Texas Gubernatorial Candidate James Werner

You won’t see him in the debates, but he is beginning to get some buzz in the media. Texas Gubernatorial candidate James Werner‘s coverage includes an article in the Dallas Morning News back in July (I know, old stuff), and more recently, in the Waxahachie Daily Light, an article where the title seemingly changed from “Don’t Count James Werner Out” to “Werner touts“. Wes Benedict noted in the comments that Werner “is interviewed by radio, television, or newspapers usually at least once per day.” One of those interviews was conducted by the Houston Chronicle via podcast.

Post-podcast NEWSFLASH: Bob Smither‘s last name is “Smither”, not “Smithers”! For the love of liberty, you would think our Gubernatorial candidate could at least get it right.

In other news, Werner has a new website called “Name the Guv“. He figures if all the other candidates have nicknames, there is no reason he shouldn’t have one as well. The site allows you to suggest a nickname and vote for your favorites.

Grandma, Kinky and two representatives from the mega-party are also in the race.

  1. “To be clear, I am the only pro-immigrant candidate for Governor of Texas. My position is that anyone who wishes to come to the United States and work should be allowed to do so–with the exception of known criminals, or individuals with ties to criminal or terrorist organizations. I do not distinguish between those who are currently working here, and those who merely wish to do so.”

    Wow! An ACTUAL Libertarian running for office… Is this some kind of mistake?

  2. “he’s a governing machine.” There’s a real recommendation. Maybe “The Governing Machine Libertarian” as a nickname. Sure, it’s long and it seems kind of oxymoronic, but perhaps honest given the new Libertarian Party penchant for socialism.

  3. “So, apparently I’m not qualified for the Republican nomination for Senate in Rhode Island. In Virginia, I could still be Governor, at least if I was a coach’s son.”

    Your real language crime is poor grammar. You should have said, “I could still be Governor, at least if I WERE the coach’s son.”

  4. And as for being in bed with socialists.. I would agree.. There are a lot of Libertarians who advocate repressive state regimes to restrict reproductive choice, to limit the individual’s ability to cross imaginary lines in order to find gainful employment, to limit the right of a business owner to hire whomever he chooses (even if his employees live across an imaginary line), who want to restrict free trade among individuals and groups, and who wish to fund the greatest socialist bueracracy in the history of the world – the US military – in order to export revolution in the Marxist tradition and expropriate the private property of foreign people’s for the public good of the party (i.e. American corporations). Yes, we are in bed with socialists. And it has nothing to do with our hostility toward child molestors or the horrible restriction on racial slurs in polite company. Ever heard of the Constitution Party? Just a thougth. I know how it feels to be without a political home.

  5. There are a lot of Libertarians who advocate repressive state regimes to restrict reproductive choice….

    I would hope that you would argue in better faith than that, but apparently I would hope in vain. Obviously we pro-life Libertarians are such not because we suddenly discovered a vestigial fetish for “repressive state regimes”, but because deep down we believe that a fetus is (or at least might be) a human being. You obviously disagree, but at the least you could take the high road and recognize the principled stance of those you disagree with.

    Naaah, where’s the political points to be scored that way?

  6. Exactly why there must not be a platform plank on abortion in 08, or a “offical” LP position on it beyond stating that it’s nobody’s business but their own what they do. If they break God’s law, then surely God himself will punish them. There is no human on earth that knows or understands what God does or does not desire, and anyone that says they do should be looked upon with pity.

    It is no better for libertarians to be in favor of enforcing God’s supposed will than it is for Republicans to be “in charge” doing it. Any libertarian that wants a law against abortion enforced by the state is confused.

    Live your lives as you see fit, and allow others to do the same. Since you cannot know God’s will, stop pretending that you have a Nextel Walkie-Talkie Phone to Heaven and rap wit the man about all things good and evil. You dont. NO human knows, becuase to presume to know God’s will is to elevate yourself to God.

    Abortion cannot be “fixed” by political means, in either direction.

  7. Any libertarian that wants a law against abortion enforced by the state is confused.

    No, again, you’ve missed the point. You may disagree on the nature of fetal life. But if you accept the assumption that fetal life is in fact human life, it’s in no way unlibertarian to support its legal protection.

    Any libertarian that wants a law against x enforced by the state is confused, for all values of x, apparently in your book. I happen to think that good Libertarians can still support state intervention to protect life, liberty, and property.

  8. To me, the question as to whether or not a fetus is a human being is not the issue. That question can never be satisfactorily answered.

    The real question is does a woman have the right to do with her own body what she feels is best? If the answer is no, that you think THE OMNIPOTENT STATE should decide, then you are no better than Nicolae CeauÅŸescu, the Romanian Communist Dictator who outlawed abortion as a crime against the state. After all, a woman doesn’t own her own body – the state does, right? That’s what I like to call Ovarian Marxism.

    My wife and I just had our first child and she was born 6.5 weeks prematurely. There is no doubt in my mind that she was a living human being before birth and the thought of a woman making the choice to terminate such a late stage pregnancy absolutely horrifies me.

    BUT UNLIKE THE OVARIAN MARXISTS, I DON’T HAVE A GOD COMPLEX. I don’t wish impose my personal beliefs on others.

    Tim West has it right.

  9. I want to be clear, here. I’m not for purges. Badnarik may be a “conservative” libertarian, but he’s a libertarian. But I don’t see how anyone who is anti-choice, anti-immigration, or anti-free trade can possibly be a “libertarian.” There is a smaller government party that has these beliefs and it is called the Constitution Party. If you’re one of those “libetarians” who also advocates international aggression, then there is the GOP. I support “conservatives,” moderates, anarchists, minarchists, and the reform movement… But someone who isn’t a libertarian just isn’t a libertarian, and I don’t think I’m being small-minded to say so.

  10. undercover_anarchist,

    To me, the question as to whether or not a fetus is a human being is not the issue.

    Of course it’s the issue. Agnosticism on that question is fine, but that doesn’t make it not the issue.

    I don’t get why you can’t agree to disagree in good faith. You don’t see me screaming “BABY MURDERER!” because I recognize that, if the fetus isn’t a human life (or if sufficient doubt exists that the fetus is a human life) then accusing people of being pro-death is idiotic.

    But you’re failing to reciprocate by throwing around hysterical rhetoric like “OVARIAN MARXISTS” and “GOD COMPLEX”. Why can’t you recognize that a worldview holding that fetal life is in fact life, and that the state can legitimately defend human life, is consistent, albeit not your particular worldview?

  11. I’ll jump to EOC’s defense. I am personally pro-choice, although I question whether abortion should be legal at the point where an unborn child can survive outside of the mothers’ body (the last trimester). The LP should not have a stance on abortion (other than against forced abortions). If one believes that abortion is a right of the mother, an LP candidate can advocate ending all restrictions on abortion. But if an LP candidate believes that the unborn is a human being with rights, they would still be within the grounds of libertarianism to advocate the defense of the rights ot the unborn. In fact, it would be a righteous moral obligation. Because of this divide, it’s an issue too complicated for me to take a firm stance on. I think the LP is doing a disservice to itself by not granting candidates the flexibility to develop their own stances. We have to agree to disagree by default. Depending on how you view it, it’s either gov’t oppression of rights or gov’t approved murder.

  12. Not only do I “respect” the “worldview holding that fetal life is in fact life,” I pretty much agree with it. The problem is that that “fetal life” is inside another human being, and whether that human being is alive is not debatable. That human being has the right to make medical decisions regarding her own body. PERIOD.

    Does the individual have the “right” to committ suicide? Or does the state own our own lives? If you concede that we have the “right” to end our own lives, then are pregnant women second-class citizens who do not own their own lives? And if they do own their own lives, and the state may not interefere or prohibit the taking of their own lives even as it would also involve taking the “life” of their unborn child, then how can the state restrict reproductive choice?

    And how stupid does one have to be to advocate prohibition. Abortions were illegal for years, and it didn’t stop the practice. I just saw a show where a young girl had a back alley abortion…

  13. … because her state had parental notification laws. The girl died. I assume this makes you happy.

    Rich white women have ALWAYS been able to get safe, legal abortions. Restricting reproductive choice gives the rich yet another privelage over the working people of this land. The rich can either fly to Switzerland, or better yet, pay a doctor to say that the abortion is medically necessary. The poor woman gets routed by a dirty coat hanger in a back alley. This is justice? This is part of your “worldview?”

    My “worldview” is reality. The reality is that reproductive choice is ownership of one’s body, and it is a natural right. Furthermore, crime has dropped precipitously since the passage of Roe v. Wade – not based on coercive government programs, but based on PERSONAL CHOICE.

    What happened to the LP that once boasted it was PRO-CHOICE ON EVERYTHING.

    This new right-wing brand of disgruntled Republicanism makes me ill.

  14. As far as the party is concerned, we should only say we’re against forced abortions, and against government funding of abortion.

    What we each believe on a personal level is different, because while I agree with the position of the Roman Catholic Church, as a Libertarian I understand there are those who do not.

  15. “Whether [the mother] is alive is not debatable.”

    Right, but theoretically whether the unborn is alive is also not debatable. They are collection of living cells, and science has repeatedly proven this. However, whether or not they are afforded human rights IS very debatable. If they are, then nobody has the right to violate their human rights and kill them, even the host body. If they are only a collection of cells without legal rights, then abort away.

    “What happened to the LP that once boasted it was PRO-CHOICE ON EVERYTHING.”

    What about the party that was pro-responsibility on everything? Abortion is often an easy way to escape personal responsibility for the decision to have sex. (Rape is another story altogether.) For many libertarians, this is a decision too complex to take an easy pro-choice only stance. It’s bigger than just a “health” issue. I’m no Christian and no conservative, but I would support banning partial birth abortions. How does that make me a fascist?

  16. “My “worldview” is reality.”

    Doesn’t everyone say that?

    “And how stupid does one have to be to advocate prohibition.”

    Yes, prohibition of abortion failed, and that is why I generally don’t support it. But if you believe abortion automatically equals murder, why wouldn’t you support it? Murder laws exist, but people still murder each other.

    If you believe the collection of human cells inside the mother is afforded human rights, it’s not a subject one can draw an easy line on like prohibition of alcohol, drugs or prostitution. If fetus = human being, it is no longer just a personal decision, because it affects more than one person. Until both sides accept the complexities of the situation, there will never, ever be a resolution to the conflict. The LP should be agnostic on abortion, straight up – oppose state forced/funded abortions and that’s it.

    There’s no point in turning off half the electorate on a complicated issue when even we don’t agree internally.

  17. Hey, HoT poopers! How did a Texas gubernatorial candidate post turn into an abortion debate?

    Abort this tired nonsense now!

    Personally, I worry about catching the cooties posting on this slimy Jerry Springer-style libertarian blog.

    I recruited our excellent so-called “paper candidate” for governor. I can’t remember discussing abortion with him, although it’s quite likely I discussed my support for aborting children up to the age of two (facetiously).

    How about more infighting about whether a low-budget libertarian gubernatorial candidate in the news is more or less valuable than a Placentia Traffic and Safety Commissioner in California?

    Incidentally, the top three funded Libertarian candidates for office in Texas moved here from California.

    Separately, Timothy West of West Virginia and George Phillies of Massachusettes both complain about what a failure their state parties are, yet feel qulaified to advise the rest of us what up with the LP.

    Abort that!

  18. Sorry, Wes. You’re right. Such tangents are so easy to get sucked into, especially because everyone knows that libertarians are natural born debaters and would hardly ever turn one down. Good luck with your campaigns and thanks for turning the LP-Texas around.

  19. First, let me reiterate that I don’t really disagree with anything that has been said since my last post. I think being pro-choice is being “agnostic” on the issue. The extreme would be “pro-abortion” – i.e. pro forced abortion or even taxpayer funded abortion.

    Mr. Wilson; let’s say that “abortion is murder” for the sake of argument. This doesn’t make its prohibition anymore effective. The difference between the “murder” of abortion and more traditional murder? “Prohibition” of traditional murder HAS been relatively effective… Or people just aren’t that inclined to do it. I’m not aware of any other type of “murder” that can in any way be argued as a medical procedure, with the exception of assisted suicide (which I seriously hope that no one calling him or herself a “libertarian” would oppose).

    While I don’t agree with the Roman Catholic Church, I appreciate Trevor Sutherland’s perspective, and I am “against” abortion personally myself…

  20. … but who am I to decide for anyone else? I think this is what Mr. Sutherland is saying and I agree. As for Mr. Wilson’s opposition to “partial birth abortion,” please read what I said about my 6.5 week premature daughter, just born. Even now at 5 weeks, she should not be out of the womb. It horrifies me to think of a baby at that stage of development being aborted, and while I hesitate to call it “murder,” it would clearly be the killing of a human life. And yet, I am not god, and my opinion on this matter should not interfere with the personal decision of a mother. Ask yourself why would a woman wait so long to have an abortion? Laziness? I highly doubt it. Who should be the judge of whether or not her reason is good enough – her or the state? Should the state be the arbitrator of whether or not every woman who wants and abortion and says she was raped (in the event that abortion was outlawed except in cases of rape) is telling the truth? Furthermore…

  21. … as this is (thankfully) not a Constitution Party blog, I can only presume that even those who are anti-choice would make an exception for the health/life of the mother. Herein lies the real problem with prohibition. Rich (white) woman have always been able to find (and bribe) a doctor to say that her health was in danger. Or they can simply fly to Europe, etc., wherever. Poor women have no such luxury and end up having dangerous back alley abortions. How can anyone see this as just? How can anyone deny this as fact?

    And as for a thread about the wondeful Texas LP gubenatorial candiate turning into a debate on abortion, yes, that happens… But it should not in anyway be seen as a besmirch of Mr. Werner’s character. Only Tom Hannah has said anything remotely negative about Mr. Werner. The abortion issue is being debated by people who are both supportive and appreciative of the Werner campaign.

  22. We already have a libertarian in the race for Texas Governor.


    Why in the bloody hell this Werner guy is running, and why in the bloody hell the Libertarian Party of Texas didn’t endorse Friedman is beyond me??!!

    Absolutely insane, that the LP of Texas is not backing Kinky.

    He’s not a perfect Libertarian, but he’s damn close, perhaps 95%.

    Nah, we’d rather lose and get 1.3% of the vote with a 100%-er, than actually win with a 95%-er.

    Insanity!!! Grow up fellow Libertarians!!!!!!!!!!!

    I’m voting for Kinky, and urging all of my fellow Texas Libertarians to do the same.

  23. Wes,

    I’m sensitive to what you’re saying, but I also don’t think I’m obliged to sit idly by while the namecalling starts.

    The way to get threads to stick to the topic is for us to recognize that we can disagree in good faith without compromising libertarian principles. I don’t have a problem with that, but the person who introduced “reproductive choice” into the discussion (somehow relating it to socialism!) does appear to have trouble disagreeing in good faith.

  24. My state party did, in fact, fail. Without any assistance from me – becuase of disagreeement over one issue, the former State Chair refused to certify/nominate any future runs for office by me and basically told me to get lost – so any involvment I had with the former LPWV stopped in late 2002, not by my choice.

    That’s what started Liberty For Sale in the first place, which then set the stage for the LRC.

  25. Oh, so one is only a Libertarian if they agree 100% with the Radical Caucus version of the Libertarian Party platform, huh?

    Someone who is pro-free market economics, less taxes, and pro-marijuana legalization is NOT a libertarian by your definition.

    Great. Let’s have the Libertarian Party just meet in a phone booth then. Let’s kick out anyone who does not agree with us 100% on all issues.

    Nigel, Mike, y’all are complete nutcases.

    Thankfully, you’re not in my home state of Texas!!

  26. Actually, Eric, we are in Texas. (Well, I’m away at college, but I’m still a Texan.) If Kinky really respected and believed in the Libertarian ideal, he would’ve sought the nomination of the LPTX – no expensive petitions drive, etc.

  27. Kinky Friedman wants to raise pay for government school teachers, raise government spending on healthcare, and believes government should dictate what forms of energy are used. That’s his top three items on his “Issues” page of his website. Kinky is basically a Democrat who uses politically incorrect speech. If Republican Dondero were much of a thinker, I would expect him to support Republican Governor Rick Perry who is far more libertarian on economic issues than Kinky Friedman.

    While I admire Friedman and wish him well, having the Libertarian Party endorse non-Libertarians only shrinks what little influence the party has. The Green Party used those sell-out tactics in 2004 and is suffering for it.

    The LP may or may not be the best way to bring about liberty. But if you want to build a political party, then you have to have candidates and support them.

    If you don’t want Libertarian candidates, then you give 20 points for non-partisan races on the Candidate Tracker.

  28. Timothy West,

    You blame the failure of the West Virginia Libertarians on the officers of the party? I blame the failure on the people who DIDN’T SHOW UP (disclaimer: I don’t know jack about the WVLP). How many people do you think attended the WVLP convention? If West Virgina’s 2002 convention was anything like Arizona’s measly 2006 convention, then about 20 delegates showed up. Which means, even if all 20 of those delegates despised you, your organizational and leadership skills were so weak that you couldn’t find 20 other people in the whole state of WV that respect you enough to show up for a vote to make a change.

    Again, I don’t know anything about the WVLP. I just know that LP bashers like Timothy West who run crappy campaigns and lose tend to blame the overall “Libertarian Party and everything about it” rather than considering the possibility that they may be a terrible candidate themselves.

    Executive Detractor, LPTX

  29. Wes, here’s a crazy though for ya.

    Did you ever stop the think that if perhaps Texas Libertarians had helped Kinky and were part of his coalition, maybe, just maybe, once Kinky gets elected Texas Libertarians might just have a seat at his table?

    Nah, on second thought, that’s too practical.

  30. Nigel,

    Why would any well-known celebrity be attracted to the Libertarian Party? Why would someone like Kinky want to run on the LP ticket.

    I suspect you’re a Newbie to the Libertarian Party.

    You’re probably not aware that a few years ago, Jesse Ventura made overtures to the Minnesota LP. He even attended the State LP Convention and told delegates he wanted to run for Governor.

    While many MN LPers supported his effort, the State LP Chairman at the time, told Jesse to expect no support from the Libertarian Party cause he wasn’t a “perfect Libertarian.”

    Apparently, Jesse made the horrible mistake of saying some nice words about the public mass transit system in Minneapolis.

    Over the years other celebrities like Ann Coulter and Howard Stern have approached the LP about running, and were shunned by the LP leadership cause they were not “perfect Libertarians.”

    Why would Kinky expect any different sort of reception from the TX LP?

  31. Eric, he shouldn’t, because as Wes pointed out, he’s not only not a “pure Libertarian” (an ideal that, despite your repeated strawman attacks, I think is silly), he’s not remotely close to being Libertarian.

  32. hahahaha.. Kinky is a libertarian? Wow. That’s almost as bad as “Lieberman is a libertarian.”

    It’s classic how Dondero thinks Kinky is a libertarian. Kinky combines the worst of both worlds. He’s a racist and a socialist.

  33. I don’t think Kinky Friedman is a “racist” (whatever that abused word means these days). I enjoy his politically incorrect speech.

    I spent time discussing his petition drive with his legal counsel and staff as they planned their petition in Texas.

    Kinky on the ballot will cause a lot of extra votes for Libertarians in other Texas races. James Werner is a great Libertarian candidate because he is articulate, witty, and likable. He’s getting quite a bit of press which primarily serves to help other Libertarian candidates as well since it’s unlikely he’ll win.

    Here’s a story from today:


    Nobody’s stopping Republican Dondero from helping Kinky’s campaign, although Kinky’s campaign would be wise to shun Dondero’s interference.

    Review my past comments regarding nomination:

    Wes Benedict

  34. You blame the failure of the West Virginia Libertarians on the officers of the party?

    yeah, I do. Under Richard Kerr, the party was small but worked together. I had no party members accuse me of not being libertarian enough for them, and we all got along. After he left as Chair due to sheer burnout, the party devolved into a disaster, the proof of which is that the WVLP no longer exists in any meaningful form.

    The loss of ballot access in 2000 by a mere 80~90+ votes was the start, but that could have reversed. They ran off everyone that wanted to help for one reason or another.

    I was a terrible candidate. I was exactly like the people who run typical LP campaigns – they have no community involvement , they dont have any money, they cant raise any money, and they run “to educate people” or “help the movement”. I was one of those kind of libertarians in 2000.

    Becuase of that, and becuase of what the WVLP turned into, was why I started writing about the LP.

  35. I should say typical LP campaigns circa 2000 – the quality of the candidates and the quality of the campaigns have gotten much better since then.

  36. My god. I was just thinking the same identical thing on the way home tonight. What in the hell is going on? How long will it last?

    The quality of candidates this year is incredible. Hopefully, that can be maintained – or better yet – improved upon.

    Dondero might be an idiot, but I have to give him credit when he does (accidently) do the right thing on occasion. I think I might make myself a high powered political consultant like him, he gets around… what can I say: I’m jealous! LOL

  37. undercoverh anarchisth, I didn’t say anything negative about him at all. I was thoroughly amused by the irony of a Libertarian calling himself a “governing machine.” You don’t see the irony? Probably hard to see anything with your head stuck where it is.

  38. Kinky is not a libertarian – maybe more of a progressive liberal with a few libertarian tendencies (but most progressive liberals have them, don’t they?) Eric, the Green Party also wants to legalize marijuana, but that does not make them libertarian. As a Texan living abroad in Japan temporarily, I’m trying to decide if he’s libertarian ENOUGH to merit my vote. Trying to help Werner get into the debates was a big plus in my book, as is having Jesse Ventura’s campaign team. He’s got a much better chance of winning than Werner does, and one can reluctantly hope that the undoubtedly Republican congress could kill off his most liberal policies. So I’m in limbo.

    And by the way, thank God Ann Coulter never ran for the LP – zero question, I would leave the LP immediately and hope others would also. She is the black hole in the middle of political intellectualism and every time I hear her name I want to vomit. Repeatedly. More than anyone, she makes conservatives look like complete nimrods.

  39. Thanks Nick for considering a vote for Kinky.

    Here we have a situation of a 70 to 80% libertarian running for Governor of the Nation’s second largest State who actually has a very good chance of winning the election, and we have another guy – very nice and credible guy by all accounts – who is probably 98% pure Libertarian who is only polling 2%, and has zero chance of winning.

    What’s the smart choice as a Texas libertarian voter?

    The smart choice is to cheer Werner on. Maybe even send him some money. And encourage him to get even more press for Libertarian ideals. But then in the voting booth, cast your vote for Kinky Friedman.

    Besides Kinky as Governor would be a hoot! Can you imagine the entertainment value? Can you imagine how Kinky will open up the doors for future off-the-wall candidates, including Libertarians?

    Comedian Doug Stanhope is making noises of running for President on the Libertarian ticket in 2008. Imagine what a Kinky win could do for him?

  40. Nick,

    Kinky is NOT a “progressive liberal” by any stretch. He’s Pro-War on Islamo-Fascism. He’s not a patsy pacifist roll-over and let the Muslims take over America kind of guy.

    Plus, he’s big on tax cuts. That’s hardly progressive liberal. Moreoever, he’s big on protecting our border from criminals coming over like that cop killer illegal immigrant in Houston.

    If anyone Kinky is more conservative, rather than liberal.

    He’s kind of a “conservative centrist less taxes/marijuana legalizer with a libertarian streak.”

  41. Kinky is Kinky.

    Vote for him if you like him, not because he’s a libertarian, progressive, conservative, or whatever.

    Eric appears to be trying to bolster the number of libertarians by claiming non-libertarians as fellow travelers. Strategically, this is an error, since it moves the target closer to the arrow, rather than moving the arrow closer to the target.

  42. Well Eric, your portrayal of Kinky makes him sound even less desirable than before, although I know enough about him to know that actually Nigel’s portayal is actually probably most accurate. He is the definition of independent.

    Pulling the conservative card is a fast way to turn me off of anything, as I tend to sympathize more with the Left than the Right – but think the Left has misled themselves into killing all their values and giving more power to everything they supposedly oppose (corrupt/abusive government, corrupt/abusive corporations, the rich, war, etc.) by centralizing and expanding government. The Right don’t even share my values.

  43. Libertarian policies that Kinky supports: government/electoral reform, legalizing casino gambling to pay for schools, reducing the importance of standardized testing, 2nd amendment, stopping eminent domain abuse, legalizing gay marriage, privatizing sports funding, legalizing pot and re-examining the mistakes of the death penalty system.

    Primary non-libertarian policies: putting children back on a state health care program, closing the border and state funding of stem cell research.

    I’d agree he’s more libertarian than not – and the Reform Party-esque parts make me most inclined to vote for him, as the LP will only benefit in the future from reduced ballot access restrictions.

  44. “Legalizing gambling to pay for schools” is a libertarian policy?

    I really should leave this glorified hate group, I guess.

  45. Dondero is disappointed that Ann Coulter was shunned by the LP? LOL! This speaks volumes, folks. Well, at least he’s begun tempering is libertarian grading of Kinky, down from a ridiculous 95% to an almost believable 70-80%.

  46. I remember Howard Stern wanted to run for Governor of New York as a Libertarian, however once he learned he would have to report his earnings to the public he changed his mind. I hadn’t heard that the New York LP didn’t want him.


  47. Well Robert, the Libertarian Party certainly made a big deal about Ann Coulter meeting with LP of Conn. leaders about a possible Congressional run in 1996. She ended up rejecting them, because of the goofiness of the State LP Chair. Of course, afterwards the LP spinned like they rejected her.

  48. Kinky is Kinky. Yes, and isn’t that precisely the type of person we want as Governor of Texas.

    I don’t want some puritanical Libertarian purist as Texas Governor. I’d much rather have a libertarian-leaning Independent who has a great sense of humor and can keep us Texans entertained for 4 years.

    Kinky in 2006!!!

  49. “Kinky is NOT a “progressive liberal” by any stretch. He’s Pro-War on Islamo-Fascism. He’s not a patsy pacifist roll-over and let the Muslims take over America kind of guy.”

    If Kinky supports the phoney “War On Terror” that would be a reason for me to NOT vote for him.

  50. Islamo-fascism. Without a doubt, the most idiotic, nonsensical term to come along in years. Fascism is an economic system featuring ostensibly private corporations which are effectively controlled by the government (and vice-versa). No Islamic society I’ve ever heard of bears any resemblance to such a system, but we are all quite familiar with at least one society that does.

  51. “‘Legalizing gambling to pay for schools’ is a libertarian policy?”

    Legalizing gambling is, and if he’s going to fund an increase in teacher pay, it’s more libertarian to legalize casinos than raise taxes. Isn’t it? I’m open for debate on this issue.

    “[Ann Coulter] ended up rejecting them, because of the goofiness of the State LP Chair.”

    I need to send LP-Conn’s former state chair a thank you card.

    Eric, I don’t mean to be rude or anything – I mean, I agree with advocating a much more pragmatic and electable version of libertarianism than the old LP status quo, but you’re really not making many friends here and you are betraying a remarkable level of ignorance about libertarianism and knowing how to reach libertarians.

  52. Individuals should be free to gamble without interference of the state.

    When the state sanctions some forms of gambling in order to pay for programs, it passes a hidden tax on the poor and ignorant. People spend their welfare checks on lottery tickets instead of buying books for thier children. What a way to fund education!

  53. You diss the term “Islamo-Fascism.”

    Did you catch that recent article from Minneapolis, made it in some national news items, where Cabbies at the Minn. Airport have a virtual monopoly on service to patrons and are now refusing to carry any passengers who are carting liquor in their luggage?

    One small step at a time. First they blast “Allah Ahkbar” over loud speakers five times a day in Hamtramac, Michigan. Then some Muslim extremist shoots 6 Jewish women at a Jewish Community Center in Seattle, and now Muslim cabbies refuse rides to alcohol toting passengers at the Minneapolis Airport.

    Nah! Islamo-Fascism can’t happen here.

  54. Eric, why are you even here? While your website sounds libertarian enough, everything you’ve said here indicates you’re not much of a libertarian. You sound more paleoconservative.

    Furthermore, your ignorance is only reinforced because you obviously didn’t actually read the post dissing the term “Islamo-Fascism.” “Fascism” is a form of GOVERNMENT involving govenment-corporate centralization of power, which your favorite party has actually achieved quite nicely. “Islamo-Extremism”, “Islamo-Theocracy” and “Islamo-Authoritarianism” are much more accurate terms to describe the ideology.

    By the way, it’s not libertarian to support banning people from proclaiming “Allah Ahkbar” whenever they want and denying cabbies the right to decline rides to whomever they want.

  55. “You sound more paleoconservative.”

    Aren’t paleoconservatives opposed to an interventionist foreign policy?

  56. “You diss the term ‘Islamo-Fascism.'”

    There are wacko “Christians” and wacko “Jews” that are just as bad. If I were a Moslem I’d probably hate America too. Neo-cons just add fuel to the fire. Let’s keep attacking Moslem countries and maybe one day they will like us.

  57. From what I’ve seen from Kinky Friedman when I checked out his web site a few months back he seemed more like a leftist. Whatever the case may be, IF he’s less toxic than the Democrat and Republican I could see a decent arguement to vote for him. It would be nice to see an independent get elected govenor.

  58. Me a “Paleo-con”. Huh?

    I’m exactly opposite of a Paleo-conservative.

    I’m fiercely Pro-War on Islamo-Fascism precisely because I am extremely Socially Tolerant. I support drug legalization, I’m very Pro-Choice on abortion, I’m Pro-Swinger’s rights and protecting the rights of other alternative sexual lifestyles advocates including Nudists, I’m Pro-Prostitution legalization, I’m Pro-Tolerance for Gays and oppose those who wish to harrass my Gay friends on city streets, I’m fiercely opposed to drinking age laws, and I absolute hate seat belt laws.

    As far as I know Paleo-cons are opposed to all of my positions above, and what’s more are staunchly anti-intervenionist.

    In fact, some Paleo-cons rather like Islamacists cause they too are pruditarians.

    If you’re a true libertarian the consistent position is Pro-Tolerance and Anti-Islamo-Fascism.

    I’m a Proud PJ O’Rourke/Dennis Miller/Neal Boortz/Tammy Bruce/Gene Simmons/Ted Nugent/Jesse Ventura libertarian!

  59. Ahh, sorry. The South-Park neo-conservative. My bad. Too bad Bush opposes everything you support except killings Muslims who don’t like the US. Which is why I’m so surprised anyone could argue that Bush has anything to do with libertarianism, or that one could do both and still expect to be taken seriously.

  60. Bush got tax cuts through Congress. Perhaps you missed that back in 2003.

    Bush proposed privatizing Social Security at one point and adopted the Cato Institute line. Perhaps you missed that one too.

    Bush appointed former Libertarian Party Colorado State Chairman and Ed Clark for President delegate Gayle Norton to a Cabinet Post of Interior Secretary. Guess you missed that one.

    Bush appointed Libertarian Party veteran member, and 1984 David Bergland for President Campaign Chairman Williamson “Bill” Evers to an Educational Advisory Post. Missed that one too, huh?

    Bush said in his 2000 campaign for President, on marijuana legalization, “Ahh, it should just be left up to the states.”

    Bush and Bush’s people (namely Karl Rove) lent a major hand to the Election effort of former Libertarian Party Presidential Candidate Ron Paul to Congress in 1996. Ron Paul has been invited to the White House to meet with Bush no less than two times!

    Want me to go on?

  61. Getting back to the topic at hand, the Texas Govenor’s race, Hammer of Truthers should know that a major Libertarian Party member has just called for Libertarian James Werner to drop out of the race and endorse Kinky Friedman.

    Bruce Cohen, Chairman of the Orange County Libertarian Party, (largest County Libertarian Party in the Nation), has just said that “Werner should drop out and endorse Friedman.”

    I totally agree. Having two libertarians run against each other is insane. Kinky would probably turn around and give Werner an appointment in his Administration. And imagine the media attention, particularly if Werner were to do this at a debate, or press conference with Kinky and Jesse Ventura.

    James, for the good of the libertarian movement, DROP OUT AND ENDORSE KINKY FOR GOVERNOR!!!

  62. Oh, please! Werner is not going to drop out of the race to aid a pseudo-libertarian like Kinky Friedman. Kinky is definitely anti-establishment, but that does not make him libertarian. If he gets elected, just watch how many things he starts increasing state spending for. Granted, I’d still prefer Kinky to any of the Republocrats, but it’s still quite a stretch to call him a libertarian.

  63. No, Eric, I didn’t miss any of that. I opposed tax cuts for the rich because I support bottom up/progressive tax cuts. That’s a matter of taste – but if that’s his crowning libertarian achievement, he certainly didn’t do anything to control spending, meaning that conveniently the next president, probably Democrat, will be forced to raise taxes to get us back out of the hole he put us in and will be forced to take the brunt of Republican criticism for doing so. So it was a politically expedient tax cut but rather meaningless in the long term – by the way, why is the Republican Party the only party proposing Keynesian fiscal policy?

    An empty campaign promise rings as hollow to me as Dean’s promises did to you. The reality is that Bush’s administration overrode California’s legalization of medical marijuana – thus a hollow lie. I’ll give him credit where credit is due, like on SS Reform, Health Savings reform, etc. but he abandoned those policies instead when he failed to sell them.

  64. The number of authoritarian pricks he appointed far overrides the two one-time libertarians (are they still? I don’t know) he appointed. And it’s great that they helped Ron Paul get elected in 1996 but that means nothing now – that was a different time, when the Republicans weren’t the ones in power. The libertarian case for Bush is slimmer than Paris Hilton on heroin.

  65. I’m a Proud PJ O’Rourke/Dennis Miller/Neal Boortz/Tammy Bruce/Gene Simmons/Ted Nugent/Jesse Ventura libertarian!

    None of the above are even close to libertarian.

    They are all warmongers.

    Bruce Cohen, Chairman of the Orange County Libertarian Party, (largest County Libertarian Party in the Nation), has just said that “Werner should drop out and endorse Friedman.”

    Bruce Cohen should drop out and…after that I don’t care.

    I’m proud to have turned my back on him when he was speaking at the California LP convention in 2005.

    I’ll give him credit where credit is due, like on SS Reform, Health Savings reform, etc.

    No credit due there. Not every “privatization” effort is pro-liberty, many are just fascist corporate-government collusion – and that certainly includes Bush’s proposed SS reform.

  66. Bush’s “libertarian” credits:

    unprovoked wars of aggression, undeclared

    suspending habeas corpus

    secret detentions, secret prisons


    occupying two foreign countries

    secret domestic spying (Total Information Awareness, Operation TIPS, etc)

    unlimited executive power (signing statements, etc)

    Anyone who thinks there’s anything libertarian about the Bush Crime Family is certifiably nuts.

    Bush is a war criminal. He deserves to be impeached, convicted, tried as a civilian and executed for crimes against humanity.

    The crimes of the Bush NSGOP gang are too many to list here but here’s a start:


  67. By the way, the Nuge is running for President, apparently. He wants to nuke the Middle East. Indiscriminately killing millions of innocent civilians so the tiny proportion of violent radicals will also be killed is the least libertarian policy I can think of, so I’m glad you willingly continue to prove how unlibertarian you are, Eric, by relating yourself to him.

    “Real libertarians” advocate targeting the root of the problem, our invasive foreign policy (pissing in the hornet’s nest, if you will). I know full well that the “Neolibertarians” propose continuing our invasive foreign policies. Unfortunately, one must grow gov’t, taxes and spending to perpetuate the military engagements, the increased domestic security and Orwellian infrastructure which is entirely unlibertarian. We might agree on some things, but anyone advocating more net gov’t and gov’t force is not a libertarian.

    You’re utterly confused to think you represent even us mainstream libertarians. Get with reality.

  68. Nick,

    Why don’t I ever hear you talking about the threat of Islamo-Fascism? Have you ever traveled to Europe? Have you seen what the Muslims have done lately to Western Europe? Just a few months ago, Paris outlawed nude sunbathing due to Muslim pressure. You know about the Muslim riots in the streets of Paris last year. Just yesterday, the Honcho for the Police in France, said in the UK Telegraph “We’re now in a virtual civil war with Muslims…”

    My Gay friends can’t even walk down the streets of Amsterdam any more without being harrassed by Muslim youth. They’re luck most times if it’s just a tomato that gets thrown at them, instead of a rock. Muslims are taking over control of city councils in Rotterdam and The Hague, and are pushing to repeal legalization of marijauana and to completely outlaw pornography and prostitution.

    In Germany, the National Opera just pulled a longstanding Shakespearrean play so as not to “offend” Muslims.

    Do you not care about this?

  69. Dondero: As someone who’s probably pro-gun yourself, I would think you’d be a little more logical and recognize the fierce pro-liberty messsage here applying not only to our government but to all people who threaten our rights.

    Then again, you did seem to swallow the horse-shit about Iraq being part of the war on terror pretty readily.

  70. Eric,

    Do you have a brick for a brain? Or maybe you don’t read a single goddamn thing I’ve written. Seriously, man. I’ve talked a lot about Islamo-Fascism – specifically the fact that it DOES NOT FRIGGIN EXIST. Let me repeat myself. Fascism = corporations + state collusion to cut individual liberty and create a military industrial complex. Islamo-Fascism = fake construct to scare us into relating radical militant Muslims to Axis powers of WWII. To radical Islamo-Theocrats, corporations = evil forces of Western domination. They have almost nothing to do with the rise of militant Islam in Europe. If the European government is going to play patsy with violent residents of any type and be politically correct to a T, that’s their own problem. Only the voters determine the best course of action. Frankly, it doesn’t scare me into saying let’s revoke the US “Goddamned Piece of Paper” and initiate foreign policies that create new terrorists faster than we can kill the old ones.

  71. Nick, you’re wasting your time trying to get anywhere with Mr. Dunderhead. You might as well be trying to explain nuclear physics to a kindergartener.

  72. Nick says Islamo-Fascism doesn’t exist. Tell that to the Catholic Nun who was just murdered in Somalia in “revenge” for some mild anti-Muslim comments made by the Pope.

    Tell that to the relatives of Theo van Gogh, or Daniel Pearle. Tell that to the citizens of Paris, thousands of whom had their cars burned by rampaging Muslim Youth last year. Tell that to the Gays and Lesbians of Amsterdam who are now regularly harrassed, rocks thrown at them, for expressions of affection in public by Muslim youth, tell that to the Editors of Danish newspapers, tell that to the family of the Jewish woman in Seattle who was murdered by a rampaging Muslim, tell that to the 14 kids at UNC campus who were run over by a rampaging Muslim in an SUV.

  73. So Stephen, there were no Weapons of Mass Destruction, huh? Those hundreds of thousands of Kurds who died, just died of natural causes, right? They weren’t gassed by Saddam’s henchmen.

    Nah, all those reports of Saddam shipping the WMD to Syria months before the invasion are just conspiracy theories, right? And that Air Force Colonel of Saddam’s who testified to that effect, well, he just had a little mental problem.

    And nooo, Muhammed Atta never met with Iraqi Intelligence in Prague, months before 9/11. He was just there as a tourist, visiting the nice old historic castles and enjoying the local pastries.

  74. Eric,

    No one seriously believes the WMDs were there. No one seriously believes the Iraq/al-Qaeda connection prior to invasion. When even the administration disavows its prior innuendos on both these points, I see no reason to even take your points seriously enough to waste time discussing them.

    You seem to think you’re on FreeRepublicJr.com or something. Our Godly President said it, and I believe it, so that settles it!