The producer of “Trading Places” and “The Rose” to screen “America. …From Freedom To Fascism”

UPDATE: Due to what appears will be an overflow crowd, the location of the Phoenix event has been changed to Grand Ballroom Three of the Phoenix Airport Hilton.

Aaron Russo cut a swath through the entertainment industry as a club owner, concert promoter, manager and award-winning producer of such film hits as “The Rose,” “Trading Places” and “Teachers.” His latest feature could be a horror flick … if it wasn’t a true story.

“America: From Freedom to Fascism” — a documentary on the Internal Revenue Service, the Federal Reserve and the creeping tentacles of authoritarianism in American political life — begins showing to selected audiences of political activists next Friday in Phoenix and Saturday in Tucson.

On Friday, January 27 at 7:30PM, accomplished Russo will test screen his new feature film, “America…From Freedom To Fascism” in the Palo Verde Room of the Phoenix Airport Hilton. On Saturday, January 28 at 1 PM, the film will show at the Grand Cinemas Crossroads theater complex in Tucson.

Both screenings are free and open to the general public.

“America: From Freedom to Fascism” isn’t Russo’s first venture in politics: A decade ago, he produced and starred in the critically acclaimed series pilot “Mad As Hell” — a scorching demarche which proved too hot for the networks but sold briskly on video. He later sought the GOP nomination for governor of Nevada, beating the sitting lieutenant governor in the primary and losing the nomination at a convention orchestrated by a frightened party establishment; fought successfully to see Nevada’s voter-approved medical marijuana law implemented; and sought the Libertarian Party’s 2004 presidential nomination.

Like many of Russo’s projects, the new film addresses life-or-death issues for America. “I’ve watched my country become less and less free for the last 40 years,” he says. “But figuring out why has been a lifelong project. I’m more proud of this work than any other I’ve produced — it goes to the root of what America means and what obstacles we face in redeeming our heritage of freedom.”

Plans for a general theatrical release, following the official premier at the Cannes Film Festival in May, are in progress.

Local contact information after the jump…

Phoenix POC: Barry Hess
PHONE: (610) 843-3827

Tucson POC: Bob Shulz
PHONE: (518) 656-3578

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  1. To help spread the word, would Aaron consider releasing the move as a free (not-for-profit) download? You could use technologies like Bittorrent to distribute.

  2. … also the more people that see this before April 15th, the better. People tend to not care about the IRS so much after that date…

  3. yeah, if u want to make any kind of political statement with this movie, you had better distribute it for free. if u want to start a revolution, people have to be aware of the problem. u should follow the example of the makers of Loose Change 9/11 and put this movie on google video. if u dont, your message will be lost, because nobody wants to have to pay to see a documentary.