution will not be tax-funded.

    “Redemption Song” by Bob Marley: “Won’t you help us to sing these songs of freedom?”

    “Patriot” by Steve Van Zandt: There’s something vaguely libertarian about this song’s conception of patriotism as a non-aggressive parochialism, but it really spells itself out when it says, “And I ain’t no communist/And I ain’t no socialist/And I ain’t no capitalist/And I ain’t no imperialist/And I ain’t no democrat/I sure ain’t no republican either/I only know one party, and that is freedom.”

    “El President” by Drugstore (duet with the guy from Radiohead): Mostly a paranoid conspiriac song, but I detect a vague pro-freedom edge. In the midst of chaos and panic, the narrator’s response is, “I’m just a man / I’m not backing down.” Also, it’s a hell of a song.

    “Umi Said” by Mos Def: It’s hard not to like a song that repeats the phrase “to be free” so many time

  13. hmmm … I forgot that Steve van Zandt says, “I ain’t no capitalist.” I’m going to assume that he means the bad kind, mercantilistic crony capitalism.

    More nominations:

    “Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos” by Public Enemy: A song in which Chuck D defies the draft, goes to prison for it, and then breaks out. “They wanted by for their army or whatever / Picture me giving a damn, I said never. / I’m a black man, and I can never be a veteran.”

    “Blowin’ in the Wind” by Bob Dylan: No socialism in these lyrics, just a song about yearning for peace and freedom.

    “Masters of War” by Bob Dylan: More or less self-explanatory. I could just as well quote every word of it.

  14. Anarchy in the UK – Sex Pistols
    Sign, sign everywhere a sign – Five Man Electric Band
    There’s Something Happening Here – Buffalo Springfield

    Too much Indy stuff to try a list . . .

  15. Anti-Libertarian Song Lyrics:

    I am the Antichrist.

    I worship Satan, Ivan the Terrible, and Hitler.

    I worship the Devil, the ATF, and Ba’alzebub.

    I read the book of Revelations.

    And I like it.

    I am the Antichrist.

    I worship Caligula, Stalin, and the IRS.

    I worship Mussolini, Lenin, and William Bennett.

    I listen to rock and roll music.

    And I like it.

    I am the Antichrist.

    I worship Nero, Vlad the Impaler, and King Herod.

    I worship Sadaam Hussein, George Bush, and Jeffrey Dahmer.

    I like to gamble on pro football.

    And I like it.

    I am the Antichrist.

    I worship the DEA, Woodrow Wilson, and Pol Pot.

    I worship the CIA, FDR, and Communists.

    I smoked some pot, but did not inhale.

    And I like it.

    I am the Antichrist.

    I worship Caracalla, Pat Robertson, and Nixon.

    I worship Draco, Bill Clinton, and Ashurnasirpal.

    I like to go out with young women.

    And I love it.

    lyrics by Rolf Lindgren

  16. I rad across a great punk band that’s been putting out music from 1979 to today (who seems to be somewhat libertarian) while doing a little more.

    T.S.O.L. = True Sound of Liberty

    It’s killer stuff.

  17. Someone just e-mailed me with Hank Williams Jr.’s song A Country Boy Can Survive.

  18. Considering the Birmingham ballot access issue the other day, Tom Petty/Won’t Back Down is on the list. Petty has a few other possibilities, too.

  19. You guys got a lot of my favs already, but here’s some that have been missed:

    Prayer for America – Pokerface

    Fiddle and the Drum – original by Joni Mitchel, also an excellent cover by A Perfect Circle

  20. Pick-a-Little-Talk-a-Little (she advocates dirty books) by Meredith Willson. It’s a song about Miser Madison and how he left River City the “liberry” building but he left all the books in private hands, thus putting the authoritarians in a tizzy.

  21. metallica – don’t tread on me
    english civil war- the clash
    i fought the law – the clash
    president dead – marilyn manson
    the meaning of life – the offspring
    all I want – the offspring
    way down the line – the offspring
    dream machine – the god machine, are these guys dead?
    aisha – death in vegas

  22. And Frank Zappa, how could we be forgetting Frank Zappa? So much of his work was infused with Libertarian ideas, particularly freedom of choice issues and freedom of expression issues.
    – All of the “you can’t do that on stage anymore” live albums
    – “FZ Meets The Mothers Of Prevention” In a song titled “H.R. 2911” he sets to music a session of congress pertaining to censorship, it features John Denver testifying in favor of censorship. The piggy background noises are a must hear.

  23. As for the LP list, WTF. I’m surprised I missed this before. Lee Greenwood? and Ice T wasn’t in NWA..

    Most of mine have already been said. Frankly I listen to a lot of commies, and people that played concerts for Ralph Nader and the like.

  24. Stephen,
    If you are considering doing a poll, why don’t you split it up in platform issues, that way we can make some use of the list for different debates/audiences, etc. That would convert the poll from something interesting to something useful.

    For example: best songs that speak against the drug war. best songs that speak against public education, second ammendment, etc…

  25. Roberto,

    I was waiting to see what sorts of suggestions came to determine if the voting should be genre related, issue related, or broken out by some other categories.

    I’m getting some pretty good ideas from the choices and now thinking about running this on a seperate website (unless SVD wants to jump in on this project with me).

    The format which might work is to start something annual similar to the Bloggie awards.

  26. To me Mr. Tambourine Man and My Back Pages (both Dylan songs) would be the two with the strongest image, not a line I would single out but the whole image is consistent.

    As an active Libertarian I often late at night have to go back to that “one arm wavin’ free” to keep going.

    Subterranean Homesick Blues (also Dylan) would get an honourable mention, even if one verse was so badly mis-appropriated by some violent people: that problem was their’s not the song’s.

    John – still not followin’

  27. New Music Category: Neil Young/Impeach the President

    also Young’s Rocking in the Free World would have to be considered on some list.

  28. Crass – If there was no government
    NOFX – Murder the Government
    Oi Polloi – Your Government
    The Violators – Government Stinks
    Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – Kill the U.S. Government
    Bad Religion – You are the Government

  29. And now for some pop music nominations that are not on the Neocons list, and get me in a libertarian mood …

    Not Gonna Get Us – Tatu (love is a good reason to flee the statists, and our having a good time is their motivation for chasing us)

    Stronger – Britney Spears (I’m getting by just fine outside the War Party)

    Ein, Zwei, Polizei – Modo (as a reminder that history isn’t just one thing after another, it’s the same damn thing over and over again!)

    Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger – Daft Punk (motivation to triumph over the forces of aggression)

  30. Jonathan Edwards “Sunshine (Go Away Today)”

    How much does it cost, I’ll buy it
    The time is all we’ve lost, I’ll try it
    But he can’t even run his own life
    I’ll be damned if he’ll run mine, Sunshine

    Sunshine go away today
    I don’t feel much like dancing
    Some man’s gone he’s tried to run my life
    Don’t know what he’s asking

    Working starts to make me wonder where
    The fruits of what I do are going
    He says in love and war all is fair
    But he’s got cards he ain’t showing

  31. Bob Rivers—Walking Around In Women’s Underwear

    “Lacey things, the wife is missing.
    Didn’t ask, for her permission
    I’m wearing her clothes,
    her silk panty hose.
    Walking around in women’s underwear.

    Bob Rivers—What if God Smoked Cannabis?

  32. People Gotta Be Free / The Rascals

    Don’t Look Now, It Ain’t You or Me / Creedence Clearwater Revival

    Imagine / John Lennon (“Imagine there’s no countries…”)

  33. I’d say punk and metal are far more pro-freedom than most types of music (the same goes for their fans).

    Most libertarian bands/ songs-
    Fake punk- Green Day (The band name is about smoking weed, the lead singer is a LP member, and they have made pro-freedom songs for year)
    “American Idiot“ This song is about how the government and mainstream media are powerful and fake. It also makes fun of hicks that support big government and media. The video showed a washing away of the American flag. It is partly directed at Bush
    “Holiday” This song is about how big government is bad. It talks about how the people that control government are idiots and how they kill people for no good reason. It say’s that big government is not for Green Day and that they are for freedom (even if it means breaking the law)

  34. 80s punk-Circle Jerks (he most pro-freedom punk band of the 1980s)
    Killing For Jesus” Describes how people claim to fight wars in the name of a God and how that is BS
    “Coup D’Etat“ A call to overthrow the government
    “Group Sex“ Challenges government laws on sex
    “Making the Bombs About how government has warped the mind of some people so much with propaganda that they enjoy making weapons and killing people
    “Moral Majority” About how all the laws that social conservatives made to control us are BS
    “Red Tape“ About how people should cut through red tape and ignore bad regulations
    “Question Authority“ A call for all authority to be questioned

  35. Rap with punk mixed in- Kottonmouth Kings (the most pro-freedom rap group of all time)
    “Zero Tolerance” Anti-drug war anthem, about all the bad things the drug war does and why we must end it
    “Legalize Freedom” About legalizing weed
    “420” About smoking weed, drinking, and doing other drunks, the perfect libertine song
    “We the People” About how we must take a stand for what it right, fight the government and create anarchy though capitalism. We must punish the government for all it has done and legalize weed

  36. Punk and other- Corporate Avenger (The most libertarian band of all time)
    “Taxes are Stealing” About how taxes are theft and must be ended. It also explains that taxes fund things that most people disapprove of and things that are against freedom like the war on drugs and military wars
    “Web Of Lies” About how the justice system is fake and attorneys and police have conspired to enslave us
    “FBI File” About how the government spies on pro-freedom activists, the FBI is designed to take away freedom, and the war on drugs is evil
    “$20 Bill” Compares Andrew Jackson to Hitler because of his and the US governments Trail of Tears that was designed to destroy an entire race

  37. Punk- Leftover Crack (A good socially libertarian punk band)
    “Burn Them Prisons” About how the justice system is stacked about us, cop and judges and guards and lawyers are corrupt”¦how the corrupt must be killed and the innocent freed from the prisons”¦It also talks about the poor and how the elites don’t like them and use the government to put them in jail
    “One Dead Cop” About how some cops are bad and do terrible things and never get punished and how the people should take matters into their own hands and kill these bad cops because that is the only way they will ever be punished
    “Gang Control” About how the government with its authorities and cops and military destroys freedom

  38. Punk- Against All Authority (A good socially libertarian punk band)
    “Walking Revolution” Against all rules and regulations; an anarchist call to action
    “We Won’t Submit” About how some will not submit to BS rules and live a lie just because the rules and laws say so
    “Above The Law” About how the law is for the powerful and the government uses the cops to control everyone else
    “Killing The Truth” About how the elite control everyone else by destroying everything that is good and forcing untold amounts of pain on everyone

  39. My favorite libertarian punk song- Whole Wheat Bread’s “Police Story” About how some youth drive to a punk show and the cops stop them and arrest them for doing nothing wrong and how the youth are gonna take a stand

    Sorry for taking over your blog. Also, this topic was covered in my 3 favorite forums:

    Free State Project


    Free Talk Live

  40. One of my favorites and probably my favorite punk album I have listened to in the past 5 Years, The Federalists actually heard of them from HoT (thanks guys) Probably the best ones on it
    Drug War
    Don’t call me comrade
    Right Now
    search HoT for them and they have a link to download their album free
    Bad Religion-drunk sincerity, infected
    Ben wayne- 4 my people
    Long Beach Dub All Stars- My Own Life “all I ever wanted is for someone to let me live my own life”
    Slightly Stoopid- Officer

  41. Should I See – Frozen Ghost

    Cover my eyes and ears,
    ‘Til it all disappears.
    How can you judge for me
    What I should hear and see?

    You take away freedom of choice.
    Take away the right to voice.
    My beliefs and all my views,
    You take away my right to choose.

    Show me what should I see.
    Make my mind up for me.
    Show my what should I see.
    What should I see?

    How can you censor my thought?
    What is right what is not?
    How is it that you decide,
    What I should feel inside?

    Quoting God as you discuss,
    What is right or wrong for us.
    You inundate us wiht your views.
    You take away my right to choose.

    You take away freedom of choice.
    You take away my right to voice.
    My beliefs and all my views.
    You take away my right to choose.

    Show me what should I see.
    Make my mind up for me.
    Show my what should I see.
    What should I see?

  42. Anti-Flag’s new album “For Blood & Empire” the best songs:

    The Press Corpse
    They don’t want to…
    talk talk talk talk talk about it
    They wanna tiptoe, walk around it
    Wave the flag and mindlessly salute
    They don’t want to talk about it
    They wanna tiptoe, walk around it
    Wave the flag and cowardly salute

    First they came for the Communists, and I did not speak out.
    Then they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out.
    Next they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out.

    1 Trillion Dollars
    One trillion dollars to Africa, Iraq
    One trillion dollars and it’s never coming back
    One trillion dollars could buy some bad-ass drugs
    One trillion dollars makes me wanna kill myself

    War Sucks Lets Party!
    The Anarchists are buzzin’ like bees around a hive
    As protesters hit the streets with signs, signs, signs
    The dissent of the world has filled us to the brim
    But some will still cast their ballots
    Based on those who live in sin.

  43. “War Movie” by Jefferson Airplane is on my main gym tape.

    I’ve only seen two other libs admit any affection for Paul Kanter’s off beat left-libertarian crankery. A pity.

  44. Dope’s Album “Felons & Revolutionaries” the best songs:

    Pig Society
    Sick of politicans
    and politics and prisons
    lyin and runnin my life
    You pathetic preachers
    and hypocritic leaders
    smilin and wastin my time

    One Fix
    For one fix, like this
    It’s my trip, and it dont mean shit
    One fix, with my bitch
    And I’m ripped, and I get my kicks
    One fix

    F*** tha Police
    F***in’ with me cause i’m a teenager
    With a little bit of dough and a pager
    Searchin my car lookin’ for the product
    Yeah m***** f***er, i’m sellin’ narcotics
    You’d rather see me in the pen
    Then me and my friends
    All rollin’ in a benz

  45. Frank Zappa: most of the “Joe’s Garage” LP, but esp. “Outside Now”, “Central Scrutinizer”, and “Packard Goose”.

    Outkast: “Gasoline Dreams”, “Liberation”

    Jethro Tull: “Teacher”, “Sweet Dream”

  46. Frank Zappa – Dickie’s such an asshole
    Frank Zappa – When the lie’s so big
    Frank Zappa – Bacon Fat
    Frank Zappa – Hot plate heaven at the green hotel
    Frank Zappa – The Central Scrutinizer
    Frank Zappa – Outside Now
    Frank Zappa – Trouble Every Day
    Frank Zappa – Porn Wars
    Frank Zappa – Stick Together
    Frank Zappa – Take your clothes off when you dance
    Frank Zappa – Drafted Again
    Frank Zappa – Dumb All Over
    Frank Zappa – Cocaine Decisions

    Just a quick glance through my itunes library (including 79 Zappa albums). Too bad some of his instrumentals couldn’t be considered Libertarian. You could also include the entire Joe’s Garage “rock opera”, which is partially about the government making all music illegal and building special prisons to lock up all the musicians.

  47. Tom Petty – Something in the air (gotta love this song)

    Call out the instigator
    Because theres something in the air
    Weve got to get together sooner or later
    Because the revolutions here

    And you know its right
    And you know that its right
    We have got to get it together
    We have got to get it together now

    Run through the fields and houses
    Because theres something in the air
    Weve got to get together sooner or later
    Because the revolutions here

    And you know its right
    And you know that its right
    We have got to get it together
    We have got to get it together now

    Call out the instigator
    Because theres something in the air
    Weve got to get together sooner or later
    Because the revolutions here

    And you know its right
    And you know that its right
    We have got to get it together
    We have got to get it together now

  48. “It’s Alright (The Way That You Live)” – The Velvet Underground (note-I haven’t listened to the lyrics in a long time)
    “Heroin” – The Velvet Underground
    Only because it’s about doing drugs. I dunno, I think the Velvets are great. I don’t know how they’d vote, but they don’t wait for anyone to take care of anything for them. I feel the whole New York Punk scene with DIY was pretty libertarian because of it’s emphasis on individuality.

    “Revolution Blues” – Neil Young
    Neil has always seemed very libertarian to me.

  49. Allan Beatty:

    Maybe you ought to give “Imagine” by John Lennon another listen.. “Imagine no possessions”… not very libertarian if you ask me, quite the opposite in fact.

  50. “The Plan” by NoFX is a good song of liberty. However, they are a bunch of bleeding heart socialists.
    Same thing for Anti-Flag, in fact most punk rock bands are like that.

  51. Rush is the only band that I regularly listen to that I am positive has a libertarian outlook on life.

    A lot of early Rush lyrics where obviously referring to the works of Ayn Rand. And libertarian themes run long and deep in their repertoire. Since the objectivist institute is in Toronto it’s not too surprising that the philosophy had a huge impact on their lyricist, Neil Peart.

  52. Check out poker faces video to Kontrol

    PF Kontrol Video on GOOGLE

    Lyrics to Kontrol

    When I was young, my teachers sold me that I was Free. And as a child, I grew up programmed by TV. – As a teenage boy, I found out just how Free is Free. – I took a toke from some good smoke, when the man came down on me.

    *We’re gonna take back Kontrol! (take it back, take it back, take it back) We’re gonna free our soul. Gonna take Kontrol! (take it back, take it back, take it back) Lord, please save my soul!*

    – What’s it gonna take to make us realize, that we’re not living free, no… – Standing up for your Rights, only doing what’s right, they’ll knock you to your knees, yeah… – What’s it gonna take to make you wake up, you gotta fight to stay free! – It only takes a spark to set things off, you say you wanna revolution yeah.

    *We’re gonna take back Kontrol! (take it back, take it back, take it back) We’re gonna free our soul. Gonna t

  53. Dead Kennedys compilation double disc “Give me convenience or give me death”, includes bonus “Police Truck” single and also features “Too Drunk To FUCK” (who was that pussy that used “F***”?).
    Suicide (Martin Rev/Alan Vega) “Rocket USA” & who can forget “Frankie Teardrop”?
    OH! C’mon, Pink Floyd & “Money”! (…need a Lear jet…). ALso “Wish You Were Here” (…do you want a walk on role in the world or a lead role in a cage…?)

  54. The Redwalls – Colorful Revolution (lyrics)

    It’s like listening to a mashup of Dylan and Stealers Wheel (“Stuck in the Middle”), but it’s from 2003 and talks about Iraq and the Republicrats… good stuff.

    Another couple greats from their recent album is Falling Down (“What’s this shit goin’ down ’bout the fcc / gone to war against obscenity”) and Glory of War (“If we hadn’t sent em’ there to die / you’d be sure we’d be doing it again”).

  55. Heh, even though I’m not in the conspiracy theorist camp, I gotta hand it to Immortal Technique for his song Bin Laden (with Mos Def):

    They say the rebels in Iraq still fight for Saddam
    But that’s bullshit, I’ll show you why it’s totally wrong
    Cuz if another country invaded the hood tonight
    It’d be warfare through Harlem, and Washington Heights
    I wouldn’t be fightin’ for Bush or White America’s dream
    I’d be fightin’ for my people’s survival and self-esteem
    I wouldn’t fight for racist churches from the south, my nigga
    I’d be fightin’ to keep the occupation out, my nigga
    You ever clock someone who talk shit, or look at you wrong?
    Imagine if they shot at you, and was rapin’ your moms
    And of course Saddam Hussein had chemical weapons
    We sold him that shit, after Ronald Reagan’s election

    PS- he advocates socialism in another song, so def. not a runner for libertarianism (though he’s probably ripe for enlightenment to libertarianism).

  56. “Your Wonderful Parade”, by the Carpenters, is a wonderful stab at politics and politicians in general. It begins with the following spoken (not sung) lines:

    Ladies and gentlemen!
    May I direct your attention to the center ring,
    Where hollow princes and shallow kings
    Perform their tricks while justice swings
    Side to side.

    And may I remind you once again
    Of the spectacle about to begin,
    Now forming at the darkest end of the bigtop.

    So don’t forget to take your place in line,
    Leave your mind behind,
    And join the procession of the People,
    By the People, and for the People,
    Your own wonderful parade!

  57. “War” by Edwin Starr from the 1970s
    “War what is it good for? Absolutely nothin'”

    I remember the lyrics going something like that.

    I’ll find and post them when I have more time.

  58. SVD — both of us should feel pretty stupid for forgetting Mosh after the Badnarik campaign experience.

  59. I’m sorry, but I must say this as I have seen “Legalize It” mentioned multiple times but never properly accredited to it’s rightful artist – Peter Tosh.

    That’s all. Great song by the way.

  60. Duh, I guess “Get Up, Stand Up” would be very fitting as well…that last post got me thinking.

    There are probably tons of good Bob Marley/Peter Tosh/insert other Reggae artist(s) here/ songs that would be very good also…

  61. “Fred Eaglesmith”

    Isn’t he the guy that who performs in a Che Guevera T-shirt and is a strong supporter of “Fair Trade”, including hating them multi-national corporations that are stealing our food?

    John (Canadian)

  62. More Rush tunes with explicitly Libertarian themes:

    Tom Sawyer
    Red Barchetta
    The Weapon
    Witch Hunt
    Red Sector A

    …and plenty more where those came from.

  63. “Going Underground” – the Jam
    You want more money – of course I dont mind
    To buy nuclear textbooks for atomic crimes
    And the public gets what the public wants
    But I want nothing this society’s got –
    I’m going underground, (going underground)…
    You choose your leaders and place your trust
    As their lies wash you down and their promises rust…
    We talk and talk until my head explodes
    I turn on the news and my body froze
    The braying sheep on my tv screen
    Make this boy shout, make this boy scream!
    Going underground, I’m going underground!

  64. The Clash — Guns of Brixton
    “When they kick out your front door
    How you gonna come?
    With your hands on your head
    Or on the trigger of your gun?”

    Jimi Hendrix — If 6 Were 9


  65. Don’t You Think This Outlaw Bit’s Done Got Out of Hand – Waylon Jennings
    What is Truth – Johnny Cash

    And the best, written by a homeless man:
    Governor – Robert Bradley’s Blackwater Surprise

  66. The theme song to the sci-fi series “firefly”

    And “Up for it” by Rollins Band
    Freedom Run by Kyuss
    Working Class Hero – John Lennon

  67. Judas Priest – Headin’ Out to the Highway
    Judas Priest – You’ve Got Another Thing Comin’

  68. Here are a few more… check out the lyrics:

    Suspect Device by Stiff Little Fingers

    Got the Numbers by Anti-Flag

    I Wont Pay for Liberty by Angelic Upstarts

    Battlecry by the Pinkerton Thugs

    Freedom (Free Doom?) by the Pinkerton Thugs

    Liberty by Agnostic Front

    So This Is Freedom? by the Unseen

    Abolish Government/Silent Majority by TSOL

  69. Floater has many songs about conformity and political abuse. you can go on thier site and listen to some of thier stuff.

    I get many libertarian perspectives and inspirations from thier bold and defiant lyrics and heavy drum, bass, and guitar sounds.

    They are a three piece like Rush and other modern marvels.

  70. I agree with Jon’s System of a Down addition. They are brilliant and amazing artists.

    ‘Sad Statue’ is about the Statue of Liberty and ‘A generation that didn’t agree’.

    The whole mezmerize album and it’s twin sister are brilliant and very libertarianly bent.

  71. Libertytech: You are aware that the lyrics to “F–k the Police” are not original, right? That’s an old NWA song. I guess you probably knew that but I thought it was odd that you gave credit to the cover band.

  72. Someone mentioned Steppenwolf. What about John Kay’s “Don’t step on the grass Sam!”

    “Sam” was covered by the trio “Gov’t Mule” for NORML’s fundraising cd “Hempilation: Freedom is NORML”.

    Also, listen to Gov’t Mule’s “Where’s my mule… where’s my 40 acres” about gov’ment hand outs.

    The mule’s lead man is Warren Haynes who also Axes for the Allman Bros.

    Rockin Blues at its best!

    Check out the Hempilation song list…


  73. I Want to Conquer the World – Bad Religion

    Universal Soldier – Donovan

    Breaking the Law – Judas Priest

    Political Science – Randy Newman

    We Care A Lot – Faith No More

    Best For You – Bad Religion

  74. Er.

    No one here i think mentioned, ‘aint nobody’s business’ – either the traditional version, or Taj Mahals.

    Rush is garbage.


  75. ‘Rocky Top’, written by Boudleaux and Felice Bryant, is ironically one of the official songs of the state of Tennessee. (I think it has at least four.)

    Its lyrics include a celebration of moonshining:

    Once two strangers climbed ol’ Rocky Top,
    lookin’ for a moonshine still;
    Strangers ain’t come down from Rocky Top;
    Reckon they never will;
    Corn won’t grow at all on Rocky Top;
    Dirt’s too rocky by far;
    That’s why all the folks on Rocky Top
    get their corn from a jar;

    A song devoted entirely to the subject is ‘White Lightning’, by George Jones

  76. Head Like a Hole by Nine Inch Nails:

    You can’t take it, no, you can’t take it, no, you can’t take that away from me.
    Head like a hole
    Black as your soul
    I’d rather die
    Than give you control
    Bow down before the one you serve
    You’re going to get what you deserve.

    Symphony of Destruction by Megadeath:

    Ya take a mortal man
    Ya put him in control
    Watch him become a god
    Watch people’s heads a-roll

    Just like the Pied Piper
    Led rats through the streets
    That’s how American man
    Swings to the Symphony of Destruction.

    Also, by Faith No More: We Care a Lot

  77. Oh man, there are quite a few, but I’ve done this more than once on other forums. After careful, open minded, unbiased, consideration (and way to much time on my hands over the winter, listening to nearly every song suggested) it’s my opinion that, though I’m not a big fan, the song “Liberty” written by Robert Hunter, and performed by the Grateful Dead is the epitome of Libertarian songs.

    “Liberty” is performed in a style that, in spite of ones particular genre prefference, is tolerable accross all demographics, and delivers a chorus that Libertarians of all degrees could agree should be the official Lp anthem.

    If I had to pick only 1 song, this one would be it.

  78. It’s not quite rock, being a country band, but it’s on that line: Montgomery Gentry’s “You Do Your Thing”. Aside from the line about picking up the phone when Uncle Sam calls, it’s very libertarian:

    Hey, I’ll worry about me
    You just worry about you
    And I’ll believe what I believe
    And you can believe what you believe too

    I ain’t gonna spare the rod
    Cuz that ain’t what my daddy did
    And I sure know the difference between wrong and right
    You know, to me it’s all just common sense
    A broken rule, a consequence
    You do your thing, I’ll do mine

    I’m gonna keep on working hard
    Make my money the old-fashioned way
    I don’t wanna piece of someone else’s pie
    I don’t wanna piece of nobody else’s pie
    If I don’t get my fill on life I ain’t gonna blame no one but me
    You do your thing, I’ll do mine


  79. Gram Parsons with The Shilohs: The Early Years, 1963-65 LP has a “LIBERTY” theme throughout.

  80. Hello, I am a not for profit activist singer/songwriter living in London, UK and I have a few tunes you might like:

    “governments hate” – makes the connection between nuclear weapons, chemical weapons and governments hatred/fear of free peoples

    “depleted uranium” – a song about the horrific effects of Depleted Uranium weapons on new-born children in Iraq, Afghanistan and Kosovo.

    “olympics and War” – makes the connection between these ‘events’, and how the TV is used to hypnotise people.

    “i don’t like Geldof” – exposes his conflict of interest, in that he owns a PR firm TenAlps, that does PR for the UK foriegn Office, BP-Amoco, Ford, Volvo, Disney, EMI and JP Morgan (who advise the IMF, and arrange finance for them)(based on ‘i don’t like mondays’)

    “I remember you said to me” – about how the religion was imposed upon me as a child, and is used to justify poverty, war etc., I also have songs that deal with issues like addiction to shopping, the use of cars and global warming, and man

  81. Lookwood, I smell a ripoff
    “Depleted Uranium” sounds an AWFUL lot like
    Anti-Flag’s “Depleted Uranium Is a Warcrime”

  82. James, I have never heard of it, will look for it and have a listen……. and I am glad (well not really, I’d rather the subject did not exists!) that it’s a subject that is being sung because many, many peops need to WAKE up and smell the rotten reality…… the original title was “deformed babies” ….. to go with “governments hate” ….. see my website for details

    And how does a slow folk song sound like a punk song?

    One of my favourite songs in the libertarian genre is “Colony” by Damien Dempsey (Irish Singer songwriter)

  83. I think that the British Prog-Metal band Threshold should be included here too. They have quite a few songs with great lyrics about freedom, although they aren’t always completely consistent.

    Song #3 from the Hypothetical CD “Turn On, Tune In” (About how people get so dependent on TV, that they can’t think for themselves.)

    Several songs on their Critical Mass CD are pro-freedom too.And on their latest disc Subsurface also.