To BB or not to BB?

Red RyderIn the continuing effort to save us from teen-aged terrorists, they are now trying to outlaw sales of BB, pellet, and paint-ball guns in New York. From Newsday:

They gathered for an unusual news conference at the Nassau County Rifle and Gun Range in Uniondale, where police officers shot out glass windows, soda cans and an apple to display the power of some of the targeted weapons.
“In light of recent news events involving the hospitalization of two youngsters shot in the eye and abdomen, and massive property damage in nearby communities, I believe we have to keep these potentially dangerous weapons out of the hands of minors,” Legis. David Denenberg (D-Merrick) said against the din of guns fired in adjoining range rooms.
A proposed law, due for committee review on April 24, would ban selling to those under 18 any pellet, BB, or paint-ball gun that shoots projectiles 350 feet per second or more.

Geez, this gun prohibition thing is going way too far. What’s next, having the Ministry of Truth remove all reference to words like “firearm” or “handgun” from our dictionaries?