Texas Redistricting May Be a No-Go

The closely watched congressional redistricting plan in front of SCOTUS right now shows potential signs of failure. From Bloomberg:

U.S. Supreme Court justices signaled reluctance to overturn a Texas congressional map engineered by former U.S. House Republican Leader Tom DeLay.

In a two-hour argument session in Washington, the court aimed a barrage of questions at a lawyer arguing that the 2003 redistricting was a partisan bid to break up Democratic strongholds. The map, which helped Republicans pick up five U.S. House seats in Texas in the next year’s election, replaced one that was drawn by a court in 2001 after a legislative deadlock.

The high court’s skepticism crossed ideological lines, with some of the most pointed questions coming from Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg and David Souter, who both previously voted to allow challenges to partisan redistricting.

I’ll be watching this one closely, as modifying the districts around the Badnarik’s district are key to the Democratic plan.

Stephen Gordon

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