Progressive Libertarianism: Courting Democrats

Democrat ProgressiveBlogger Philanthropic Patriot, like many traditional libertarians, was a bit non-plussed by Markos “Kos” Moulitsas self-description as a Libertarian Democrat (which we thoroughly fisked the other day) and laid out the more ideal approach for libertarians who want to woo progressives to our side. Here’s just a couple from his lengthy list of libertarian positions that Democrats can agree on:

The Progressive Libertarian understands that it is the hallmark of a truly advanced society that we help take care of those that are less fortunate in this world. They also see, however, that when someone is homeless and starving they don’t go to a government office for a meal, they go to private charities such as the Millionair Club, Bread for the City, and America’s Second Harvest. Therefore, the Progressive Libertarian would fight to get rid of any form of government taxation and would instead use his position to encourage his fellow man to voluntarily give to charitable organizations.
The Progressive Libertarian worries about the amount of power concentrated in the hands of the richest members of our society but realizes that this power is a direct result of their access to the ever expanding power of government. The Progressive Libertarian will fight any expansion of government’s power knowing the age old adage, ‘power corrupts’.

I see Democrats being much more ripe to outreach these days than Republicans simply because more of their social programs are failing the test of time — Social Security being the most obvious ponzi scheme failure. But for many of these programs the issue of choice and competition must be forefront (individual investing for retirement has always been more lucrative than giving it to the government to use at will and then maybe getting it back plus 3% some day).
It would be really cool to see these condensed into smaller television-sized talking points, adding another set for Republicans who are disenfranchised with their own party but are also loathe to consider Democrats.