The SOTU Address We’d Like to See

Chuck George over at has written an amazing libertarian State of the Union Address that he’d like to see (he calls it satire, but I’d prefer to call it common sense). Maybe we can shut the hawks up on calling us pacifist once and for all by pointing at this:

Most of these installations will be closed immediately and the thousands of GIs scattered out there will be coming home. We will further develop our human intelligence and our various electronic (not to include unwarranted wire-tapping of Americans) and satellite intelligence capabilities to replace the intrusive stations.

Our intelligence henceforth will literally be directed at defense…, DEFENSE.

Our Defense Department will be postured for defense…, DEFENSE.

We will retain two massive and expensive functions of the military for some unforeseen period in the future. We will assume, unilaterally, an active Mutually Assured Destruction stance toward all of the nuclear powers. We will destroy any force, and its sources, which uses nuclear weapons or is on the verge of doing so, if it can be unequivocally confirmed. We will use big sticks. Curtis LeMay, where are you?

To supplement that we will continue to work on Ballistic Missile Defense. It is feasible; it will be expensive. BMD and MAD will be the big-ticket items. They will always be considered temporary, defensive necessities under continuous review, to modify, decrease or eliminate as soon as it is found safe to do so.

[…]We will cease meddling in the affairs of other states. We will discontinue foreign aid. We will stop interfering with small powers seeking nuclear weapons, but we will remind them emphatically and frequently of our MAD policy. They will appreciate that “Mutual” is a euphemism and they will be far more “mutualed” than we or France or England will be.

We will withdraw from the United Nations immediately. The documents effecting this step are arriving at the United Nations buildings as I speak, awaiting arrival of the UN officials to accept them, tonight.

We shall invite the United Nations to find a new home on other shores within two years. Delegates to the United Nations will no longer be accorded diplomatic privileges while on American soil, effective immediately, tonight; the New York Police Department is being appraised of this right now.

This is exactly the kind of rabble rousing and political commentarty that libertarians should be proud of. Unfortunately, outside of a bolt of lightning hitting Bush in the head and rewiring his circuits to actually care about the constitution, we won’t be hearing this tonight.

Update: On second read into the latter sections: I have to say this isn’t just some whimsical proposed speech in the libertarian vein, this is a de facto modern day pamphlet.

Stephen VanDyke

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  1. Leave other nations alone? Bring our troops home? Focus national defense on actual defense?

    Contrast these ideas with unwarranted invasions of sovereign countries, nation-building, and the use of our military for empire and remind me again why we’re the “extreme” ones?

  2. This is exactly the type of banter that gets us Libertarians in trouble. You cannot legislate nor act in a vacume. The author is really saying the only thing he wants us to be able to do is “Nuke” people? What about an invasion on our shores? How about an invasion of one of our allies?

    SDI might work when it is done, but all weapons systems can fail. Does the author really mean its ok to loose a few million citizens when some nut attacks instead of a few thousand soldiers 10 years earlier preventing that attack?

    Sorry, but this “Moderate” Libertarian can’t see it. Some of the message is good, but as usual it goes to far into the fantasy of libertarian foreign policy, and ignores the reality of human nature.


  3. Good point Frank, but he doesn’t propose liquidating our military, just tweaking our foreign policy. In a libertarian government, I have no doubt we’d have tanks at our borders as a first resort to invasion, not using nukes.

    I think his SDI commentary is just a general warning to would-be nuclear states: go ahead and build your nukes, but if we catch you proliferating to terrorists, we’ll fuck your shit up.