The LP’s Oldest Teenager

dickclarkstump.jpgThis Dick Clark is billed as “America’s oldest teenager,” but this Dick Clark has a pretty youthful appearance, too. The latter Clark is running for Alabama State House District 79 on the Libertarian ticket. He’s already secured enough ballot petitions in his district to run for office, no matter the outcome of the Alabama statewide ballot access challenges. He’s also a personal friend.

Dick’s campaign was awarded the Candidate of the Day award by Third Party Watch yesterday. Here’s the citation:

Dick Clark is running for Alabama State Representative in the 79th District. He is the Libertarian Party nominee and will face the State House minority leader in the Fall.

Clark is a recent graduate of Auburn University with a B.A. in English (concentration in Technical and Professional Communication) and a minor in Philosophy. He’s currently employed as a librarian, archivist, and copyeditor by a private educational institute in Auburn.

Clark has been politically active as a libertarian, serving on the Libertarian Party of Alabama’s Executive Committee as Auburn District Chairman (2002″“2004; 2005″“2006), At-Large Representative (2004″“2005), and Chairman (2006″“Present).

In 2002, he ran for Alabama Public Service Commission, Place 1, garnering 36,639 votes (3%) in a three-way race.

Congratulations, Dick!

Stephen Gordon

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  1. I’ve met him a couple of times. It is really amazing the things he has accomplished at his age. Is it possible he might be the youngest state party chair ever?