1. What do you know, another Democrat talking (mostly) sense.

    I despises the two-party electoral dictatorship as much as anyone, but even moreso, I despise the notion that libertarians are more akin to the R’s than the D’s. Both parties oppose economic freedom. One, the D’s, support much, MUCH more personal freedom. Most D’s are pro-2nd Amendment, despite the right-wing propaganda. Government grows more slowly under Democratic administrations. I don’t want to sound like an apologist for the party that was founded in the name of white supremacy, but clearly, the D’s are more akin to us at this point in time than the GOP.

    So what?

    We should take this into account when crafting our recruitment strategies. Blacks, the youth, GLBTIQ, etc. are traditional Democratic voting blocks – and also the most welcoming of the libertarian message. Most conservatives who “really, no REALLY” hate taxes wouldn’t share a drinking fountain with the people who the L’s should be targeting.