Texas Gets it Right…Sort of

It’s not often that a government agency gets something right. But in the interest of fairness, we like to point out such anomalies.

The Official Site of Texas Tourism, TravelTex.com really smacked the nail squarely with their slogan Texas: It’s like a whole other country.

Unfortunately for Texans, the list of other countries Texas is like includes Belarus, Cuba, North Korea and Zimbabwe. Actually, the recent actions of TABC may be insulting to the libertarian-by-contrast nature of those countries. Typical tyrannies don’t use a pretense of concern for their subject’s safety, they rule them for the sake of order and obedience.

It would seem as though the state of Texas would “need” increased revenue from tourism to offset the self-imposed loss they are doubtlessly suffering after a de facto criminalization of drinking establishments. While the iron is HoT, it would be a great time to contact the office of Economic Development and Tourism (operating under the Office of the Governor) and explain exactly why you won’t be visiting Texas. Those on a budget may choose to explain that while you enjoy a drink from time to time, you can’t afford to pay for a vacation and a bail bondsman.

A flood of canceled vacation explanations on the heels of the flurry of complaints HoT previously covered might fast track these goons back to a desk job in Austin.

From the TravelTex.com site:

If you find an error or want to provide feedback on TravelTex.com, we’d love to hear from you. To share your comments, please complete the form below. We review all comments and appreciate your interest in Texas Tourism; however, due to high volumes we cannot respond to emails.

Let’s show them some all time “high volumes!”

The Governor’s website also lists, in addition to a lot of tripe about the state’s “unique spirit” and “opportunity,” a Citizen’s Opinion Hotline number: 800-252-9600. Happy dialing.

  1. Great minds think alike. Last night, Michelle and I were discussing the angles of hitting the Texas Economic Development and Tourism Department next.

  2. The TABC is currently under review by the Sunset Advisory Commission, which determines if state agencies are worth keeping around and giving state money. I have an inkling the TABC is feeling the need to prove useful. The ironic thing is they’re pissing everyone off in the process. The Sunset Commission does take input from the public to use in their review.

  3. Yeah, I saw that, too, Michelle. Perhaps they should update that logo to read “Prohibiting the serving of Texans since 2005.”

    Wow, another shirt idea.

  4. Guys, I am at work and cannot really get into the site, but there is some funny shit there. We can laugh/cry for at least a week based on the content of TABC’s history.

  5. Com’on, now, ya’ll. Last time I was there, they still had dry counties. Surely allowing a bar at all is a step in the right direction.

    On that trip, which was when the Olympics were in Los Angeles, the Lubbock newspaper still listed jobs as “of interest hers” and “of interest his.”

    I think the bars will have to check ID at the door and refuse to admit undesireables (with badges) just to make it clear that they are not “public” publicans.

  6. A party must be planned here because we still do have dry counties. I have to drive > 15 miles to buy a bottle of scotch and I cannot get it on Sunday. Or after 9:OO (Mon-Sat)for that matter, but if you are in a wet area, you can get beer and wine until midnight.

  7. Yep. I don’t even drink, but wonder what happens when drinkers run out of liquor and have to go get some. A long way away. In the dark.

    Funny how coercive tactics always acheive the opposite of the goal.

    Whereas, if I want to avoid them, it would be nice if they were in a bar instead of an alcohol run.

  8. Hey-
    Just submitted this to the TravelTexas.com website.

    Was planning to come to Austin in May.
    But now with all the bruhaha over your TABC arresting patrons in bars for DRINKING for cryin’out loud, forget it.
    I generally drop several thousand dollars over the course of a 3 to 5 day vacation.
    But now I’ll go somewhere else. You see, I like to have a drink or two at the end of the day- and I certainly don’t want to worry that some TABC idiot would arrest me because I just MIGHT have enough to cause a danger to myself or others.
    If I’m violating a law, arrest me. If I’m having a beer or two in a bar, leave me alone!
    I’m going to Rapid City instead!
    Good luck on your tourist season. Your TABC is not doing you any favors.

  9. Sandra K wrote: “Funny how coercive tactics always acheive the opposite of the goal.”

    Exactly! So next time I’m drunk in a bar here in TX, I think I’ll get in my CAR and leave before I am arrested in the bar!! This law may lead to more drunk driving, not less. Can you say revenue generation?