The Latest Buzz on Sex Toy Laws

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While the respective state laws may vary a bit, it’s basically illegal to sell sex toys in Texas, Mississippi and Alabama. They are currently trying to outlaw them in South Carolina and Tennessee.

I’ve been doing what I can (cached from an old site of mine) to support the sex toy merchants in Alabama, but people keep telling me to ignore the issue because it’s simply a case of some archaic law which hasn’t been taken off the books. With recent Supreme Court cases combined with current attempts to outlaw sex toys in South Carolina and Tennessee, this is clearly not a case of some dumb old law; it’s a political movement — which means we have to fight back. They’ve already tried to suggest that the Hummingbird Twister is the gateway drug which leads to prostitution; I’m waiting to see how the neocons will link the Chocolate Invader to the War on Terrorism.

A couple of years ago, Xeni Jardin suggested how to start fighting back:

This calls for massive civil disobedience. is still available, people — it’s time to stick it to the Man.

It’s going to take T-Shirts, bumper stickers, blogs, Internet graphics and video and other clever ideas to fight this. In that spirit, I started to look for suitable online tools and found this gem of a video instead. It’s funny and topical, but don’t hit the play button if you’re prudish, Republican or under eighteen years of age.

Stephen Gordon

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  1. Prudes are people who pretend to be modest. People who genuinely lack the low-comedy gene are not prudes.

  2. That’s funny (your use of the word buzz), s2f. I’ll have to get editor Michelle to translate, as French is not a language I know.

    Actually, HoT editors should compile a list of their foreign languages so we can translate what people in other lands have to say about this site. I’ve seen postings linking to us in at least 15 languages, mostly European. The only one I responded to was German, as I don’t speak Polish or Russian or some of the other languages I’ve seen.

  3. s2f — thanks for the history on the video. It’s sometimes hard to find at google video.

    Buzz means word of mouth in English, too.

  4. The real reason legislators want to pass these laws is because of the recent rise in drive-by dildoings that have been going on in states with no sex toys laws.

    Funny how politicians morality extends only from the waist to the knees. Lie, cheat steal murder, thats OK. Have fun in the bedroom! OMG This must be stopped!

    (turning off irony filter now.)

  5. Does it take a vote to pass these laws? Sorry, i am french too (but from canada) and i am unfamiliar with your politics…But i love HoT!!!

    I hope no citizens voted for this law, otherwise we’re doomed!

    And if it was directly accepted as a new law, how come we don’t hear much from these Texan, Mississipi queens, and alabama dude didn’t fight back already???

    I just saw 1984 yesterday, and i am starting to freak out with those laws getting passed so easily…People are brainwashed already…

  6. David,

    The legislators vote on such bills in these states, not the people.

    The Alabama case went all the way to the US Supreme Court, and the Mississippi case went to the state Supreme Court. The reason you aren’t hearing about it is because the MSM isn’t reporting it.

    As for loving HoT, thanks. We love you, too!

  7. ‘For gay men and even for dykes’
    Glorious. Saw the link on LiveJournal this morning. This site is now in my favourites!
    Still humming the tune and laughing…
    I think I’ll take a little walk to our neighbourhood sex shop, right opposite the RC Girls’ School.

  8. Fabulous. I linked to it from my site, it’s just too good for anyone to miss.
    The video left me feeling as if perhaps I have missed out on some lovely playground opportunities I hadn’t yet thought of, but that can always be arranged…

  9. Intro — I liked your site, too. But what can I say — I’m just an overaged teenager.

  10. F***ing hillarious…I may be showing my age but thats the tune for the old slinky commmercial…sending this to all my buds!

  11. Will we ever keep the government out of our bedroom? Our legislators must all be voyeurs! They can’t stay out of the bedrooms of U.S. citizens. After outlawing sex toys, I assume they will outlaw masturbation. Will they out law phallic fruits and vegetables? “Arrest her, she’s got a zucchini with intent.” Where does this ridiculous kind of legislation end? By the way, I love the dildo song video!

  12. As long as we continue to vote for Rs (and Ds in the south) this legislation will never end.

  13. I wish people would stop labeling prudes as Republicans. I found this very funny, and I’m a Republican. The people who overdo morality (of all political stripes) are to blame for the legislation. I know plenty of Democrats who support this kind of stuff too. By the way, I support the rights of dildos and their users everywhere.

  14. wjs– then please expain why Roy Moore is a GOP candidate, then.

  15. Y’all are making assumptions that voting actually works. The last two presidential elections should prove that it doesn’t and that its rigged for the best interest of the financial powers that be. If we could make sex toy companies a financial power, then they’d be legal! Anyway, I love the video. I think the “man” will try to keep anything down if it empowers personal freedom. Can’t have us all thinking for ourselves and being responsible for our own orgasms now can we? Conservatives forbid we should not need them to approve our sexuality!!

  16. I too am a Republican AND I love my dildo. Never leave home without it. Attaching political labels is very narrow. I know a great number of Democrats who are conservative and even more Republicans who are liberal. The fact that Clinton and Bush Sr. are now such bosom buddies should tell you that those labels mean nothing. All the assholes ARE THE SAME. I agree with Makara though – it’s all about the money!!!

  17. I can not believe they would ever try to pass such laws, they will have to pry my dildo from my cold dead hand before I give it up. It has to be a man trying to pass these laws I can not imagine a woman trying to pass such legislation.

  18. This issue outrages me. To put a serious note to this subject just the fact that people do not have the right to sell sex toys is ridiculous. The government is taking this matter too far. It is just another Christian line of crap, I am so sick of all these do-gooders. Some thing is stupid, no wonder so many marriage fail you can’t keep thing interesting. Hell if every young woman was given a dildo or good vibrator there would be a lot less teen pregnancy. Once a gal realize that a vibrator or dildo was a sure thing; they would not go looking for it. Young men should be given a good tight-sleeve! Take it from some a person who has worked in porn shops,home parties,and sex education classes everyone likes it if they try it! As a matter of fact most hard-core Conservatives think this a good way to suppress the gay and lesbian communities across the country. People should be outraged! If we let this happen it will be strip-clubs, porn, and phone sex next! My Dildo is hard all the time!

  19. They can have it when they pry it from my girlfiend’s trembling, moist hand.

  20. I am an Executive Director with the premier sensual party plan, and one of my team has a gal in Alabama who wants to join our team, but is afraid to get in trouble, so we’ve been researching this on the web, and happened across this. This is hilarious!

    I talked with another Executive Director, who lives in MS, and she claims the laws are pretty much the same. She contacted the Attorney Generals office, and they told her that as long as she is invited into the home, and as long as she doesn’t deliver product (a toy) in public, when not in a stapled sack she is fine, and doesn’t have anything to worry about.

  21. Tammy,

    While Sherri Williams was the lead plantiff in the case the USSC refused to hear in Alabama, my recollection is that one of the co-plaintiffs was involved in Passion Party type activities. I’d contact Williams for more details.

  22. Will we ever keep the government out of our bedroom? Our legislators must all be voyeurs! They can’t stay out of the bedrooms of U.S. citizens. After outlawing sex toys, I assume they will outlaw masturbation. Will they out law phallic fruits and vegetables? “Arrest her, she’s got a zucchini with intent.” Where does this ridiculous kind of legislation end?

  23. We are an online sex toy store in California, but ship to these states. Our supplier no longer ships to these states out of fear. If legislators have the time to outlaw masturbation, you wonder what other freedoms they are looking to take away.