Timely Graphic from the LP Georgia

Here’s a thought for April 15th. Let’s hold another Tea Party! In my previous posting, I covered a major tax increase which Alabamians shot down big time. After the tax plan was proposed, it seemed that it would pass because there was no organized resistance to combat it.
Then there was a public event which served as the catalyst for activist activities thoughout the state. Appropriately, it was called the Alabama Tea Party, and it was a great success. Unfortunately, various interests in Alabama have subsequently hijacked the Tea Party concept for their various political issues which have nothing to do with anything our founding fathers would have approved.
However, the concept was sound. Here are some pictures taken by one organizations at the event. It’s to be noted that the outdoor pictures are of the overflow crowd who weren’t allowed into the building. We effectively held two rallies that day, one inside for the people allowed in the building, and one outdoors who couldn’t get in.
If we don’t see some major electoral change in the 2006 elections, perhaps April 15, 2007 should be the day people across the country organize and hold Tea Parties across the land.