They really have nothing else to do in Oklahoma, I guess

The latest Republican solution to violence in schools?
Use a book to deflect a bullet!
They really do get this damn stupid, kids. I’m not entirely sure why, but this is what CNN had to say:

A candidate for state superintendent of schools said Thursday he wants thick used textbooks placed under every student’s desk so they can use them for self-defense during school shootings.
“People might think it’s kind of weird, crazy,” said Republican Bill Crozier of Union City, Oklahoma, a teacher and former Air Force security officer. “It is a practical thing; it’s something you can do. It might be a way to deflect those bullets until police go there.”
Crozier and a group of aides produced a 10-minute video Tuesday in which they shoot math, language and telephone books with a variety of weapons, including an AK-47 assault rifle and a 9mm pistol. The rifle bullet penetrated two books, including a calculus textbook, but the pistol bullet was stopped by a single book.
Crozier said the demonstration shows that a student could effectively use a textbook as protection in a school shooting.

Apparently this idea was so fucking retarded that the Democrat in the race, who can usually be relied on for an equally stupid plan, was dumbfounded.

Crozier faces incumbent Sandy Garrett, a Democrat, in the November 7 general election. A spokeswoman for Garrett’s campaign, Kimberly Hawkins Sanders, said Garrett had no comment on Crozier’s idea.

Word has yet to come in whether the Green Party of Oklahoma decried the tree holocaust engendered by the making of those textbooks.
Meanwhile, in the real world, here’s a crazy idea for reducing school shootings: vouchers and repealing mandatory attendance laws? If the moonbats that plan on killing their classmates in the name of the Prince of Darkness or whateverthehell don’t have to be in school, maybe school shootings will go down? Or maybe their parents can put them in a better private school that can slap them around and welcome them back into reality?
I do realize it’s not as brilliant as, say, using your textbook to try to stop a fucking bullet, but hey, maybe we could give it a go anyway?