Indie Film Portrays China Dissing on America

ha ha ha AmericaOne of the more controversial films being shown at the Sundance Festival this year is Ha Ha Ha America — a seventeen-minute “translated harangue from China to the U.S.A. that laughs at our missteps.” However, commenter robia over at MetaFilter aptly puts things in perspective:

Mr. Liu successful factory owner. Mr. Liu son dress like Eminem. Want to rap and not work at family business.

Exactly. Not to mention the fact that Mr. Liu’s son thinks it’s bullshit that Dad works all the time and yet is such a cheap bastard.

The Chinese people are the ones getting screwed here. They are the ones working like hell and not really seeing the fruit of their labor, since the government is devaluing their currency to maintain the status quo. There will be a lot of economic havoc when the Chinese government lets go of the rubberband, but until then, we (pretty much everyone outside of China) are the ones getting all of the cheap goodies.

Still, the movie is pretty provocative and highlights that not all may be groovy with the grossly unbalanced Sino-American business relations.

And as a bonus, start the timer now on the ultra-nationalistic rebuttal: Ha Ha Ha China.

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  1. Everyone likes their electronic toys and designer clothes. So be it if the Chinese have to work day and night to satisfy us. Someone has to do it.