The real reason Tony Snow is at the White House

I’ve always found the title of the website All Hat No Cattle clever and amusing. When I’m running political campaigns, I often like to recruit a press secretary who has an opposing personality, appearance and speaking style to that of the candidate. It seems the White House must have had the same idea. Kevin Drum asked:

It’s hard not to wonder if this is all some kind of weird misdirection from the White House, though. I honestly don’t understand why they’re seemingly so set on Snow. What exactly does he bring to the table that’s so unique?

THIS AIN’T YOUR DADDY’S Parasitic Pin Head Whiners’ Home responded:


The biggest fucking head this side of Brit Hume. I don’t know where FOX finds these fucking hydrocephaloids to do its news shows – Easter Island, maybe, or the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade – but somebody needs to find that place and destroy it, because enough is fucking enough already. I don’t watch FOX News, but sometimes I have to flip by it, and everytime it’s like fucking Attack of the Head People over there. If you look into Tony Snow’s eyes you can see there’s a midget sitting inside his head pulling all the levers and cranks that gives robot Tony Snow his lifelike animatronic reactions. I’ll swear right now on a stack of dead grandmothers, if the Bush administration tries to subject the country to this kind of phrenological freak show, there’s going to be an uprising that will make the Boston Tea Party look like a fucking tea party!

The last thing we need in Washington are more hydrocephaloids, but at least this will keep the photoshoppers busy for a while. Props.

Stephen Gordon

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  1. Well maybe,just maybe the reason Tony Snow head size bothers you is because your’s is only large enough to hold the pea brain,that can come up with an idiotic comment like that!

  2. “… so set on Snow. What exactly does he bring to the table that’s so unique?…”

    Because he’s gotta deliver ‘snow jobs’, dude! Also, that awesome fuckin’ head was actually captured by Green Berets in Iraq, it is where all the WMDs are hidden!!!!!! I read somewhere yesterday that his new job can be described as an inter-departmental transfer, from ‘Faux’ News to White House. Chortle.

  3. ALSO…”Please stay on-topic, informative and polite.”

    I thought the ‘Death of Satire’ was when Kissinger got a Nobel Peace Prize!

  4. Ksaran,

    You might wish to learn the language before accusing others of having pea brains.

    LOL to Greg on Kissinger.


  5. Tony Snow brings honesty and integrity to the American people. Something the writer of the above article and their disrespectful comments could not begin to understand.

  6. Tony Snow brings honesty and integrity to the American people.

    By shilling for the Bush administration, a gaggle of liars, cheats, conmen, war profiteers, and utter failures?

    If Tony Snow knows this, but still supports Bush & Co, he is a lying crook and doesn’t deserve to be in government. And if he DOESN’T know this, despite the evidence laid out by administration critics over the past 5 years, he is an idiot, and doesn’t deserve to be in government.

    So there you go – Tony Snow is either a liar, or stupid. Take your pick.

    James Leroy Wilson J’te acuse!

    Because I can…smirk.

    PS I misquoted re ‘Killinger’ (sic), am pretty sure it was “…the death of IRONY”