The Jackyderms Run Terrified

So I thought this little tidbit about Bruce Guthrie’s campaign was interesting. Guthrie’s campaign hasn’t had $1.2 million to its name for a full week before the animals start marking their territory.

From the Seattle PI:

Guthrie, 43, a former part-time college instructor, said he mortgaged his Bellingham house and depleted his savings to raise the money. But he said he also has nearly $3 million in additional, less-readily accessible investments that he could throw into the race and might do so.

First off, this is fucking awesome. If this race looks like it could go anywhere, he’s got reserve funds ready to roll. But that’s not the point of this post; it was just shiny and made me happy inside.

Spokesmen for Cantwell and McGavick said it was unclear from which candidate Guthrie might more likely siphon votes. Many Republicans think Libertarians hurt GOP candidates more than Democrats and blame Republican Sen. Slade Gorton’s 2,229-vote loss to Cantwell in 2000 on the 64,734 votes for Libertarian Jeff Jared.

Other observers, though, think most Libertarian supporters are protest voters who otherwise would skip voting at all in a given race.

Of course they’re not going to say who he’ll siphon votes from. That would be… impolitic. Anytime one of ours comes into a race with a credible message and a credible campaign, the duopolists are frozen in their tracks. They don’t want to push the loose cannon into firing at them, so they say nothing. They do count on their supporters to say plenty, however-it’s the same “Swift Boat Veterans said it, not the President” bullshit but it works quite well:

Vance, now a public-affairs consultant with The Gallatin Group in Seattle, said most Republicans who vote for Libertarians, thinking they are “more conservative than the Republican Party,” don’t realize the Libertarian Party “believes in legalizing drugs, is anti-law enforcement and opposes President Bush’s foreign policy.”

If Guthrie actually spends the money he lent himself, “with a message that is to the left of Senator Cantwell, the issue of (gay) marriage and the issue of the war, then obviously it is not going to be beneficial to Senator Cantwell,” Vance said.

Chris Vance is a Republican lobbyist, from what I can gather from the article, and so he can say what McGavick wants to say without having it reflect badly on McGavick.

And McGavick wants what Cantwell wants, here: keeping the Libertarian down failed this time, so he wants Guthrie to become the other guy’s problem. McGavick’s goons will preach about how we support gay marriage and the war, while Cantwell’s goons will undoubtedly scold Guthrie for his hardcore free-market principles.

And people are worried that he won’t be able to buy enough TV ads? Kids, with his opponents doing advertising like that, Guthrie could blow all his cash buying adspace in smoke signals and tin cans attached with string and still come out possibly winning this race. Nonvoters + hardcore conservatives + hardcore liberals = victory.

  1. Needless to say, this issue of “stealing votes” really brings into focus the despotism of what Ralph Nader correctly identifies as “the two party electoral dictatorship.”

    Guthrie is presenting a viable, truly Libertarian perspective (with the exception of moderate Social Security stance). Anyone who votes for him will do so of their own free will. No guns will be put to heads. How insulting to think that one wing of the fascist party owns each citizen’s vote.

    That said, Guthrie’s presence on the ballot will likely diminish the Democratic candidate’s vote total. Why? Because Guthrie is a legitimate Libertarian, not a hard-right pseudo-moncarchist who pledges to make good on the Republican Party’s broken promises. Legitimate Libertarians appeal to liberal Democratic voters. Liberal Democratic voters can see the light! There is no hope for fascist theocrats. Let Dondero have their ilk and usher them into a rebirth of the American Nazi Party for all I care. Or the CP. Is there a diff?

  2. Just who is stealing votes? The fact that LP candidates consistently poll higher before the election than the percentage of actual votes they get indicates that, in the voting booth, the GOP and Dems steal votes from us. And they do so without having to adopt very many libertarian ideas. If libertarians were more steadfast in supporting LP candidates, then perhaps the major parties would actually have to co-opt and push libertarian ideas.

  3. Guthrie certainly has the courage of his convictions! I would like to see him with a better social security plank, but I hope he does well and gets in the debate. A highly visable campaign will help pave the way for future candidates.

  4. My radical social security plank: End it now. The old bastards who suck me dry are the same ones who voted in the tyrants who have run up $x trillion in debt – that I, or my children will have to pay for. Double whammy. $153 of every $1000 I make goes to paying for these leeches who were too lazy or stupid to plan for their own retirements.

    I don’t think that would go over with swing voters, though.

  5. I am greatly relieved to see that Mr. Guthrie has other assets. I’d hate to see someone blow his entire life savings on a Senatorial race — unless he wins. (1.2 million is still a bit light for U.S. Senate, but at least he doesn’t have fundraising expenses, so the dollars can go much further than those raised the “hard way.”)

  6. Then maybe they should have voted to stop all of the taxation. No, they cheered it on. In fact, they voted for more spending and less taxation. They got MORE than what they paid for and now we’re paying for them again, TWICE. They didn’t save for retirement because they knew that Big Brother would take care of them, whether that be in the form of the paternalistic corporation or the government.

  7. One issue the Guthrie has brought to the front is that of the deployment of U.S. troops abroad, which is great for a change. Most Americans have no idea that we pay to keep 280,000 troops in 130 nations. Some years ago I printed up a flier on this issue and distributed it at a anti-war meeting for the 1st Gulf War about 1991, if I recall correctly, and every one of the 100 pieces I had was gone before the night was over and had people come up and ask if I had anymore of them. It is a big issue that cost American taxpayers a bundle every year and most Libertarian candidates ignore it. Hopefully things will change for the better.

  8. “…still come out possibly winning this race…”

    It’s bad enough that such a reputable blog uses the f-word, but to say something like that…who cares if he’s got $20 million to spend, no Libertarian will win a U.S. Senate seat. Period.

  9. It’s bad enough that such a reputable blog uses the f-word

    Stylistic decision. :)

    If used in the right context, it can be funny. You aren’t coming here for a straight rehash of CNN, folks. Besides the analysis value, there’s also an entertainment value.

    At least, that’s my opinion.

    but to say something like that”¦who cares if he’s got $20 million to spend, no Libertarian will win a U.S. Senate seat. Period.

    Then why aren’t you supporting the Democrat or the Republican?

  10. So you only think candidates who can win are worth support, Stuart? Wow, you are really going to be disappointed the next couple of years.

  11. If Libertarians were true to their principles they would take votes from both the Ds and Rs. But so many sound like Republicans, just more so that won’t happen. When faux libertarians campaign against immigrants for instance they are appealing to the Right intentionally by throwing out principles in order to appeal to one side of the spectrum.

  12. Guthrie’s site looks better than most LP candidate sites I’ve seen.

    I don’t think he has much of a chance, and the 1.2 mill is a loan, not a contribution – so he’s not totally crazy.

    I hope he does spend some of it, though, even a lot – he has a good message which deserves to be heard.

    I hope he does NOT cause the (NS)GOP to retain control of the Senate, but if he does, it should be a lesson to the dummycrats to stop selling out their antiwar, pro-civil liberties constituency.

    If they run a warmonger like Hillary for white house resident, why should those who oppose the war care which major party warmonger wins?