The Libertarian Party’s New Cool Membership Cards

membercardSG.gifSome organizations to which I belong provide me with a cheap paper membership card which generally isn’t legible by the time it expires. For instance, I’ve almost been denied entrance to an American Legion event because the faded and tattered card was no longer readable. It was difficult for me to prove my membership and was a major nuisance. Other organizations provide cheaply laminated cards which tend to fall apart before their expiration dates.
The Libertarian Party now has a new membership card. Made of shiny 30mm PVC (a bit thicker than most of my credit cards), this handsome card is one I’m proud to carry in my wallet. To put it simply, as cards go, it’s a cool one. Here’s the scoop from the LP site:

Responding to the high demand for Libertarian Party membership cards, we’re pleased to now offer a great looking, personalized membership card to our new and renewing members.
If you are new to the LP and are considering becoming a member, please join today as a Sustaining Member while these cards are still available.
With your membership, you’ll get a New Member Pack which includes your member card along with a few other helpful items such as our signature brochure, New Vision for America, along with a few handy LP stickers.
Also with your Sustaining Membership, you’ll receive a one-year subscription to our monthly publication, LP News.

This offer is good for new Sustaining Members, as well as those who are renewing their membership.

If you are currently at least a Sustaining Member ($25 to $99), we can still rush your card to you with your renewal (along with the complimentary LP stickers).
If your membership is not due to expire for some time, we will extend your current membership by 12 months if you choose to renew early (note that this is a limited time offer and we can only do this while our new cards stay in stock).
Take the time to renew today as a Sustaining Member. To truly help the Party, upgrade your membership to become a Supporting Member, Sponsor, Patron, or Life Member. Also, as a new monthly feature, we’ll be sure to recognize your renewal in the next edition of LP News!

The new stickers are pretty cool, too. As a matter of fact, I’ve been seeing increasing amounts of the euro-style oval “LP” decal on vehicles being driven by people who I know aren’t active members of a local party affiliate.
Because I’m currently laying out the next edition of LP News, I can verify that there are indeed a lot of names to be recognized. My only question is whether I should use a smaller font or increase the size of the recognition section to more than two full pages. I’m wondering how many HoT readers will be included on the list of people we are honoring with our thanks.
New members can sign up here; renewals go here. Thanks!
UPDATE for Pledgers: New pledgers and those increasing their pledged amount will be receiving the new membership card. Because the new cards cost around a dollar a piece to assemble and mail (the card itself is 44 cents) combined with the fact that we budget pledge dollars (one of the great advantages of pledge gifts), we’re asking current pledgers who wish a card to make a small donation to cover our cost. Simply write “Membership Card” in the comments section so we’ll know to send you one. It will cost us almost $2,000 to send cards to each of our curent pledgers unless we get enough contributions to defray the cost — and we simply don’t have that kind of cash just laying around the office. Of course, if someone wishes to throw in a couple grand for this cause, he or she would earn the respect of a a lot of pledgers.
Disclaimer: Stephen Gordon is a paid employee of the Libertarian National Committee.