Today’s Shocker: DOJ Investigates, Clears Itself

Here’s a comforting thought:

Overconfidence in its own fingerprint-identification technology and sloppy paperwork contributed to the F.B.I.’s wrongly implicating a Portland, Ore., lawyer in the deadly 2004 Madrid train bombing, a Justice Department investigation said today.

Now that the DOJ has cleared itself in an investigation of itself, let’s look at one comforting detail:

But the investigation, by the department’s inspector general’s office, said there had been no misconduct by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and no abuse of the USA Patriot Act in the case of the lawyer, Brandon Mayfield, who was jailed for two weeks in May 2004 as a material witness before he was cleared.

Guess what, folks! They didn’t violate the Patriot Act. Their claim to innocence is that they didn’t violate the law which renders most of the Constitution as purposeless as used toilet paper. This means they could have violated most of the Bill of Rights and still get a free pass from the Orwellian-named Justice Department.

Here’s another little gem from the New York Times story:

His home and office were searched. And while the inspector general found no evidence that he had been mistreated in confinement, the report noted that he was initially kept in his cell 22 hours a day.

The last time I checked, forcibly taking someone, seizing his personal property, and placing him behind bars for two weeks without charges is indeed mistreatment.

Stephen Gordon

I like tasteful cigars, private property, American whiskey, fast cars, hot women, pre-bailout Jeeps, fine dining, worthwhile literature, low taxes, original music, personal privacy and self-defense rights -- but not necessarily in this order.

  1. What are you bitching about? We all knew the price for this privilege of government sponsored security would be to exchange it for our personal liberties. You don’t get to bitch about your perceived “loss of liberty” after the fact. Besides, you have no liberty to lose.. you traded it for for your security. Get used to it!

    (…or didn’t we think of this before we allowed the president to wipe his butt with our constitution?)

  2. Don,

    I never traded liberty for security — my liberty was stolen from me with VERY loud protest from me. I did think of this years and years ago and have been fighting it every since.

    I refuse to get used to it, too.

  3. Stephen, neither did I! In case you missed it, I was being (extremely) sarcastic in my post. It was meant to be an in-your-face-slap-you-around attention grabber. Did it work? I hope so. Some days I wonder who the hell it is that’s running our country, because it surely doesn’t seem like that work with our best interests in mind, nor any regard to the constraints placed upon their heads by our constitution. It’s as if we’ve been invaded… our better yet, a coup has taken place and we (the people) missed it.

    On the side, keep up the good work. I really enjoy the HoT blog. You all post thought provoking subject matter, and its timely, too. I especially like the tag, “common sense, shoved up you…” This is exactly what this country needs to shake it out of it’s TV watchin’, beer swillin’ complacency!

  4. Don,

    My apologies. I had just recieved a stack of hate mail on a local issue when I responded to you. I guess my brain was on the defensive. Considering that we use the same sort of sarcasm here, I should have picked up on it right away.

    It worked for me, at least. :)