The Best Drug War Roundup I’ve Ever Seen

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While I’m not fond of promoting DailyKos, one low-level entry (19 comments at this posting time) takes exception to the rule. thehim notes the following:

In other news…
In New York, Governor Pataki has granted clemency to 28 drug offenders, but that’s only scratching the surface of the problems that New York has with its drug laws.
Here’s a Washington Post editorial questioning why there’s so much more emphasis on enforcing marijuana laws.
Here’s a San Francisco Chronicle editorial wondering the same thing.
Former Drug Czar Bill Bennett is stepping away from the craps table and joining CNN.
Rhode Island became the 11th state to legalize the use of medical marijuana.
Maryland has a strong need for more substance-abuse centers.
Tennessee is posting pictures of known meth manufacturers on the internet.  I think the theory is that making it difficult for someone to get a job or a rental, while also letting the entire meth using community aware that you know how to make it, is the best way to get someone to stop.  
About 1 baby per week in Arkansas is placed in state care because the mother is suspected of drug use.  The most common drug?  Marijuana.  (via USMJP)
A man in Texas is sentenced to 35 years in prison for having less than 1/2 kg of cocaine.
Remember the kids in Colorado who were smoking pot laced with heroin?  They weren’t.
Pete at Drug WarRant finds a Utah lawmaker desperately in need of a clue.
In Oregon, it is now legal to smoke marijuana seeds.
A Wisconsin man has been charged with murdering his friend, who died of a drug overdose after he injected him.  In Ozaukee County, Wisconsin, 2 others are charged with homicide, although in their case, the victim was a minor.
Radley Balko at The Agitator finds another “wrong address” raid in Milwaukee that made the 68-year-old victim question the use of SWAT teams for arresting marijuana users.  
He also wonders what the hell happened to George Bush since he took a more libertarian position in 1999 on medical marijuana than the Clinton Administration.
GW Pharmaceuticals will soon be able to test marijuana-based Sativex on cancer patients in the U.S.  Jacob Sullum wonders if this will eventually have a negative effect on those who believe that recreational use of marijuana should be legal as well.
An international research team has made some new findings on how marijuana alleviates the symptoms of multiple sclerosis sufferers.

Here’s a good article in the Philadelphia Inquirer on Dutch drug laws.
Justin Holmes at the DARE Generation Diary discusses a truly silly article on MDMA at The Conservative Voice.
We will soon be able to get ONDCP propaganda podcasts over the internet.  
Michele Kubby, the wife of former California Libertarian candidate for governor Steve Kubby, is challenging Canadian drug law.  If they lose, they could potentially be sent back to the U.S. on January 12.  The Hammer of Truth has more.
Peruvian rebel group Shining Path is believed to be behind an ambush of police officers.  The group has historically been funded by cocaine trafficking.

Iran has seen a 5% increase in drugs confiscated by the police from last year.
Newsweek had an article this week discussing the situation in Afghanistan.  The head counternarcotics official in Afghanistan, Gen. Mohammad Daud, is confident he can reduce poppy production by 40% in 2006.  In the Newsweek article, it mentions that General Daud is suspected of having ties to the poppy industry as well.
A Tanzanian man died on a flight from Johannesburg to Blantyre, Malawi after swalling 177 tubes of cocaine.
Despite the reclassification of cannabis, Britain still arrested over 13,000 people for possession in 2004.  Blair is considering reversing the reclassification, which apparently was never in effect in the first place.
The Sydney Morning Herald has an editorial questioning the wisdom of putting drug users in jail.
This week, I’ve been encouraging people to take the poll on the front of the Drug Free America Foundation site.  I was motivated by this letter from DFAF founder Calvina Fay.
Finally, from Texas, this is funny. (via Grits For Breakfast)

It is an awesome round-up and thehim deserves a lot of credit for a job well done.