The Two Party System is Obsolete

Joe Trippi has the right idea about the two party system being a goner:

“America’s two political parties may not realize it yet, but in their current form they are nearing obsolescence. As technological advancements continue to bring more and better tools for communication, citizens are increasingly empowered to come together in common purpose and reject the current political system that seems designed by the two parties to keep us apart.”

But I really doubt it’s going to be his Unity08 idea (a fusion of existing moderates and independents that neither side can feel very strongly for).
Democrats and Republicans might as well start counting the moments until they are both thrown from office and a truly non-partisan approach to politics comes to life via the Internet. I’d say the Libertarians as a big-L movement are in a similar conundrum, but being that they’ve never been entrenched in any specific long-term strategy it’s a different reaction.
But yes, the idea of parties is obsolete, but their underlying ideologies will hopefully transform them into something more palatable and less politically polarized than the current culture of hate-spewing polemics. We need more open and rational debate on political viewpoints and less knee-jerking from all sides.