There’s still time for Sime

Now that the 2006 election season has come to an end, it is never too early to start preparing for the 2007 elections. Which is exactly what Arin Sime began doing seven months ago, more than a year and a half prior to the his election. When I first wrote about Sime back in July, he had already raised $11,000, which has grown to over $14,000 today. As of now, it will be a two-way race between Sime and his incumbent Republican challenger, who has only raised about $33,000 and is not very popular amongst local Republicans. According to local blogger Kevin Rollins:

For our especially strong Libertarian candidate, we have an especially weak Republican opponent, Senator Emmett Hanger. Conservative Republicans are furious at Hanger for his failure to stand up for property rights and against tax increases. I’ve heard the man speak and he comes across as a duplicitous used car salesman. Our Libertarian, however has a humble, honest, and decent manner about him.

Sime has already received some impressive print and television media coverage.

I think it is time for the Libertarian Party to start focusing our time, money and energy on a very small number of select local races such as this one. We have been trying to put the few eggs we have in far too many baskets, for too long, without success. Let’s face it, we don’t have the hundreds of millions of dollars required to win federal and gubernatorial level positions. We do, however, have enough resources to win a couple state legislative races each year. Once we begin building our base at the state and local level, then we can consider going gubernatorial or national. Until then, let’s stop trying to put the cart before the donkey.

The Green Party is much younger, yet already has at least one elected state legislator, with one more expected today. The Constitution Party is also likely to win one or two state seats. Additionally, the Progressive Party is even expected to win five or six seats.

It’s time for the “third largest party” to live up to it’s name. It’s time for Sime, and maybe a couple others.

  1. Local LP’s should be tracking the significant votes and quotes of every elected official in the district. [This is a great job for those who don’t want to be in the public eye petitioning or running but still want to contribute to the effort.] And the LP should be a “shadow government” commenting on the votes and quotes of said officials, not merely emerging at election time to complain and contrast.
    This on-going, all the time effort needs to include showing up at officials’ town meetings, letters to the editor, media releases, delegations to meet at the official’s district office and whatever else can be done to draw publicity to the libertarian position. [And, yes, even try to draw some angry “I’d like to slap your face!” remarks
    from the incumbent.]

  2. Arin Sime is running an early and effective campaign and making friends with people who have issues for which the Libertarian position resonates. I am especially interested in his election because it is my hometown area. I grew up in Staunton, Virginia and it would be wonderful for the first Libertarian State Senator to be elected from that district. I will be continuing to support Arin throughout the next year.

  3. The Green Party is much younger, yet already has at least one elected state legislator, with one more expected today.

    Actually I think the Greens lost their legislator and failed to pick up.

    On the other hand, they got 11% for Governor in Illinois, which is very impressive.