TN Publishes Meth Users Online; Dealers Rejoice

Onion - drug offenderWhen we one day consult the annals of legislative unintended consequences in a historical retrospect of the War on Drugs, we’ll probably laugh heartily at this nugget of wisdom from Tennessee lawmakers (via Hit & Run):

With the new year, meth offenders join sex offenders as social pariahs deserving of a permanent electronic registry in Tennessee. Just before year’s end, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI) got a new, online Meth Offender Registry up and running that will enable anyone anywhere to quickly and easily look for persons convicted of methamphetamine offenses in Tennessee.

Or, as The Onion satirically predicted the direction of such a law in March 2005:

Tony’s Law would create a national public registry of drug-law offenders’ names, addresses, and pager numbers. Additionally, offenders charged with dealing marijuana would be required to either post signs or go door-to-door and let neighbors know when they’re holding.

Well, chalk one up to Tennessee lawmakers for making the jobs of drug dealers one step easier. Now all they have to do is consult the online customer database Meth Offender Registry.

Stephen VanDyke

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  1. I can see it now… a state website dedicated to crime databases where we can basically go shopping for illegal activity.

    “Hmm, I need a date next weekend… I’ll check out the Prostitution registry and see who lives close.”

  2. Eventually Google will release Viola, a new tool to search for violators in your area of all kinds, with matched text ads for drug paraphenalia.

  3. They just started licensing strippers where I live. Perhaps they’ll provide a registry and neighborhood signs soon so I’ll know which houses contain the hot chicks with loose morals.

  4. This is hilarious… probably the most benign thing to come out of the Drug War yet.

  5. I happen to live in Tennessee and will most likely see my name added to this registry. Maybe I’m missing something but I do not see as to where this registry stands to help anyone. To me it only looks like it will further suppress anyone who is unlucky enough to have there name added to it. Could someone please explain how this could possibly help anyone?

  6. They are striving to duplicate John Walsh’s campaign of hatred for those with problems–subhumans by agreement. These websites will only grow exponentially–which is precisely what the proponents claim will NOT occur. Finally, these websites will testify soundly to the truth–extreme right wing justice is neofascism. It yields increased crime and increased governmental agents to fight it and a more frightened society. Ultimately, with enough lives ruined, blowback. This is when those who advocated loudly and vocally for this nonsense are quite possibly going to be dragged from their homes and slaughtered in the streets. Will they call John Walsh, as he’s slaughtered, a creep because he wanted to punish everyone for what someone else did to his son? Hate sown yields hate and murder in return. America–home of the deliberately disenfranchised. Oh my did the Hebrew Prophets have it right, How far you have fallen, O Lucifer! Now watch hatred and murder GROW expontentially!